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Published: Tuesday, April 29 2014 9:35 a.m. MDT

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Blue Bolshevik
Salt Lake City, UT

more guns

Merritt Island, Fl

Back on topic.
The middle class has been losing ground over several decades, not just 6 years under Obama. We have the collapse of the housing market that turned people upside down. People complain about regulations, but revoking Glass-Steigal gave them a license to be stupid. Banks were very stringent with rules each time I bought a house years ago, but no more. Health care was available to most people through their employer, but no longer. An illness in a family will bankrupt them. I am familiar with Single Payer System in Europe, they will never end it. That was my hope, but the insurance industry killed any idea of locking them out. Need the OH and profits. We have a great love of weapons and pay far too much and don't need them. It is a jobs program for the Right, not for the middle class but for the shareholders. Latest estimates is the F-35 will have a life cycle cost of 3/4 Trillion dollars with the current, greatly reduced production numbers.
The middle class was sent to the Gallows when Reagan fired the Air Traffic controllers. Unions created and maintained the middle class, not business or Government.

Salt Lake City, UT

To all Liberals who still want to blame Reagan:

"U.S. families in the 20th percentile of the income distribution make less than their counterparts in Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the Netherlands, which was not true 30 years ago."

If I am not mistaken 30 years ago was during the Reagan Presidency. I am sorry that facts get in the way of your point of view.

I got my first real job during the Reagan Administration with good pay and benefits. My children are not having the same success I had under this administration. This isn't an opinion it is reality.

Merritt Island, Fl

I'm afraid your comment about preexisting condition is false. People with preexisting conditions were denied and dropped by insurance carriers unless it was in the contract with the employer.
I know of only one employer whose employees were protected: Federal Employees under the Federal Employee Health Benefit program. I also know and have seen plenty of news reports of people dropped when they needed their insurance because they did not identify Acne when they applied.
Don't lie, this is just too easy to see through.

Mcallen, TX

Bountiful, UT

"The problem is very few have shared in this increased wealth"? This is crazy!

Every one has equal opportunity to earn money, but we don't all have the same motivation to do it.

Therefore, government takes from the worker, and gives to the non-worker.

Salt Lake City, UT

"If Canada's health care single payer system is soo great. Then why does it have to be subsidized with money that Canada borrows?"

... Just want to point out that the United States spends MORE PUBLIC FUNDING on healthcare, per capita, than Canada, and yet those funds help a significantly smaller portion of our population. From an economic standpoint, the single payer system (public health insurance) is proving a better system than private insurance. Pretend you're the owner of a medium-sized business, wouldn't it be great to hire people without having to factor in the cost of their health insurance?

Also, the majority of Americans pay a similar percentage of their earnings toward taxes (federal and state) as their Canadian neighbors (federal and provincial), but Canadians get health insurance from the deal. #funfact

Everett, 00

I blame Republicans for this...

Cleveland , OH

Gutting the rules on lending meant an immediate burst of home buying as people who could not get a loan suddenly were able to borrow money to buy a house.

Yay America!

And then the banksters got in on the act and started doing all sorts of things with loans to boost profits and run the stock market up.

Yay America!

And then the collapse started as bad loans mounted and jobs disappeared and people lost their homes and the whole problem snowballed toward true depression.

Um... boo! It must be Obama's fault. Bad, bad Obama!

Sometimes the immediate results of an act are very different from the long term consequences.

Yes, Reaganomics (Or, as his VP liked to call it: Voodoo Economics) made the economy bounce - but how much of that was Reagan and how much was it the massive tech boom in the first years of the world-wide growth of the internet?

And thirty years later CEO compensation has increased 725% but worker compensation increased less than 6%.

Not much trickle down there.

More like bad Voodoo.

But, you know, Yay Reagan! Boo Obama!

Pasedena, CA

Gotta love the liberal lemmings.

The fact is that since Obama took office the middleclass has seen their incomes drop by $5000 or more. The drop in income will continue as long as unemployment remains high.

The problem, as the DN pointed out yesterday is GOVERNMENT. Both Democrats and Republicans agree on that fact.

If you want to fix the inequality, get government out of the way and cut the amount of power given to it.

To "andyjaggy" Europe is doing better becuase the nations that are prospering are moving AWAY from socialism.

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