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Published: Tuesday, April 29 2014 11:45 a.m. MDT

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Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

These BYU fans must be in denial.

BYU was 2-5 against power conference teams last year. Had they played as many power conference teams as Utah they would not have made a bowl game. BYU lost to Virginia (Virginia's only FBS win of the year, yes Virginia was worse than Colorado). BYU also didn't even play a conference champion or runner up.

Occasionally upsets happen, but BYU claims to be a superior program to Utah, but when was the last time a college football team lost to an inferior opponent 4 years in a row?

Congrats on playing 3 power conference teams this year (2 of them are the worst in their conference too, Virginia and Cal).

I'll take a 5 or 6 win season with the big boys coming to play in our stadium, rather than playing 4 games against AAC opponents.

Congrats on your bowl, but I think you should have waited out and taken a spot from a conference that didn't fill all of their bowl spots. At least then you could be playing a 7 win power conference school instead of Tulsa or Tulane.

Keep up your Quest for perfection 6.0 talks, it is entertaining...

Frisco, TX

First, I don't understand the obsession with one's conference. I cheer for my team not the conference.

Second, at what point will Utah be hoping for an invite to any bowl versus sitting home in December? Is it now? Or next year? Or the year after?

Good for U that U got invited to the PAC. But after three years, your play has proven that U don't belong. If U were independent, could U negotiate a bowl invite on your own?

P.S. I'm still waiting to read my first Utah "rivalry" comment in the Denver Post. It's obvious that most of the Utah commenters are still obsessed with BYU.

CO Ute

@CougarSunDevil - I'm trying to understand your post about bowl games. When was the last time Utah played a bowl game against a respectable powerhouse team? Well does Ga Tech or Boise count? Many Y fans claim they are great teams when they are on their schedule.

If not I guess the U goes back to Alabama but what does that say about your team? You did beat an unranked UCLA team in 2007 and lost to an unranked UW team last year. You also beat an unranked Oklahoma team in 1994. 1993 was a loss to #10 Ohio State. Maybe those are the 'powerhouse' teams you reference. Still, in looking at your entire history, I can't see that your team has EVER beat a top 10 team in a bowl game. Careful about throwing stones!

Salt Lake City, Utah

CO Ute

"When was the last time Utah played a bowl game against a respectable powerhouse team? Well does Ga Tech or Boise count?"

LOL at the inconsistency of Utah fans!

Boise State and Georgia Tech are "respectable powerhouse teams" when Utah plays them in a bowl, but the same teams are considered "weak" opponents when BYU plays them in back-to-back regular seasons.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Phoenix, AZ

"I'm just surprised that powerhouse byu and ESPN couldn't get a bowl game against any power conference?"

So am I ChrisB, but it will come. When was the last bowl game utah went to? When was the last bowl game utah went to against a 'respectable' powerhouse team? 2008 was a LONG time ago. A VERY long time ago.


Utah's won as many bowl games in the PAC-12 as ASU.

2008 was 6 years ago.

1996 was 18 years ago.

Keep Questing!

Orem, UT

Bronco - 9-9 versus PAC teams
Kyle - 9-18 in the PAC 12 and not trending well - 4-5, 3-6, 2-7

Spin it any way that helps you sleep at night Uteology, but

a team that can't beat decent conference opponents on the road (football or basketball), has no chance of ever being a conference contender. After 3 full seasons in the PAC, the Utes haven't won a single road game against a conference foe with a winning record. In fact, Utah hasn't won a road game against a PAC team with a winning record in almost 20 years.

Don't bother bringing up bowl games. Beating Cal in San Diego isn't the same as beating Cal in Berkley.

Rose Bowl call yet?

West Valley, Utah


"Utah's won as many bowl games in the PAC-12 as ASU.

2008 was 6 years ago.

1996 was 18 years ago.

Keep Questing!"

Wow! That's your argument? Comparing yourself to one of the perennial football doormats of the PAC 10? For your sake I'll give you credit. utah is not as bad as some of the 128 FBS schools as far as recent bowl appearances or recent bowl victories against quality opponents. Any way you spin it though 6 years is a long time - 3 years is too. Good luck to the utes with their #11 SOS next season. An honest and decent prediction from me is 4-8 next year. If that happens, 10 years from now the only thing people will remember is the utes had a bad year at 4-8 (or worse). Few will remember #11 (preseason) SOS. Hopefully I'm wrong in the 4-8 prediction.

