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Published: Saturday, April 26 2014 7:40 p.m. MDT

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Honolulu, HI

If the state of Utah sends this woman to Congress it will be a disaster.

Sandy, UT

I get another chance to vote against Mia Love. Fantastic.

Saint George, UT

I am not a supporter of the Republican Party by a long ways, but the Democrats ought to just sign this one over to the Republicans, particularly if they have any integrity in embracing their signature achievement, Obamacare! Mike Lee got a standing ovation at this convention, not because he is an establishment Republican but because he has been his own man standing on principle, something the delegates recognized. On the other hand, Senator Hatch barely got a wave of approval. A sea change is coming, with or without the Republican Party! The Democrats, however, are in for a slaughter! Utah might be waking up to Constitutional principles, even if ever so slight!

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Having listened to the Democrats for the last decade or so, all I can say is that anyone who votes against Mia Love must be a racist!

I, like most of her supporters, do not care what race, ethnicity, sexual preference or beverage preferences a candidate might have. We care about their policies on the issues. Mia Love is right on just about every issue, and she will be a superb Congressman (or whatever gender neutral term the politically correct folks might like) for Utah.

I think she has a great advantage over her opponent. We have too many political "dynasties" in office already, and we do not need more members of the Bush, Kennedy, Bennett, Matheson, or Owens families running for office.

Of course, the liberal attack machine will start denigrating Mia Love all over again, just like last time. Not just because they oppose her policies, but because liberals hate to see strong, successful conservative candidates who refuse to adhere to the liberal policies and be subservient to their failed programs.

Sweet Ginger
Salt Lake City, UT

Mia Love is beautiful and her performing arts degree has been paying off with well given speeches but she is extreme in her tea party views (she cheered on the government shut-down). She has also been funded by large out-of-state donors. Doug Owens is a Yale educated lawyer, a moderate and currently raising money from locals. Doug Owens' primary concern is lifting the middle class & job creation. Doug Owens has my vote for congress!

Sandy, UT

DN Subscriber. Why would I be racist if I didn't vote for her? I just wish the republicans didn't gerrymander salt county into four pieces. I do not care about Kane county and their issues just like I doubt they care about salt lake city.

It was a real disservice to the citizens of Salt lake county.

Dave T in Ogden
Ogden, UT

Our political partisan divide is weakening our nation's stand across the globe. If we had this nasty partisan politics back during the founding of this great nation, this nation would never have been born. We should reframe our health care debate, not as Obamacare, but that of UnitedStatesCare. This way, good ideas from both parties can build on our health care system...
Research has shown 80 percent of all illnesses are caused by lifestyle. If we had an obesity rate like that of 1980, millions of new jobs would be created.
Outdoor exercise is the best way to lose weight and reduce depression.
New debates, by both parties should find ways to lay new biking/walking trails. They would place several bikes to rent at these trails to help get people into shape and improve mental health. Special bikes (those 3-wheelers) could also be made available to injured vets and seniors to reduce suicides.
A General once said, even if you want to install clean water system in a third world country, you must first ask the locals for input. Then you may make changes...Politicians, please try listening and stop this partisan divide! It is not helping us worldwide!

Ogden, UT

Bishop, Stewart and Chaffetz speak only for the far right. Matheson was the ONLY elected representative who spoke for the majority of Utahns (those of us who are true conservatives -- not far right -- and the moderates and the liberals). If Love wins, there will be nobody left to speak for OUR interests and we will be de facto unrepresented. Regardless the party label, Doug Owens is a true conservative in the mold of Matheson. Hopefully the Fourth District will send Love packing again. Utah, and the United States, will be well served if they do.

Brigham City, UT

I wonder if the Deseret News knows there were actually two party conventions yesterday? One was full of optimistic people and quality candidates who want to do what's right for Utah and the United States of America, and are ready to put that interest above the interests of their party. The other was the Republican Convention.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"Why would I be racist if I didn't vote for her?"

Because back in 2008 and 2012 if you didn't vote for Obama, you were racist. You can deny it all you want, but that was a real sentiment during the elections.

