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Published: Sunday, April 27 2014 8:10 p.m. MDT

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Auckland NZ, 00

Recruitment fliers should carry warnings, like packages of cigarettes: Warning! Going to war is hazardous to your health and mental well being in many different ways. Please consult a homeless veteran before signing up.

Saint George, UT

Look to the drugs (uppers) given to those in combat to keep them alert for long hours. These drugs can intensify the horrors of combat ten fold. These drugs also disable the brain's normal function of suppressing many horrible things from your memory, a natural function to keep one sane. Just as during previous wars when our Government experimented with troops testing the effects of radiation on combat forces, they are doing it today with psychotropic drugs so the American Soldier can be all they can be.

Sherwood, OR

Re: RShackleford

I agree 100%. I do not claim to be an expert, but do have a friend whose son committed suicide a year after coming home from Iraq. He enlisted as a straight-laced young man and came home a drug addict. The son said drugs were handed out to soldiers like candy. Too stressed? Here's a pill. Can't sleep? Here's a pill. Too scared? Here's a pill. His commanding officers insisted on them taking drugs before going on patrol or into battle situations. When he got home and needed treatment for his addiction, what was the VA's solution? Here's a pill. And if we were allowed to look behind the curtain with all of these mass shootings, we would discover that each of the shooters were taking similar psychotic drugs.

The sooner we wake up to the what we are doing to our soldiers and young people with these psychotic drugs, the better.

terra nova
Park City, UT

Thank you for the fine work on this article. I am grateful for the increasingly available resources that are there to help heal wounds of the mind and body. Articles like this help by making us more aware, compassionate and willing to embrace each other in times of need.

North Salt Lake, UT


"Republicans --

1st to send these kids to war,
and then treat them like used toilet paper once they come home."

If only Americans had the wisdom and foresight to elect a Democrat president then this problem would surely have disappeared by now....

Salt Lake City, UT

@FelisConcolor "If only Americans had the wisdom and foresight to elect a Democrat[ic] president then this problem would surely have disappeared by now...."

Certainly we get the point. But Bush/Cheney's foolish wars ring in the ears right now. I do remember Kennedy/LBJ and how much I hated them for Vietnam.

Iron Rod
Salt Lake City, UT

Well where are all the people who had bumper stickers "We support our Troops" or does that only refer to when they were fighting a "preemptive war".

Where are all the people who were so "Gung Ho" for the US Military to go into Iraq? With the exception of bombing Iran they seem to be silent now.

"We support our troops" also means taking care of them when they come home.

Where is all the concern for the mid level officers(captains and majors)who thought they had a career with the armed forces that are being released from the services.

Question of the day. Did our leaders and news media (including the Deseret News) exercise due diligence before supporting attacking Iraq? Was it worthwhile? Given the same set of circumstances would you support the preemptive attack?

Everett, 00

Republicans send them to war,
Then rip their VA benefits out right from beneath them...

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