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Published: Sunday, April 27 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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slc, UT

So I must have missed circular reasoning 101 in college, the reason you can't get a job is because you don't have a job.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT


It's pretty simple why grads can't find jobs:

Due to failed Reaganomics, millions of other qualified people are competing for grads for jobs. In the past, most of these folks would have better jobs or planning on retirement. But since they have families, were laid off during the Great Recession, or don't have enough wealth to retire, they are still in the work force. And competing with college grads for the few jobs that the "job creators" are creating.

The only other option would be to stimulate the economy via government stimulus. Unfortunately, repubs would rather have people suffer than to actually fix the economy.


It's called getting an internship.

Nan BW
ELder, CO

I don't see this letter as having a full solution to the issue, but there is merit in what it suggested. I have a granddaughter who just completed her first year of college. She procured one of those famous custodial jobs her second semester to stash money for her second year. She found it tough to arise at 3 AM at first, but became adjusted and enjoyed working. Many of her coworkers didn't last past the first week, or a few weeks. She worked right up until leaving, and put in extra hours after most of the others in the clean team had quit. I think one problem new grads have is that they really aren't used to working. Those who work while in school also are less likely to be burdened with a big debt, which makes it nigh impossible to start out with a low-paying job, even if it is a foot in the door. Volunteer work can also be a stepping stone into a job after graduation.

However, I recall that earlier this year, our son applied for a job for which there were more than 100 applicants, which is indicative of bleak job scene.

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