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Published: Monday, April 28 2014 4:20 p.m. MDT

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Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

On September 11, 2001, terrorists KILLED more than 2,500 Americans whose only crime is that those Americans were in America going about their normal activities. Those "terrorists" didn't do that horrific deed by themselves. They were funded by rich people in other parts of the world. They used some of our "petro" dollars to kill Americans in America.

Save us the outrage when an American makes a fool of herself. She didn't commit an act of terrorism. If you feel outrage, focus that outrage on those who killed Americans and those who weep for the terrorists, the governments that encourage terrorism, the people in our country to apologize for the terrorists.

One woman didn't have the sense to use sense when she spoke, but some people in this nation want to tar and feather her while they excuse those who killed Americans on American soil.

Far East USA, SC

What I find sad is how Palin and this kind of inflammatory rhetoric plays so well with the GOP base. Throw in a gun reference and a few lines about how Obama hates America and the crowd gets whipped into a frenzy.

I think many parts of the conservative message are sound.

Unfortunately, the GOP candidates have to cater to the lowest common denominator to get any traction with the base.

Sorry, but it is an embarrassment.

Sandy, UT

Sorry, Mike. This glib comment about something sacred to so many people is not funny, cute or clever. She should not get a pass for it.

Everett, 00

Good grief Richards --
Why are you defending Sarah Palin and deflect her outrageous comment?

Is it to draw attention AWAY from the GOP,
she is a spokesperson for them [and you] you know.

Chalk another up to the Clive Bundy fan club.

99352, WA

So Sarah Palin and her fear mongering rhetoric is what is considered a "good christian" these days? And you wonder why your children are leaving your churches in droves? You wonder why there is a such a backlash anytime the christian label is applied? Instead of pointing your fingers at everyone else in society, how bout you clean your own house first. You're all choking on the Palin and Santorum dust.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

This is what the heirs of William F. Buckley think of conservatism now?

Park City, Ut

One of the pieces of propaganda used against the US in Afghanistan and Pakistan when recruiting young Muslims to join the Taliban and Al Qaeda is that the "supposed" war on terror is really just a modern day version of the "crusades" by the right-wing American Christians. So thank Sarah Palin for helping to making their point.



Even though I voted, regrettably, for her and her running mate in 2008, I am very grateful at this moment that this woman is nowhere near the White House, and not likely to be there at any point in the foreseeable future. For a “Christian” to make a remark like this is indescribably awful and disappointing.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Mike Richards, it's downright offensive that you condone Ms. Palin's words.

Do you understand what the symbolism of baptism is for many of us? Here, let me educate you. The Savior suffered and died on the cross for all of us. After 3 days, he rose from the grave. Baptism, for many of us, is a symbol of our commitment to follow Christ. However, it's much more than a mere commitment or pledge, but a covenant.Every week we have the opportunity during our sacrament meetings to renew our covenants with The Lord.

Palin mocking sacred covenants and breathing it in the same sentence as terrorism is extremely offensive. True, to some godless people who mock religion, they support and condone her actions. But not me. I believe that the ancient prophets and martyrs and modern-day prophets deserve far more respect than that. Our lord and savior, deserves far more respect than this failed governor of Alaska is giving.

Please, stop mocking my religion to score political points.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Re: Maverick,

Which religion are you talking about, the one you taught when you were a missionary or the one you rant about almost daily when you tell us that you have no belief in God? You might think that I'm being overly critical but the God that I know, the God that I worship, the God who created all things, asked our Father in Heaven to forgive those who were crucifying Him. He had already been tried by those who professed with their lips a love of God, but demanded that His only Son be crucified. Not much has changed in 2,000 years. Christ still tells us that He atoned for our sins, but you and your friends demand blood because YOU'RE offended. Why not let Christ do His job? He doesn't need your approval before He chastises or forgives a brother or sister. I'm willing to let Christ do His job. I trust Him. I have total confidence that He is fully competent to judge and to redeem. Why don't you?

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Mike is always invoking the Constitution to deliver little lectures on how things are supposed to operate according to the plans of the Framers. Do you think they would have something to say about punishing guilty people and not just people who may sound or look like Palin's version of "terrorists"? Torture now is OK when Cheney says so whether legal or not as long as there's a different name for it? I don't see Palin and company as either Christian OR Constitutional.

Durham, NC

Mike Richards…. did the Christ you worship also use those things sacred to people as punchlines to a joke at a paid event… would he use religious humor as a way of filling up his pockets?

Disrespecting other peoples faiths, acts of terrorism by other people, does not justify poor behavior. What makes people like me - former "conservatives" - so irritated is this concept of conservative infallibility. That some how conservatives can't be called out when they do something wrong.

I love my kids. But when they stray, I call them out on it. When I do something wrong, my wife calls me out on it. Conservatives should be willing to self correct when a line is crossed… and a line was crossed.

What Sarah said to a conservative crowd, many of whom are just a faithful and religious as you, was offensive to some. They take baptism as a sacred act of faith and devotion. It is sacred to those who take on the convents regardless if "you" believe the person had the authority to perform the ordinance. Their faith and devotion isn't determined by the "authority" of the one performing the act.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

When your occupation is new making, a requirement is to make an attention getting outrageous statement every six months like Coulter.

Here, UT

@Mike Richards;

How many innocent men, women and children have died in the US's "war on terror"? We attacked a country that wasn't even involved. We tortured prisoners. WE DID THAT.

I love a "good Christian" when I see one, but I haven't seen one in decades.

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

Is it more moral to "baptize" terrorists with waterboarding to obtain the intelligence that the CIA testified before congress was used to find bin Laden and kill him or is it more moral to "baptize" terrorists with hell fire missiles from drones like Obama just used to kill 55 people in Yemen (and many other countries) I think both are good! This phony outrage is silly from people who hate Sarah Palin, period! If Obama had used the word, liberals would have no problem at all.


Palin made the comment to a particular crowd. She is betting (and is correct) that anyone who didn't care for that comment wasn't already going to vote for her, and anyone on the fence will let it slide. That is how you hedge your bets in politics.
Really she is being called "insignificant" in the GOP so her strategy is to now rally the base of the GOP (her strong point).
Before I am too critical of anything a politician says, I like to put it in perspective. And for the record I won't be voting for her, but it won't be because of what she said about baptizing terrorists.

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

Re: Mike Richards and Maverick

I have been interested in your dialogue and quite frankly can't see that either of you are that far apart in your theological beliefs and understandings and I concur with both of you! the question that I have does the following statement made (in quotes) apply to the present POTUS. "Why not let Christ do His job? He doesn't need your approval before He chastises or forgives a brother or sister. I'm willing to let Christ do His job. I trust Him. I have total confidence that He is fully competent to judge and to redeem."

Salt Lake City, UT

This was Palin's Bundy moment.

Salt Lake City, UT

We leftists are always at a disadvantage going up against a loose talker like Palin. We on the left try to be reasoned and theoretical in our arguments whereas Palin practices delivering one-liners like the late Spiro Agnew. This all descends from Agnew.

Salt Lake City, UT

Re: Mike Richards "If you feel outrage, focus that outrage on those who killed Americans and those who weep for the terrorists..."

OK, fair enough. As Michael Moore makes clear in Fahrenheit 911, Saudi Arabia attacked the United States on 9/11. They were all let out of the country with protective custody by the Bush II administration. Perhaps, Mike, you could direct some of your venom there.

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