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Published: Wednesday, April 30 2014 1:00 p.m. MDT

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The logic is undeniable however, the NAACP still sees blacks as persecuted and oppressed and feels a need to respond. What the representative says is just not PC and in this day and age it just doesn't fly.

Bountiful, UT

Using the same logic, I suppose one could assert that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a discriminatory organization because the name suggests the only people this group cares about are LDS.

As a society we should have moved beyond this point, with organizations representing everyone, not just specific, self-identified minorities.

Salt Lake City, UT

I hope Rep Lifferth doesn't receive lots of fallout from this. I totally agree with him -- If the NAACP is a representative of everyone they need to change the name, because it is the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE. Frankly, I've been tired of hearing Ms. Williams views on various topics -- all of them involving colored people. She got in on the discussion of changing the name of Dixie College because that era (Civil War) put colored people in a bad light and they were still being exploited by "Dixie". Huh? She got in on the stabbing of the teen in Stansbury saying it needed to be investigated to see if it was a hate crime because he was black. I've never seen her crusading for a white or Hispanic or oriental person. Her agenda is to promote blacks. I don't care what spin she puts on it, NAACP is for the advancement of blacks. She said it was formed in 1906 when the black people needed the assistance of someone. Well, Ms. Williams, we're way past 1906, and I also feel this organization discriminatory, if by nothing else than the name.

sparks, NV

The representative is correct. There is no way the NAACP would change their name to the National Association for the Advancement of White People. Or, at the very least, the NAACP would not tolerate an organization that was titled the National Association for the Advancement of White People. The NAACP would be all over that, calling it racist, etc. But somehow, it is not racist for the NAACP to do exactly that. The double standard is getting old.


Ms. William says, "“We help anybody that feels that they have been discriminated against, regardless of color.” Could she please provide evidence of when she helped a "white" person who was discriminated against? Or is "white" colorless and therefore not worthy of her help?

salt lake city, utah

When we talk about the conservative bubble here's exactly what we're talking about.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, sometimes the truth is hard to hear.

Well done sir!

Colorado Springs, CO

I have children of African ancestry. While walking with them a couple weeks ago, just a few hundred feet from our home, a twentysomething guy stopped his car, rolled down his window, and yelled at us to "go back to our own neighborhood." A lady walking near us with her kids was so disturbed we had to talk with her for a while so that she could feel better. While a disturbing experience for us, it's the kind of thing we've dealt with before as parents of Black children.

Have you seen discrimination against your children because of their race?

Has the NAACP outlived it's usefulness? Is Donald Sterling the only bigot left in America who has the power to discriminate against minorities? When those who wield economic power in this country are truly color-blind, then the need for organizations that defend those who are marginalized simply because of their race will be gone.

Horses Star
Spanish Fork, UT

David Lifferth
No truer words have been uttered than what you said. I applaud you for making such a strong and applicable comment about the meaning of NAACP and you also solidified it with a great solution. I would support the National Association for All People. It is time to get rid of the NAACP. does not the Association encourage racism by the words associated with the Letters?

Salt Lake City, UT

@tcbdozen -- I feel for you when some uncouth bully does what he did. However, yes, my children have been discriminated against. My son was passed over in medical school and told quite frankly that if he were a minority he'd have no problem getting in. My daughter has to prove herself everyday in "the old boys club" because she's in a male dominated field. My younger daughter sees discrimination all the time as a single mom. Who do they go to as white people being discriminated against? If anything this has taught them to work harder, prove themselves and show what they can accomplish. Hopefully, if anything, I've taught them that not everyone in the world will love them and there are some who are just uneducated buffoons that would do this to anyone, but with integrity and self worth they can rise above the discrimination. No, I don't need an organization such as the NAACP, who is totally discriminatory to come to the rescue so we can hide behind their skirts. Maybe not PC, but totally true from the Representative. And yes, have Williams bring forth examples where she has represented anyone but blacks.

Salt Lake City, UT

Anyone who thinks we live in a "post-racial society" where African Americans are treated equally has only to read the comments here to get a taste of reality. I'm embarrassed for Utah when I read things like this.

Colorado Springs, CO

Thank you althought.

I'm not concerned about those who are ignorant. Just those are ignorant and powerful. Business owners, landlords, etc.

I'm not specifically endorsing NAACP, because I haven't thoroughly researched them. I am though supportive of organizations that defend those who are marginalized, whether they are women, single mothers, or minorities.

It's important to teach our children to be strong. But if a landlord won't rent to them because of their race (or because they are a woman or a single mother or ...), I applaud those who try to stand up for them and secure for them their rights to be treated fairly.

Springville, UT

Do we need any further evidence that free speech is a thing of the past?

salt lake city, UT

While the NAACP has it's warts it has plenty of beauty marks as well. Read a little about the good work this organization does before you start advocating throwing out the baby with the bath water. The comments by the Utah politican are not suprising but regrettable none the less.

Woodland Hills, UT

The NAACP lives to have their Ire raised, that is why they exist.

Poplar Grove, UT

@Maple Don
How? Because people disagree with Mr Liffert he free speech rights are violated? What about others right to think his views are stupid or wrong? Free speech doesn't mean you can say what you want and force people to agree with your position, that's not free speech, it's facism. Free speech means anyone can say any dumb thing they want, and anyone who disagrees can call their opinion dumb. You have the right to free speech, you don't have the right to make people agree with your point of view.

Salt Lake City, UT


what evidence? the fact that people like him and some if the posters here keep making public comments about it or the fact that others like me actually get to use our free speech to disagree with them? You seem to want to end free speech for anyone that dares disagree with people like this by telling us we don't get to express our disagreement.

Karen R.
Houston, TX

It sounds like SCOTUS' decision on affirmative action has emboldened some to voice perhaps long-standing resentments. It also sounds like Rep. Lifferth's charge put Ms. Williams on the defensive. She sounded a little self-conscious of her position. Interesting.

I think it's folly to pretend that a single legal decision is sufficient to proclaim that we are no longer ruled by our human nature and no longer influenced by a culture still saturated with unspoken messages about who is more equal than whom. Have we come a long way? Sure. Is there no longer a need for the NAACP and other organizations dedicated to fighting for minority rights? I don't think that's realistic or wise. Maybe we can revisit this in another generation or two and see where we are then.

I wonder, though, if what may move us more quickly down this road is the growing divide between the Have's and the Have-Not's. Lack of opportunity is a great equalizer - as long as the Have-Not's don't allow the Have's to pit them against each other on the basis of something trivial and superficial. Like race.

Terry Marasco
Salt Lake City, UT

The legacy of racism in this country is with us today. It speaks thru skinhead organizations peppered in the west which appears to tolerate such attitudes. Just look at the percentages of people of color in jails and prisons. Look at the scores of children in low income schools. While we may think that when we see a person of color walk among us on the streets as "equal", understand that very likely that person has been denied advancement by a system dominated by us white folks the intent of which is to maintain our "superiority". The Representative should join the NAACP as invited.

Syracuse, UT

"Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt" -Abraham Lincoln

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