I lived in Chicago in 2008 (I actually lived close to Obama's neighborhood; just a couple of miles away). Several times while talking with people on the streets they would tell me they were voting for Obama because he was black, with no shame at all! I know liberals are going to claim that I made this up, but I'm telling you that low-information voters exist in large numbers (especially in very large cities)and they overwhelmingly vote Democrat. For more proof see the youtube video "How Obama got elected. . . Interviews with Obama voters"

Mark from Montana
Davis County, UT

Mia Love is another right wing Republican from a conservative state. I would rather have seen a more moderate for once, but that will never happen again. Certainly not with the caucus system we have, and now the far right is trying to get things changed back so they control the entire process again.

Utah is just a mirror image of Chicago politics of the 1950s. All controlled by a small percentage and lots of backroom deals. I used to laugh at the comments in the Trib about backroom politics in Utah, but I have come to realize that is what happens. The result are great leaders like Shurtleff and Swallow. Both great picks by those running the party.

St.George, Utah

Fun for MIa and her family to have this victory,
However, the big one she is hoping for his is not in the cards. The majority of, even Utah, does not want this type of ultra right wing politician again.
Enjoy, my dear.

Sandy, UT

@Riverton Cougar. "Several times while talking with people on the streets they would tell me they were voting for Obama because he was black, with no shame at all!"

How is that any different than Mormons voting for Mitt Romney because he is Mormon? Do not pretend these Romney voters were not low information voters either.

Or how about straight party ticket voting. Did every voter actually research the candidate or did they simply vote by association either democrat or republican?

Billy Bob
Eagle Mountain, UT


I did not vote for Romney because he is Mormon. I voted for him because he would have made a great president, or at the very least a better president than Obama. I don't support Harry Reid at all even though he is a Mormon. As a matter of fact I think Reid is worse than Obama.

I vote on principle. I don't care what religion a candidate is. I don't care what race a candidate is. Technically I don't even care what political party a candidate is (although I have yet to find a Democrat whom I agree with more than the Republican he or she is running against, even when the Republican is one I don't particularly like either).

San Diego, CA

Utah residents have their own Sarah Palin, although Palin is almost liberal compared to Mia Love. But besides their conservatism, there is one other trait these two politicians share: lots of zeal and ambition matched with very little knowledge and expertise. It's sorta' like having a 300 horsepower outboard motor (the zeal and ambition) attached to a little rowboat (the knowledge and expertise). Dangerous.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

"I don't know him," she said. "I'm a Republican, and he's a Democrat."

How about being an American?

Looks like Utah Republicans are planning on sending a divider back to DC.

Sandy, UT

Those radicals who want to restrain the growth of the government - We should throw Washinton, Jefferson and Madison out of office.

bill in af
American Fork, UT

As a state delegate, I feel the best available candidates were selected. With that said, I was also very disappointed in the far right attitude of the convention for the following reasons:
1. Continued misinformation about what common core is. It is not a national government take over. It is a solid set of standards to improve education which will not take away local control. 2. Count My Vote would not have been neccessary had the party been responsive to needed changes in the system which takes away more voter participation through primary elections. 3. A resolution to support partisan school board elections. Politics should have little to do with who is best qualified to make decisions for our children. The state legislature already does this more than they should. Most Republicans in Utah are moderate in their views. It is hard to see where they were fairly represented in this convention.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Liberals need to get over the fact that they are going to LOSE pretty much all elections in 2014.

They pretty much lose what little credibility they have when they start complaining about politics in Utah. Even commonly democratic states are going to have a difficult time just keeping the Senate/House seats that they've had for years.

Also, I wish the 2 or 3 cheerleaders for Obama would STOP posting under their (each) 6 or 8 different screen names.

We GET it. You LIKE Obama, and Obamacare.

Mount Pleasant, UT

To: Shaun - I voted and supported Romney and would do it again if need be. He is a good, honest man with a great love and respect for our United States of America. He supports our troops, our Veterans and knows what it takes to run this country. You are not informed...we take very seriously our votes and who they go for. Our USA would not be in such deep debt and despair if Mitt Romney had been elected in lieu of Obama - and that is a fact.

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