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Published: Saturday, April 26 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

So let me ask you this....

If "we" gave you the same legal benefits (tax, insurance, etc) that "Married" people have, but used the term civil "union" instead of "Marriage", would you be ok with that?

Your answer will be the reflection your tolerance that the letter writer speaks about.

Seattle, WA

How would his answer be the test of tolerance?
Gay people in America will soon have a legal right to marry each other and call it marriage. You can refuse to acknowledge the marriage and call it something else if you want, but for the law and for that family, it is a marriage.
If you are trying to force another person to define their relationship on your terms, that is not respectful.

Salt Lake City, UT

I want to know how people are getting persecuted! If gay people stand up for themselves, they are persecuting someone? Also, I grew up Mormon and nobody is fooling me! Why doesn't somebody take some time and be more truthful about these deeply held religious beliefs! Remember, although I am gay, I grew up with those same deeply held religious beliefs! I have a hard time with this! What is it exactly that bothers people so much? Honestly, I have never understood this! Do you think that maybe God would allow us to keep that part of our lives to ourselves! Your deeply held religious beliefs, as we all know, do not paint a very good picture of gay people and are often used to degrade us! Not everyone does that but it opens it up to all sorts of degrading beliefs!
If you really take some time to look at the truth, you will see that a great deal of us have families and friends and co workers who are Mormon. We do try to respect them, but we also deserve some dignity for ourselves!

Salt Lake City, UT

You know, I sometimes put my opinion in the newspaper. It helps me vent a little so I can get some stress out. In my life, I hardly ever argue about my sexuality. I shouldn't have to! Can some of you imagine dealing with this issue with all of your family and friends and co workers! Sex isn't something that I bet most of you go around talking about with everyone! I know that a great many of you would be horrified, yet you will humiliate us anyway! Many of you just don't understand! You don't understand that we stayed here in Utah because we love are family and friends here! I finally stopped trying to talk about God because people only ignore me! I think it is an insult to say that we are persecuting any of you! A huge insult, when you think about the way we get degraded! I dare you look me in the face and tell me more about those deeply held beliefs and see just what they are! Fool someone else! Those of us that live this know just how degrading those beliefs can be!

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