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Published: Friday, April 25 2014 4:40 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Definitely a step up for Carlino.

Best of luck Matt

West Point , UT

Congratulations Matt. I hope things work out for the best at Marquette, and you find success. Thanks for the excitement you brought to BYU basketball the last few years.

Provo, 00

Best wishes Matt. God bless!

Bakersfield, CA

Good luck in the next step of your saga. Carlino is not a team basketball player and plays for himself only. As seen in big games when he can't contain himself and play within the team and he jacks up 20+ long contested jump shots. It's no wonder he'll finish off his college career having been affiliated with 4 different universities. He refuses be a team player. When things continue to not work out wherever you go, the problem might just be you. He will not be missed by me.

Old But Not Stupid
Moorpark, CA

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

"Definitely a step up for Carlino." Yep, that's for sure. I know he did not want to make a lateral move to the U.

White Salmon, WA

Good luck Carlino. Tough to see you go, but you might be able to help Marquette get back to the post-season. Leaving a tourney team to go to a team that didn't make the post season gives you a chance to prove your worth.

Cougsrock original
Maricopa, Az

Yes Chris B an obvious step up. I would much rather be at a school that didn't make the big dance last year.

South Jordan, UT

I appreciated Carlino's spark to the BYU basketball team. I, however, thought he was a "wild card." You didn't know from game to game what he would/could produce. I agree that most times on the playing floor it was Carlino all for himself. When he was unselfish and shared the ball, he was a definite asset to the team. He was otherwise frustrating to watch!

Salt Lake City, Utah

Old But Not Stupid

"I know he did not want to make a lateral move to the U."

Making a move to the U would definitely have been a step down.

Big Dance > no dance

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

It looks like he will get to play in a conference tourney in Madison Square Garden. The Big East as a conference was stronger than the WCC, even though Marquette itself didn't qualify for any postseason tourney. The Big East is also located in bigger media markets that get more national attention than the WCC does. The Big East are Fox Sports #1 basketball conference so they get a lot of the conference shown in games on primetime for the East Coast instead of at 11 pm or midnight. So definitely some plusses for the move. He was a key contributor while he was here but I think the Cougs will be able to get over him pretty quickly.

Las Vegas, NV

Good luck Matt on this move and on your future.

Wannabe - seriously? How about a little respect?

Orem, Utah

Carlino could see the writing on the wall with the addition of RM Washington State 4A player of the year Jordan Chatman, Wake Forest transfer Chase Fischer, and UNLV transfer Jamaal Aytes. His minuets would be greatly reduced and he wants more playing time. Marquette needs a starting point guard so it is a win-win for both schools. B.Y.U. will be just fine with out him and next year with their senior leadership and these new additions I expect that they will once again be in the NCAA Tournament.

Bakersfield, CA

@Vegas Ute

I "respectfully" decline to heap praises on a guy that cannot follow through with his commitment to play for a Universitiy for the 3rd time in his career. I think this proves his selfishness. I agree with BYUalum that when he played team ball, within the system, he was great. Unfortunately we only saw glimpses of that. BYU is better off now.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Good luck to Matt Carlino. Did some good things for the Cougars. Wishing you the best at Marquette University.

let's roll

Congrats to Matt on his impending graduation. Well done.

Best of luck at Marquette.

Never quite understood all the criticism of his play. The Y typically puts a lineup on the floor with at least two guys who won't shoot the ball, so teams really only have to guard three guys.

Almost all their sets are designed to get Hawes shots. When teams stopped those sets, or Hawes had a poor shooting game, the offense was terribly stagnant. Carlino was the one of the few players who could create his own shots.

His attitude was upbeat even when he went to the bench. He probably had more plays that hyped up the home crowd than any other player.

He had his shortcomings, they all do, but on balance was certainly one of the best five players on the team.

I will remember him fondly and wish him Godspeed.

Cougar 4 Life
Provo, UT

Good luck to you Matty. He contributed to BYU basketball and will be missed. Wish him the best of luck!

Frisco, TX

Watching Matt play was "the best of the times, it was the worst of times". Against Portland, to end the season, he was simply amazing. His first game in Cougar blue against Baylor was spectacular.

I agree with morganh, this is a win-win. Matt didn't like coming off the bench, he wanted more minutes and the Cougs are going to be deeper at the guard line next year.

I will watch every Marquette game I can to see how Matt is doing, just like I watch Clemson to see how Demarcus is doing.

I wish you well.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Basketball scholarships are year to year...

Coaches can cut a player loose any time they want...

I love to see players turn the tables on coaches.

Honor a commitment?

Tell that to players who are quietly told it's time to move on...

Boise, ID

Peace out Carlino. First UCLA, then BYU, and now Marquette. At what point do you ask the question, "Maybe this is a 'me' problem..."?

Good riddance.


Whenever Matt wasn't bringing the ball down the oourt I was a little nervous. He was a magician at dishing to other players when he set his mind to it. Frustration at not starting snuffed out his spirit although he was a fantastic 6th man, which, in my opinion, is a great place to be. Better than starting because you are injected when the team needs a kick start . Best of luck to you and thanks for the memories.

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