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Published: Friday, April 25 2014 5:45 p.m. MDT

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West Point , UT

Fred Warner on tape reminds me a lot of Van Noy when he was a freshman. Slighter build but so athletic and instinctive. He's the kind of talent that can play significant minutes right out of the gate just like Van Noy did. Poppinga has always done a nice job with the outside backers and I think this year can be exciting once again at that position. The fact we will have a better secondary will allow them to be even more aggressive than usual.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Warner and Hinds should be pretty good...not that the cougars would even need them. Have you seen their 2014 schedule? Weak SOS.

Darren Rowe
Heber City, UT

Even though everyone outside of Fua is inexperienced as an outside backer, I'm not worried at all. Linebacker is the one position that BYU has ALWAYS recruited and coached well under Mendenhall. Cameron Jensen, Brian Kehl, Kelly Poppinga, David Nixon, Jordan Pendleton, Coleby Clawson, Brandon Ogletree, Uona Kaveinga, Kyle Van Noy, Spencer Hadley, Uani Unga... chances are I forgot someone, the list is so long.

And now Bronson, Alani, Zac, Manoa, Fred, and Troy.

Until proven otherwise, we can just assume that Mendenhall, Tidwell, and Poppinga will just keep things running smoothly.

Frisco, TX

@Naval Vet - "Have you seen their 2014 schedule? Weak SOS."

Define weak. Certainly weaker than last year, and weaker than Utah's, which they have proven they can't handle.

But the schedule is much stronger than a MWC schedule, much stronger than U're 2008 schedule that took U to the Sugar Bowl. So are you admitting, Utah had a weak SOS in 2008?

Texas, UCF and Boise State have the talent to be Top 25 teams. Houston and Utah State will be tough. UConn and Virginia will be improved over last year. And then there are 5 games that should be easy wins including PAC12 California.

But back to the topic, BYU looks loaded at LB for several years to come.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"...the schedule is much stronger than a MWC schedule, much stronger than U're 2008 schedule that took U to the Sugar Bowl."

So you see 4 ranked teams on that schedule -- 2 of which are Top-10?

Nope. I don't think so. That schedule is weak SOS. I guess we'll just have to wait until Phil Steele puts out his preseason magazine to see where you ultimately fall.

Big 12 Call Yet?
Ogden, UT

Why don't you guys just schedule a bunch of power conference teams like we do?

That's what every big time program does.

Byu's schedule is horrible.

And worse than utah's prestigious 2008 undefeated season

Even with as bad of a schedule as byu has, they still won't go on a quest.

Lindon, UT

There are things to worry about on BYU's team but the LB's are not usually one of them. This season should not be the exception for that. Yes, the schedule is lighter this year but every team, no matter who they play, has to win the games on the schedule. That's all they can do. Win, you make noise & are relevant. Lose, nobody but your justifying fans cares who you lost to. Why can the moderators not keep these comments about the article at hand? Why must every comment board turn into a Utah/BYU spitting contest? I don't care who you cheer for, just contribute to the discussion in a meaningful & pertinent way. If you're only here to rile, go away. (Ironically, this comment will probably not make it past them)

Frisco, TX

@Naval Vet - "So you see 4 ranked teams on that schedule -- 2 of which are Top-10?"

Please re-read my comment. I'm curious how you derived your comment from my opinion.

@Big 12 Call Yet? - "Byu's schedule is horrible. And worse than utah's prestigious 2008 undefeated season."

Come on . . . more than half of Utah's schedule finished with a losing record. TCU, BYU and Oregon State were the only decent teams you played.

Las Vegas, NV

BYU has turned into Linebacker U as of late.

Mcallen, TX

Utah joins the PAC than complains of the schedule.

Rips BYU!

Go figure!

Layton, UT

Never, ever has a Utah Fan, Player or Coach complained about our Pac 12 schedule...And we will always rip byu for losing to us and then claiming superiority because of qualifying for an inferior bowl due to an inferior schedule.

Sandy, UT

@NavalVet - Are you here to take a few shots early because you know the utes are headed for another pathetic season ?

@Big12CallYet - Obsess about BYU much ? Your name suggests you're more concerned about BYU than your own utes. I know there isn't much to cheer about recently but maybe you'll get new coaching staff after this year.

Regardless of the schedule, I'm excited to see BYU pair a top offense with a top defense this year. Go Cougs !!

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT


Byu isn't invited to the PAC 12 or th big 12 and then pretends they would rather not be in a big time powerhouse conference and would rather play horrible schedules like next year

Go figure

Highland , UT


utah "fans" alternately bragging and whining about their football schedule is one of my favorite things to read on here. it is good stuff. lol

West Point , UT

Why are we talking about power conferences and SOS? Isn't this about BYUs outside LBs this year? Oh that's right, the SOS nonsense started with insecure trolls...my fault, I should have seen that coming. Onward and upward right? Lol

Layton, UT

Why are we talking about SOS? Because with byu's SOS they could play their backup quarterbacks at the linebacker spots and still be bowl eligible.

Murray, UT

Linebackers looking good once again and the secondary should be one of the better groups BYU has had in quite a while. The DL is a bit of a younger group but talented and should be fine. The defense will be very good again this season

Mcallen, TX


Can you believe the whining, and denying?

This is really funny.

Salt Lake City, UT

Guess you won't ever know how good the linebackers are when you play the horrible schedule that you do.

West Point , UT

There may be some truth to that (although the 38th rated SOS last year defies all the ute crying about SOS). I guess that from your logic we can now decide how poor Utah's LBs were because of your great SOS?

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