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Published: Saturday, April 26 2014 7:34 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

As a liberal, I'm not quite so much in favour of big,nanny government interference. More on the side of freedom.

Salt Lake City, UT

Congratulations to the FDA for doing what it is supposed to do, work in the health interests of US citizens. It would have been an international embarrassment had they done otherwise.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Isn't the FDA some big government bureaucratic entity that the D-News and many of its conservative supporters rail against?

Houston, TX

The prime benefit of e-cigarettes is reduction of disease from second-hand smoke. If the nicatine vapor is expelled when the smoker exhales, then that there is still a danger to those around the smoker. I assume that the e-cigarette isn't a danger if the smoker falls asleep while smoking, but I did read of a woman who was on oxygen that was ignited by the device.

Sounds like something that needs to be regulated


Is vapor as harmful as cigarettes? We know from science that the harmful effects of smoking come from inhaling smoke from a burning plant. Tar, carnations are contained in the smoke. Vaping has no smoke. Its vapor. Just like you don't die in the steam room at the gym, we will find that vaping drugs (marijuana is being vaporized as well) is a much healthier alternative to using rather than lighting things on fire and inhaling the smoke.

Salt Lake City, UT

[If the nicatine vapor is expelled when the smoker exhales, then that there is still a danger to those around the smoker.]

About as dangerous as being in a room with a humidifier on. The nicotine rapidly evaporates. The only real danger with nicotine vaporizers is spilling too much nicotine solution on your hands, as it can be absorbed rapidly through the skin, but also depends on the size of the person as to how much is too much.

Everett, 00

First it's -- Get rid of the FDA, Dept. of Education,
Dept. of Energy, etc..
then it's
Hurray for the FDA!

Please, make up your minds....


There is no "smoke" so there is no "smoker." There is vapor. Vapor is NOT smoke. The physical properties are complexly different. Don't take my word for it. Look up the differences, there are many.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Nanny state governmental advocate. Freedom in all areas, or only to not have insurance and collect Medicaid for emergencies?

Casa Grande, AZ

It's time to consider what the principals are that people actually have. The DN is NOT a libertarian all the time and therefore none of the time.

You can only be a democrat if you fight for other people's rights in a democracy.

You can only claim to be a libertarian if you fight for other people's freedom from government.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

When I first saw people using these... I wondered if they didn't feel like kids playing with candy cigarettes. Back then they were made to look like real cigarettes and the smokers would make a special effort to make sure you could see they were blowing out real-looking smoke (water vapor).

I would feel silly sitting there trying to look like I'm smoking a real cigarette...

I didn't know they had nicotine in them back then. If I did I would have said something. There was a guy who would smoke them at his desk in the office. I could see what he was doing but thought it was harmless to us around him so I didn't say anything.


@2 Bits
Once again, there is no smoke. and the nicotine in the vapor isn't affecting you. Do you feel the urge to stand around people vaping? Didn't think so, because the addictive drug is not delivered via 2nd hand vapor.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The lady in the picture looks just like the guy in my office that used to smoke these things right at his desk... always making sure he blew a big cloud of it as high as he could... kinda saying to everybody... "hey... look at me... I'm smoking"....

Seems to make sense that if smoking at your desk has not been allowed for a LONG time... it would not be OK to just pull this out and smoke on it any time you want in the middle of the office.


IMO.... If you are using it as a tool to help you quit smoking... it's great.

If you are a kid using it to START smoking... not good.

If you are using it as a way to KEEP smoking (and pretending the health risks are gone)... not good.

I think we should treat it as if it has the same second hand risks as real cigarettes until we know different.

Nicotine in any form is probably not good to spew into the air the people around you are breathing.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I know there's no smoke.

Didn't think it was having any affect on me... that's why I didn't say anything about it when he was doing it. Just looked weird to me.

The company has a policy against it in the building now... but they didn't back then. E-Cigs have the same rules as regular cigs now (where I work).

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