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Published: Thursday, May 1 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Here, UT

While I agree with you, Don, that Mike Lee isn't a "patriot"; I disagree about the next sentence. We don't need people who represent "the majority of Utahns", we need to elect people who will represent ALL Utahns.

Ogden, UT

@Don C. Cunningham

Agreed. The problem, of course, is that the far right extremists who control the political machine in Utah wouldn't let that happen. Hopefully doing away with their "lock" on polical power that the far right held because of their control of the caucus system will help get true conservatives (i.e., moderate, mainstream Republicans and Democrats) into office and do away with the stranglehold on power that the far right wields.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

The letter is wrong on many counts. Every Senator has taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. The Constitution requires that Congress limit itself to do ONLY those things enumerated in that Contract. No Senator can propose or vote to accept any legislation that violates the limits placed upon the Federal Government by the Constitution.

Too many people think that the people can demand services from the Federal Government that lie outside the authority of the Federal Government. The Constitution protects America from those people.

The President shut down the government. He and he alone executed the order to shut down the parks, even though the parks were fully funded. He and he alone executed the order to shut down the FAA, even though the FAA was fully funded. He and he alone executed the order to shut down WIC, even though WIC was fully funded.

Mike Lee and a few other Senators have sufficient respect for their oath and for the Constitution to not be bullied by the President or by people who demand that the Constitution be ignored.

Phoenix, AZ

"We have people like Mike Lee who shut down the government"

Mike Lee didn't shut the government down. Senator Harry Obama Reid shut down the government when he refused to take up the budget bill in the Senate which was passed by the House. Remember, according to the US Constitution, all funding bills are to originate in the House of Representatives... which it did. And the Senate is to take up the bill and either accept it or reject it... and it didn't.

And Utah does have someone who represents the majority. How do you think Lee got elected if not by a vote of the majority?

Murray, UT

You who think you are moderate, ie liberals/socialists, have plenty of representation in Washington. They may not come from Utah, but you have your 'guys'.

It is us conservatives who are under represented in Washington.

May God bless Mike Lee. He is not perfect, but he does the best he can, and he is making the conservative voice be heard. Without him, the socialist agenda would move forward unchecked until we become Greece.

Mark l

We need more people like Mike Lee who understand that government needs to be restrained.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

What happened to accountability for failure. He and his mentor Senator Cruz should have resigned.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Nice letter. problem is... you demonstrate the exact problem you lament.

You conveniently ignore that the majority of UTAHNS (the only people who can vote for Mike Lee, and the only people he commits to represent in Washington)... VOTED FOR MIKE LEE...


You said, "We (the voters) need to get rid of these kind of thinkers and elect GOOD people who will represent the MAJORITY of the people of Utah....

Your sentence is full of judgmental false presumptions:
Presumption #1 - Mike Lee is not a "good" person.
Presumption #2 - That the majority didn't vote for him.
Presumption #3 - That he doesn't represent the "Majority" in Utah.

-I think the majority of Utahns DID vote for Mike Lee... and they probably will again. I mean we DID have an election, and they counted the votes... and the majority voted for him... did I miss something?

-He is GOOD person.

-He does represent the Utah "MAJORITY".


Just because YOU... and the vocal Democrat minority disagree with him... doesn't mean the "Majority" of Utahns dislike him (false presumption).

Assuming whatever YOU want... is what the "Majority" wants... despite losing the election... is bogus logic...

bill in af
American Fork, UT

I agree with Don. We have not been represented by Mike Lee very well. Moderate Utahns are not having their voices heard. His no compromising attitude on ObamaCare is what helped shut down the government at the cost of the Utah economy. As a state delegate, I was amazed at the standing ovation Lee got at the convention last week. With delegates like that, we will be stuck with Mike Lee for a long time. Time for me to drop the Republican Party. I am now an Independent. I'll support any candidate who really understands the Constitution.

S. Jordan, UT

I, for one, support Mike Lee and look forward to working to keep him in office for another term.

Salt Lake City, UT

Don apparently has not paid attention to what really caused the government shutdown. There were several alternative budgetary bills presented in congress by the Republican legislators but Harry Reid and the Democratic administration refused to even bring them up for consideration.

They preferred to shut down the government and blame it on congress people like Senators Lee and Paul. Regretably, many people like you failed to see the truth.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

I agree with Mr. Nohavec about leaders in office in office not doing what the majority of Americans want done. It was the dems, not the GOP that forced Obamacare on us when the majority opposed it.

We have people like harry reid and BO who shut down the government (the house passed legislation to keep it open, harry wouldn’t allow a vote) and cost the economy billions of dollars, and they call themselves leaders? I think they are just the opposite! We (the voters) need to get rid of these kind of game-players and elect good people.

You mean how Matheson “represented” me even though I disagreed with most of what he did?

