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Published: Monday, April 28 2014 5:05 p.m. MDT

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Fair Oaks, CA

Zero rational from the "State" ...

There are only three states that do NOT have anit-gay lawsuits in progress.

Please provide a logical answer to this question: "How does my gay marriage diminish your straight marriage in any way?"

Ogden, UT

@MoNoMo 5:47 p.m. April 28, 2014

Please provide a logical answer to this question: "How does my gay marriage diminish your straight marriage in any way?"


That's an easy one to answer. My husband and I have been married almost 45 years. Your gay marriage does not affect our straight marriage in any way. We're the only ones who can enhance or diminish our marriage, and we work all the time to keep it going strong. We're the only ones who can affect our marriage.

Rocket Science
Brigham City, UT

Marriage is the union of a man and a woman as husband and wife. No man can be a wife, no woman can be a husband. No man can be a mother, no woman can be a father. Not in any state and regardless of how laws may be changed by vote, by legislation or by judicial decision.

Not accepting someone else’s lifestyle does not equal hatred and intolerance. We show, all should show, compassion, respect, and kindness to everyone—including people with whom we disagree. It is not hatred or intolerance to work for and uphold societal standards and morals.

Lehi, UT

"How does my gay marriage diminish your straight marriage in any way?"

Answer: It does not - and should not - because one is a marriage, the other is not.

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

Please provide a logical answer to this question: "How does my gay marriage diminish your straight marriage in any way?"

Straw man argument... Gay marriage doesn't hurt my marriage but that's not why I am against it.

Gay marriage is about normalizing an immoral behavior. Further, children deserve to be raised in a home with a mother & a father. Gay marriage will open the gates to gay partners adopting children which will deprive these children of a Mother or a Father.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Here, none could contend that Utah's marriage definition is designed to have or actually has a disparate impact on men or women as a class," Schaerr wrote.

Yeah that's all well and good, but it has a disparate impact on gay people as a class.

@El Chango Supremo
"Gay marriage will open the gates to gay partners adopting children which will deprive these children of a Mother or a Father."

Utah allows single people to adopt so this argument can't be used by Utah without acknowledging a double standard.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"How does my gay marriage diminish your straight marriage in any way?"

It diminishes the sanctity of marriage. Marriage is, by definition, between a man and a woman. Trying to change the definition to include homosexual couples diminishes the sanctity of it, as Rocket Science points out.

Can I, as a man, ever become the Queen of England?

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID


Whatever the law currently is regarding adoption, married heterosexual couples should get priority so that the child will get the next best thing which is being raised by their biological parents.

I don't by the argument that the gender of a parent is irrelevant. Mothers & Fathers bring very different qualities to the parenting table that the other can't adequately replace. This isn't rocket science, this is common sense. If I lost my dad, a woman can't replace his role.

It's also simple, common sense that men & women belong together biologically. It's the way we're made.

Provo, UT

Being Gay is not even a marriage. A marriage is between a woman and a man. No matter how people will try to justify it, it is not going to work. Marriage is just like burgers and fries, one can't go without the other. Fries cannot fulfill what a burger does, and vise-versa. It goes the same way with a man and woman. A woman will never be a man and and man can never be a woman. That is why a man is for the woman and woman is for the man. So no to gay marriage.

Big Bubba
Herriman, UT

Gay marriage does not diminish my straight marriage. It does worse. Gay marriage hastens the moral decline of our nation which will bring about the judgments of God. Those judgments will adversely affect all society including me and my spouse and my children. Gay marriage advocates don't seem to get that it is all about preserving traditional Christian values in an increasingly godless society.

Salt Lake City, UT

Again it befuddles me that in this state where Polygamy was the norm a one time, that people can talk with a straight face that Marriage is between a man and a woman? There are so many children raised by people that don't conform to the Man/Woman perfect marriage!

The question as asked if gay marriage affects the right for straights to marry? It does not.

So stop with the judgmental morality that many Christian churches do not adhere to anymore. It's getting boring.

Huntsville, UT

@Rocket Science;

Accept our "lifestyle" or not, you don't get to tell us who we may or may not marry. That is not your right. Discrimination is based on some level of dislike no matter how you slice it. Dislike is just another form of hate. It is absolutely intolerance to deny others the legal benefits you enjoy - and there is nothing immoral about LGBT couples forming. Nothing.



@El Chango Supremo;

Bigotry is immoral and you seem to be okay "normalizing" that behavior.

@Riverton Cougar;

The only people who diminish the "sanctity of marriage" are you heterosexuals who are married and cheat on your spouses.


Say yes to marriage for LGBT people.

Utah's arguments are completely nonsensical and discriminatory. Marriage equality will be the law of the land, even Utah.

Smithfield, UT

There is perhaps not a hotter issue today than the issue of same sex attraction and marriage, and under normal conditions I would offer an explanation . However, due to the idiocy of this type of thinking I am relegated to silence.

Rexburg, ID

Ranch Hand:

Do you think siblings should be allowed to marry? parents to children?

The state does tell people who can & can't marry?

1. consenting age
2. opposite sex
3. not closely related
4. not currently married to another

How can we argue that one should be thrown out and not the others?

Logan, UT

"Do you think siblings should be allowed to marry? parents to children?"

Not if the state can provide rational, legitimate reasons to ban such marriage.

The problem for gay marriage ban is that the state can not give rational reason for such law, their arguments have not prevailed, not even once since SCOTUS Windsor ruling.

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

What is the rational reason why an adult man should not be able to marry his adult sister if both are sterile? What is the rational reason that that two brothers or two sisters should not be allowed to marry? If biology is not a rational reason to allow or deny marriage, what is?

Huntsville, u

The solution is simple. Just give Gay couples the same legal rights, just don't call it marriage. Call it Gay union or anything you want. Is that too much to ask from the Gay community. Both sides have to be willing to give a little on this one. Protesting, holding, up signs and getting in each others faces will only increase the animosity on both sides.

Parker, CO

Article IV of the constitution, and the much more often cited, and almost as important to the argument, 14th amendment to the constitution, place overwhelming weight on the side of marriage, same gender and opposite gender, as a civil right to be protected by the federal government in all states of the union.

Provo, UT


"How does my gay marriage diminish your straight marriage in any way?"

Your same-sex relationship by itself would not affect any marriage between a man and a woman. The effect comes when the state changes the definition of marriage in order to sanction your same-sex relationship. Laws teach something about what society values, and changing laws changes how people think. No-fault divorce laws passed in the 1970's had drastic effects on how people thought about marriage, and divorce rates skyrocketed.

No one lives in a vacuum. Changing the legal definition of marriage matters to everyone, every man, every woman every child. It is absolutely foolish to think we can change the most fundamental unit of our society and think it won't have repercussions.

Honeyvale, CA

Same old pro-gay statements from the same old commenters on this site. Really folks, do you just seek out headlines so you can propagandize with your comments? Maybe if you were to read the briefs you would understand the pro-marriage stance...not one of discrimination but one of protecting children. Or don't children's rights matter? I really wish the anti-Christian hate speech and attacks would end.

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