Lindon, UT

Why must so many people get caught up in Ute problems? And why are Utah fans more worried about BYU than their own team? They have enough to worry about-- even if some fans don't realize it. Good luck to the Utes.
As a BYU fan, I'm less than thrilled with this bowl. I suppose you have to get something lined up and going without a bowl contract until mid-season may be more risky than they'd like. We have to trust all possibilities were exhausted but it's hard to see how we couldn't have done a little better with some sort of tiered alliances. Have 10+ wins= Bowl X, 8-10 wins = Bowl Y, 6-8 = Miami. Buffalochip on the Trib suggested this idea and I like it. I'm not sure if bowls or conferences would be willing to be the back-up plan if BYU gets more or less wins but it sure seems worth trying. This sets a bad precedent that we're willing to settle for anything and doesn't set us up to be included in future realignments. Something's better than nothing but think we could do better. Go Coug's!

Logan, UT

@ Tomahawk Red:

You ask why would any Ute fan care about BYU signing up for another mediocre bowl?
You need to ask Chris B. He's was once again the very first to comment on this announcement. He obviously cares a great deal. And so do many other Ute fans who usually make up at least half of the first page of comments to most BYU articles. I suspect it has a lot to do with jealousy since newer Ute fans still don't know what it's like to have their team participate in any bowl game at any level... great or mediocre.

In fact, you yourself very obviously care since you took the time and effort to comment to this BYU announcement several different times. So there you go. You answered your own question.

Logan, UT

@ WACPaddingOurSchedule:

Why do some Ute fans take such pride in demonstrating their obvious lack of college football prowess?

What qualifies this bowl as "a lower tier bowl game" as you put it?
ESPN is obviously happy with their BYU contract. Both make good money. It's win-win.

BTW... It's pretty obvious Utah is not getting any help from ESPN, or any other group, not even their own conference in arranging any kind of bowl game year after year. Even if this bowl was a lower tier, which it's not, it beats the heck out of not going to any bowl game at all. You and every other Ute fan should fully understand that by now. You truly do, but pride still won't allow you to admit it.

I absolutely guarantee that Kyle Whittingham and the rest of the Ute football team would've unanimously jumped at the chance to go to this bowl game the last few years if given the opportunity. It's a no-brainer. But they weren't. And they won't again this next season. Obviously, it's your frustration creating such silly comments based on jealousy. So you're forgiven.

Phoenix, AZ


"Utah's won as many bowl games in the PAC-12 as ASU.

2008 was 6 years ago.

1996 was 18 years ago."

Yeah, ASU made it to the Rose Bowl as a member of the PAC-10 having had to defeat legitimate teams in the PAC-10 and #1 in the nation and 2 time national champions Nebraska . Utah had to get there by winning against cream puffs like Wyoming, UNLV, New Mexico, Colorado State, Weber State, and Utah State. Really tough schedule to get there. Now that Utah is forced to play real teams, how has that bowl track record gone? ASU had a has-been coach for too long (ironically enough taken by Utah LOL) and since we've got rid of the dead weight, We've been on the rise ever since. Utah and ASU trending in opposite directions.

ASU, beating Utah since 1977

Meadow, UT

@ Uncle Rico:

BYU fans are not in any kind of denial whatsoever. What a silly statement to make. Most are totally enjoying the fact that division I conferences have been approaching BYU for bowl game affiliation months before the football season even begins. Any way an unbiased observes spins it, it's a feather in BYU's cap.

That's just one of the rewards of going 8 or 9 years in a row without a losing record and playing each of those years in post season bowl games. I really wish I could somehow explain to Utah fans just how great that really feels. But in your case, you'll just have to keep using your imagination.

Keep up that ongoing Ute quest for an eventual winning season. As you so well put it... "it's entertaining".

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

You BYU fans can love your independence all the way to irrelevance. Why do Ute fans love our conference? Because in conference play we play major bowl caliber teams every week. Our conference also guarantees us access to bowl games every year we are eligible. Membership in the Pac 12 also gets us better access to the playoff with enough wins. BYU will be playing in the Miami Beach bowl against a mid level AAC team even if they go undefeated this year. That is a fact no Cougar fan can erase no matte how hard they try to talk it up.

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