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Published: Thursday, May 1 2014 4:30 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

"McKeon said his committee's investigation found no evidence that the State Department delayed the decision to deploy the few resources it had available."

The reason there were "few resources" available is because Ambassador Stevens request for more security was denied by Clinton.

The spin never stops when it comes to protecting Hillary and Obama. If this had been a Republican Administration people would have been fired or jailed because of this.

Virginia Beach, VA

Right Wingers are beating this crippled horse to death.

"We should have tried’ to help Americans in Benghazi attack"

Well, yes in hindsight. If we had been able to see the future, MAYBE we could saved those three Americans.

If we had been able to see the future, we could have saved the lives of over 4000 American Servicemen in Iraq too.

But we can't see the future.

Was it reasonable to assume that the disturbance at Benhazi was not associated with disturbances across the Middle East, that came about directly because of that stupid anti-Muslim movie?

Yes, it was reasonable. Those events occurred simultaneously.

Was it reasonable to assume Iraq had WMD's ready to use against us in 2003 after Iraq had gotten rid of them during the Clinton administration.

No, that wasn't so reasonable.

Eugene, OR

Keep picking at this scab instead of coming up with new ideas or trying to govern, Republicans. I'm looking forward Hillary Clinton winning the White House...

the truth
Holladay, UT

With the left we can see that protecting this liberal democrat president and administration and 2012 elections is more important than the lives four innocent people.

Which could have been easily saved.

Shame on the left.

Salt Lake City, UT

If the Republicans continue pushing this non-issue, they'll rile up their base, but lose the middle and the election. Just like last time.

I miss the party of Reagan when they stood for something positive.

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

There must have been a microphone and camera present! "Chaffetz also used his time during the hearing to blast the White House for trying to convince the public the attack was just a reaction to an Internet video rather than a terrorist attack."

I just finished reading the complete Senate report on the Bengazi incident! "The report found no evidence of the kind of political cover up that Republicans have long alleged." The tragic events at Bengazi are horrific enough, without members of Congress pursuing an endless campaign of blame in an effort to further their and their parties political agenda and taint the POTUS. It's gruesome at best!

While looking up the Senate report I stumbled across several articles that brought light to the fact that between 2002 and 2008, 13 lives were lost in attacks on the U.S. Embassies and Consulates! Then again they were during a Republican administration, making them not quite so tragic and horrific as Bengazi! I am thinking it is time for my Representative to spend less time looking for the lime light, less time worrying about Hillary's run for the presidency and more time doing what he was sent to Washington to do.

slc, UT

Yet another sad day of the far right dragging the tragic deaths out and parading them around for cheap political Theater.

Morgan, UT

These outright lies from this Administration are a \ disgrace! Four Americans died to protect Obama’s 2012 political aspirations!

Here’s what we’re now learning about the Benghazi cover-up:

* Benghazi was an attack, not a Protest to some mystery “anti-Muslim” video that nobody heard about prior to being told about it by Hillary Clinton and the Administration. Obama couldn’t let this be defined as an attack because that would contradict his claim that Al-Qaeda was dead.

* Today Retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Robert Lovell, Former U.S. AFRICOM Intel Director testified before the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee. He testified that the rioting in Benghazi was NOT related to this supposed “anti-Muslim” video. His Department believed early on that these attacks were carried out by Al-Qaeda.

* The rioting at the American embassy in Cairo on 9/11 (the same day of the Benghazi attack) was NOT related to this “anti-Muslim” video.

* The Obama Administration sent out an apology for this video prior to anything happening!

* Obama NEVER sent in a rescue team!

* Obama was NEVER in the Situation Room on this day.

Centerville, UT


You may be rewriting history regarding Iraq. UN inspectors were unable to account for WMD that they knew Iraq had, but had not provided evidence of their destruction or disarmament. Also, these UN inspectors were repeatedly refused access to certain known WMD sites over a sustained period of time. All of Iraq's WMDs were not destroyed with supporting evidence provided during the Clinton years. This is why virtually every nation & intelligence agency in the world supported increasingly intense sanctions & ultimately (along with US congressional support, & numerous Democrats supporting the vote) to go to war in Iraq.

Regarding the Benghazi attack, which took place on 9/11 (an import al-Qaeda anniversary), it is increasingly laughable that a video made by a man in California influenced the militants that killed US personnel in Benghazi. It was only the Obama White House that was grasping towards that video as an explanation, in an attempt to deflect the failed Obama Middle Eastern policies during a presidential election campaign.

