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Published: Friday, April 25 2014 6:25 p.m. MDT

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Taylorsville, UT

I don't know what they mean by racism but inequality of americans ended in 1865 freeing all men and women from servitude and slavery with the right to become free americans.

The civil rights laws of 1964 has become the property law of the blacks then other minorities chose to embrace by choice. The civil rights law of 1964 removed prejudice used to control some americans. Somehow the law has been converted as removing prejudice to regulate by race. The work in progress is to try and make the racist realize they are the bigots who chose to be racist. Opportunity is equal, rights are equal, civility is equal, but some organizations can't accept that these equality's are not racial laws.

People immigrate to USA to assimilate and blend into the amreican culture with freedom, if they have other agendas or bigotry they can leave also. White america did not tag and label anyone, the bigots chose what they preferred to be labeled. Now the racist want laws to preference their racist labels which the Constitution does not allow.

FYI, profiles by race is a valid social standard for legal, medical, and physical attributes but are not racism.

Salt Lake City, UT

We have come an awful long ways in 50 if we could just the that racist org the NAACP to evolve into a civil organization, it would be so much more meaningful.

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