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Published: Monday, April 28 2014 8:20 p.m. MDT

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John Simpson

The current plethora of 18 year old missionaries (men) and 19 (girls) is mostly borrowed from the numbers who would otherwise have started their missions at 19 (men) and 21 (women). Thus, we should not imagine that the jump in numbers is much more than a temporary blip. However, the new age criteria make it easier to complete a mission without interrupting college work. In addition, more young women may serve missions if, due to the lower age limit, they have less concern about missing out on Mr. Right as a result. Thus, some permanent gains may flow from that, once the "pig in the python" effect is past. That said, the new MTC plans are a decided improvement from the looming tower originally proposed. That edifice would been out of harmony with the neighborhood and would have become available too late for the current surge in missionaries being trained.

Twin Sister

@BYUsuperfan. On both of your comments--Well said! Well said! You know what you are talking about. Thank you for posting.

Winchester, VA

I wonder about the increase in missionaries. Since the pool was increased by adding another year, mathematically one can expect the numbers to increase 50% during the change over. But will the increase hold over time?

Bountiful, UT

@ A scientist
"At this early stage, it does not look like a good investment by the Church"

and a watched kettle never boils. Give it some time. Long term investments rarely look good in the early stages, but that's not why you make them. Get back to us in a 1000 yrs and let us know how the investment looks to you.

Medical Lake, Washington

I appreciate very much the statement made in this April's Conference by the Auditing Committee in conclusion to their annual statement -- it was stated that just as the church asked its members to live within it means, the church in general practices that same concept.

There are times when people might question such a project; stating that they don't think it will generate a profit. As I see it, we believe in a Prophet, not always a profit. The mandate from the Lord is that the gospel reach every corner of the globe. There is nothing in that mandate that requires or promises mass conversions, excellent retention or an easy road. The missionary work must increase, facilities must be enlarged and materials must be secured. It has nothing to do with the perceived rate of return might be.

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