It is clear in hindsight, but it was clear enough at that time. Romney understood actual events better than Obama.

slc, UT


The only thing we are learning at this point is that some on the far right have no regard for the memories of those tha were tragically killed and will continue to rehash the already well wrong details with no regards for the memories of the dead or thier loved ones. This stopped being about getting the facts and learning from the tragedy a long time ago.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Since when was a cover-up of an administration's refusal to send aid to personnel under enemy attack resulting in preventable deaths a non issue or dead horse. Typical leftist apathy to shun truth when it threatens their agenda.


I'm disgusted at the white house's tangled web of dishonesty about this event. How callous to the families of these dead Americans serving their country. I'm flat out angry and the media for playing "stupid" after this unfolded and set up their defense around the white house. Just disgusting! I was amazed during the 2 wks. after the event to hear unbelievable after unbelievable statement coming from the white house. Yet the media slept and made fun of Fox News or anyone that dared question the president. Truly the media is as culpable as the white house. I quote Charles Krauthammer, "Tell the truth. It's easier to memorize." Rassmussen poll just released shows a 47% approval rating for the president - another piece of irony that Mitt Romney should be smiling about. Still 47% of the country who will support him no matter what. Again, unbelievable.


GaryO, there were 4 Americans tragically and needlessly killed that day, four. I can picture a quote from Hillary Clinton, "Oh what difference does it make at this point." Making cheap attacks on republicans for a Democratic scandal is something else. Is there anything that could come to light that would cause you to doubt that the current president can "lower the oceans and heal the planet" among other miracles? He has made many many mistakes. This is probably the worst because of the incredulous nature of the fairy tales that were told just after Benghazi.

Provo, UT

Jason has been shamefully politicizing this tragedy from day one.

Let it go, Jason!

Virginia Beach, VA

Hi David - Thanks for reaching out.

The fact remains that in 2003, Iraq did not have the capability to attack us with WMD’s as the GW Bush administration had led us to believe.

And yes, faulty intelligence may have been a key factor in that, along with GW’s burning desire to “get” Saddam.

But when you compare the faulty intelligence that led us to the deaths of over 4 thousand Americans to the faulty intelligence that led to the deaths of just four Americans, the one is a THOUSAND times worse. And that’s without even considering the deaths of over 100 thousand Iraqis, the thousands of brain traumatized American troops who will need care for life, the over trillion dollars wasted, and the complete destabilization of the Middle East to the disadvantage of America.

In light of that, don’t you think Republicans are overdoing it by trying to make a big deal out of Benghazi?

Ogden, UT

Chaffetz is playing politics again. I will not find anything he does concerning Benghazi credible until he explains and apologizes for the fact that HE and his far right cronies denied needed funding which was requseted for embassy securi9ty and protection. He's trying to shift part or all of the blame for his malfeasance, and score political points at the same time. Sad.

all hands on deck
Sandy, UT

Why did the terrorists attack anyway? OK, we know it was not a video. We know that the video was a lie invented by the White House. So, why did this group attack?

Well folks, were we were breaking the law and running guns ILLEGALLY to Al Qaeda, to Turkey, to Syria? Probably. Bigger issues are in play than the video. So, what got them so upset? Hmmm? Maybe the US upset the apple cart somehow by either saying no more, or the US is not paying, or the US wanted to force something else upon them. Who knows. That truth is deeper and darker than the lie of the video.

Everett, 00

Go Jason!...

[...this is so dysfunctional -- I can only now start to suspect that the Democrats are PAYING this guy to keep it up...]

Besides going on FoxNews and bringing up Benghazi every 6 months or so,
exactly what has Chavetz actually DONE for the State of Utah?

Kearns, UT

Let's compare. Iran Contra. Trying to do a good thing to get Americans held hostage released. We might not like the trade with Iran of Tow missiles but it worked. Hostages released back home safe. "In my heart I thought I was doing the right thing."-Ronald Reagan.

Obama- Bengahzi. No attempt made to rescue those from the compound. Four people killed. "It was because of a video on You Tube", or "It's past and there is nothing we can do about it", or "It was just a protest."-pick your Obama talking point.

Bottom line, this administration has no problem covering up the truth and making appear like it doesn't matter. The most "transparent" administration in history lies out their teeth to cover up, with the complicity of the National Media.

Kearns, UT

The scandals of this administration are numerous. The latest is supplying the Al-Queda affilliated Libyans with arms through Qatar. We just found out about this one yesterday. Who else are they selling arms to? In Fast and Furious they sold guns to the Mexican Drug cartels. Maybe they are selling our missile technology to China like Clinton did. Obama needs to quit running for office and work on governing the country and getting along with Congress.

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