One vote,
BO was re-elected – yeah, where IS the accountability for failure? a masterful, deceptive, divisive campaign and a complacent lap-dog media remove any accountability for failure.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mike Richards and WRZ are both wrong on almost every count. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz did shut down the government. It had nothing to do with our President, nor Harry Reid. These falsehoods have been firmly disproved. Mike Lee cost this state millions. They did not stand up for any constitutional principles or values. They betrayed Americans, and continue to do so. Every time they are asked what they have done to better Americans, they have NO answers! None. Then they go about saying the same things bad mouthing everything. CNN asked Cruz what his solutions would be. It stopped him in his tracks! he had no answer. He has no plan.

They are not patriots and just because the "majority" voted them in doesn't make them right.

Oh and thanks to his party poor people are yet again betrayed by the minimum wage legislation.

Salt Lake City, UT

This letter writer is absolutely correct and expresses what most educated Americans are thinking about now in regards to these right wing extremists. Maybe they are good people, maybe even great people. But as a wise neighbor told me once. "Sometimes great people don't make great neighbors"

Salt Lake City, UT

Please be honest, all you Mike Lee worshipers. The Republican budget proposals (engineered by Lee, Cruz, and their House counterparts) sought to defund (and thereby cause a de facto repeal of) the Affordable Care Act. They declined to pursue the correct legislative process to directly repeal the ACA, because they knew they didn't have enough votes to do it the right way. It would have been a total end-run around the Constitution. And Mike "Short-Sale" Lee claims to be such a protector of the Constitution. Ha.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

The Federal Government has three branches, the Legislative, the Executive and the Judicial.

Only the Legislature can legislate.

Only the Executive can execute the laws passed by the Legislature.

Only the Judicial can rule on whether a law passed by the Legislature and signed by the President is legal.

ONLY the President can shut down the government. The branch of government of which he is a member is the only branch that can shut down the government. The Senate does not have that authority. The Court does not have that authority.

59% of the people told Congress to NOT pass ObamaCare. 59% of the people told Obama to NOT sign ObamaCare. The Democrats in Congress refused to listen to the people. The President refused to listen to the people. Now, Obama refuses to execute ObamaCare. He has delegated himself the authority to legislate new law.

Mike Lee did his duty as a Senator. He represents the State of Utah, having been elected by a majority of Utahns. He is doing his job.

Read the Constitution. You might be amazed at how clear things become if you stop making up your own constitution.

Eugene, OR

It's funny that all those people who thump their chests about "defending the Constitution" had no problem with Cruz, Lee, and the like trying to do an end run around the legislative process.

Want to repeal the ACA? Fine. Draw up a bill, get the votes in Congress, and have a president who's willing to sign it. The Tea Partiers couldn't do this, so they threw a tantrum and tried to bully their way in instead.

Thankfully, they failed.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

IF Don is reading the comments to his letter....

Please show us your evidence that...
1. He's not a "good" person
2. The majority of "we the people" in Utah... didn't vote for him.
3. He doesn't represent the "majority" in Utah.

If you can do that and support your assertions in your letter... I'd be surprised.


RE: "We don't need people who represent "the majority of Utahns", we need to elect people who will represent ALL Utahns".

That's just a ridiculous assumption... that ANY person could faithfully represent ALL Uathns' views.

Just look at these pages.... How could ANYBODY correctly represent EVERY Utahn... that's just a ridiculous expectation...

Do you have the same expectation of Obama and Democrats in Washington... that they represent ALL Americans (not their agenda)?


Re: "just because the "majority" voted them in doesn't make them right"...

Could you please re-post that... and address it to Obama and Democrats...?


I hope Democrats (OR Republicans) don't think they represent EVERYBODY...

IF Democrats think the majority of Utahns are with them... check the score board... Lee won...

Dough... now I sound like an Obama fan...

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

The ONLY ones who think that Mike Lee et. al. shut down the government are the "low information voters" who only get their news from the lamestream media and the Obama cheerleaders who think this Pres. can do no wrong.

I wonder what the liberals will do when THEY are faced with an executive branch who, not only don't obey the law, but claim "5th amendment privilage" - and the President backs them up on their lawlessless - and that same Pres. controls the Senate eliminating the possibility of impeachment?

Remember libs: what goes around comes around!

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Bill in af,
harry's no compromise stand on Obamacare shut down the government. funny, because he used every udnerhanded, skullduggerish compromise he had to in order to get it passed.

thank you for your support in the true assertion that harry was responsible for shutting down the government. Good to see a liberal admit the house passed bills that would have kept the government open but harry refused a vote. most liberals will not even admit such bills were passed. You evidently did not like the content of those bills, but thank you for admitting they were there for harry to ignore and cause a government shutdown.

just because you call something a falsehood does not make it so. Soundly disproved? by whom? the DNC? their lapdog media? rachel madcow?

"They are not patriots and just because the "majority" voted them in doesn't make them right." sounds like harry and BO

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