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Published: Sunday, April 27 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Governments do not exist to help people, they exist to control people. It is through the controlling of its citizens that it provides the help to its citizens. It takes away some freedoms and in doing so provides other more desirable freedoms.

Freedom of religious belief is a highly desirable freedom for all individuals, but it can exist only if we restrict the freedom of other individuals and their organizations to have their version of freedom of religion. Organized religions and churches can have any beliefs they desire but they should not force others to believe or behave as they do.

The relationship between a business organization and its employees is much like the master/slave relationship of old. In any dispute or disagreement the employee's only weapon is to quit. Quitting would work fine if the employee was totally free to come and go employment wise, but business has made quitting so unpleasant that the employee is forced to accept the business operations wishes, sometimes against his own personal religious beliefs.

Ogden, UT

Comprehensive birth control is basic preventative health care. It is something should be included in every health care insurance policy, just like any other type of basic preventative health care.

The Hobby Lobby owners have proven that their agenda is to impose their form of religion on the public (check out their curriculum proving their idea of the accuracy of the Bible that they want to have be mandatory at the high school level. They should not be allowed to do that, to the detriment of their employees' health care insurance.

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

All a tempest in a tea pot! For all the extreme Right wingers who have been wringing your hands and losing sleep over the ACA providing contraceptive coverage in your employer provided health coverage, there is good news! First be aware that most probably the cost to your employer for coverage is the same with or without contraceptive coverage, its kind of a package deal you see!
Now the real good news! If your employer provides the coverage and you do not want it, just stop getting the prescription filled, or better still don't start getting them filled! By golly I bet your employer will be tickled, I know mine will be, as every year during my annual review he asks, did you fill your contraceptive prescription each month? Problem solved. We will show the big boogie man "big government" how to "Take Back our Country".

American Fork, UT

'By the people, for the people' is a good motto for what health care should be. It should not be provided or controlled by employers, churches,or other organisations. It's health care, which is a condition needed by all people.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Oh, were to begin...

1. Hobby Lobby is a BUSINESS, not an organization nor a Religion.
So Government is not over stepping it's bounds.

2. MOST American's wanted ACA.

3. If you are worried about our Government “By the people, for the people”, then site your outrage over Citizens United and the recent McCutcheon that gives unlimited power to the filthy rich and Corporations.
[The scary thing is, the owners of Hobby Lobby can now legally circumvent the whole legal process and directly and openly bribe politicians to get their way...] the Corporations and Wealthy for the Corporations and Wealthy. [I.e., Gadiantons Robbers]

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

People who refuse to read the Constitution, or even worse, those who read it and then ignore what it says, would tell us that the federal government has the right to dictate to businesses how they will spend their money. Businesses pay employees a wage. That wage might include benefits that employees receive IN LIEU of wages. Health insurance is not "free". A business offers health insurance IN LIEU of wages. Nothing in the Constitution requires a business to offer any "benefits". Because of that, the decision to offer benefits IN LIEU of wages is left to the States or to the People. Massachusetts is the only State that I know of that requires every citizen to have health insurance; therefore, except in Massachusetts, if a person wants health insurance he can either choose a plan that his company offers or he can buy his own health insurance from a different company.

Liberals reject our responsibility to provide for our own personal welfare. They would force us to provide personal welfare to those who refuse to take responsibility to fulfil their duty as citizens. That want "freebies".

Here, UT


You failed to present one good reason why Hobby Lobby shouldn't provide A Health PLAN that offers birth control as an option. Not one. It doesn't hurt them, they don't have to use it if they don't want to.

Provo, UT

Why do uninformed people keep saying that employers are buying contraceptives. No, Hobby Lobby is not required to hand out condoms or birth control pills to its employees. It is providing health insurance. So, just as they are not "buying" your diabetes medication, they are not "buying" your contraceptives. Shoot, maybe I'm a real prude and don't want my employees having Viagra. (On the theory that anyone who needs Viagra probably has a wife too old to conceive children.) Should I have a right to dictate that my employees can't have that medication? Of course not. Then why is it ok for an employer to get in the middle of any other doctor/patient/family matter? Absolutely insane that anyone thinks it is any employers' business what medication their employees take.

Everett, 00

This is like arguing that a company offering coffee and doughnuts is breaking your relgious freedom to obey the Word of Wisdom...

it it not,
this is moot.

Virginia Beach, VA

Hey Michaela -

"The president of Hobby Lobby is in charge of what he will allow in his organization."

Really? What if he allows child molestation? What if he thinks Medical Doctors are the evil spawn of Satan?

The law is the law. And an employer has NO RIGHT to dictate to his employees what health care they can access.

Get used to it.

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