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Published: Friday, April 25 2014 11:55 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Love it!

This has been the direction for years and will continue.

We likely are headed to where the 5 power conferences separate even more from the rest of college football.

We'll make our own rules and govern ourselves.

We'll have our own playoffs and only power conferences will essentially be division 1.

The teams that aren't worthy of a power conference invite can form their own playoffs or whatever they want, but they wont ever be part of football with the big boys!

I love my Pac 12 membership!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Pretty soon we'll have 5 power conferences as Division I

non power conference teams will be division II

The gap between Utah and the rest of Utah schools is about to grow much much larger!

I can see byu and usu competing for Division II titles in the not too distant future. LOL!

West Point , UT

As usual you didn't seem to really read what the board is proposing. It's essentially looking at the Big 5 being able to establish rules of autonomy but other schools and/or conferences can follow those rules as they can or as they see fit. In terms of stipends to athletes, jobs outside of athletics, etc, BYU has the money and means to follow whatever guidelines are established by the Big 5. Sorry, no matter how badly you want it, BYU isn't going away and will continue to have more fans, championships, trophies, and Div 1 history than U...now cover up, you're jealousy and wishful thinking are showing again.

West Valley, Utah

Too bad the lowly utes still aren't able to compete with the "big boys." When they've had the success of schools such as my alma mater (USC) or Oregon, LSU, Florida, Alabama, etc. Then Chris B will have an argument. Until then the conversation with regards to utah will still be in comparisons to 'big schools' such as: Virginia, Colorado, Kansas, Iowa St., Georgia tech, Northwestern, Purdue, Arkansas, Kentucky, etc. They should all form their own football "power" conference called, The Mediocre 10: but we are still technically Big Boys. The utes might also go bowling again.

I do agree with Chris B on his opinion that before long the big 5 will be considered D1 with the rest as D2 teams. May not be ethically responsible but that seems to be the way things are going.

West Valley, Utah

It would never happen but it would be interesting to have the NCAA form some sort of league along the same lines as European soccer leagues. Create some sort of system of promotion and relegation. That way teams can advance on their own merits regardless of conference affiliations. The big boys of college football would largely remain the same and those on the outside looking in such as BYU or even those that are in but haven't yet proven themselves such as utah would have a way of proving they belong. Won't ever happen but it would be an interesting concept.

Centerville, UT

I don't get it.
1) Where was the NCAA when the BCS hijacked the college bowl system.
2) Why is 5 conferences the magic number? What is the criteria that these 5 conferences have met and other conferences haven't.

I have no faith in the NCAA. Looks to me like the NCAA is just bowing to pressure from the money grabbers. How does this effect the NCAA basketball tournament? hmmmmmm And . . yes a Utah man am I!

West Valley, UT

I love how Chris said that "I can see byu and usu competing for Division II titles in the not too distant future." What about the Ute's are they not going to compete for the Division I title are they not good enough? At least he recognizes that USU and BYU will be good in the future.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


You're only fooling yourself if you don't think this will create more of a gap between the power conferences and the non-power conference teams

I understand fully what the issues are and I realize that byu could watch what the power conferences decide(without any say in the matter because no big conference wants to invite you) and then choose to implement some of the same policies.

I think(I could be wrong but its just my guess) that byu would not choose to pay athletes the same amounts and enact all the same benefits that the power conferences would do. I think sooner or later things will become too expense for teams that aren't bringing in power conference money and they just wont be able to compete. And byu doesn't bring in the money that Utah and the other power conference teams do.

Like I said, we're moving towards power conference being Division I and teams that don't deserve to be in power conferences being division II.

Even Tajmaneca above agrees with me.

byu and usu will be among the best division II teams I think though.


I would like to point out that A.) this is not a split the scheduling will remain essentially the same. B) the five power conferences (Pac-12, Big 10, Big 12, SEC, and ACC) will be able to pay their players a stipend and their players will be able to have control of their names and images. C.) BYU will NOT be able to participate in this since they will still be governed by the NCAA.

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

@Cougsndawgs -

If there wasn't truth to Chris's point, the article(and all similar articles on ESPN, Sports Illustrated...etc) would make no distinction about power conferences being given more power as opposed to just all college football teams. There are already big differences between the power the teams in the big 5 conferences have and those teams not in the big 5 conferences.

And those differences are getting larger and larger.

Sandy, UT


"BYU will NOT be able to participate in this since they will still be governed by the NCAA"

two words: reading comprehension

The draft proposal called for "permissive legislation," in which the Big Five would have the ability to enact rules, and the other Division I members could determine whether or not to adopt the rules, as well.

In other words, it would be ENTIRELY up to BYU, as an Independent, to decide whether they wanted to follow the rules enacted by the Big Five conferences, or not.

West Point , UT

Well said, thank you.

The distinction is being made about power 5 conferences vs the rest of CFB because there are some conferences or universities that can't afford or keep pace with their proposals. I assure you that both ND & BYU can afford their proposals, and being independent they don't have conference rules to hold them back.

Chris, U honesty don't think BYU can afford it? Time to take off the rosy goggles and look at BYUs facilities, and athletic teams and programs which outnumber Utah's by quite a bit. Do you think that was MWC money that paid for all that? What people don't realize, or just don't want to acknowledge is that the church has business holdings and makes a hefty income outside of tithing...they can use this income however they see fit including subsidizing their universities. They also have very influential, wealthy boosters that provide a hefty amount of money. Some schools don't need conference money to thrive. None of what the Big Five is doing would keep BYU out. BYU could choose to stay out but I think that's wishful thinking on your part.


Cougsndawgs: BYU outnumbers Utah in sports and facilities? That's some news to me. Last I checked BYU and Utah sponsor an almost identical list of sports. I hope they don't let BYU participate in this. Us and our power conference brothers deserve it, BYU and the mid-majors certainly do not.

Sandy, UT


"BYU outnumbers Utah in sports and facilities? That's some news to me."

Not surprising from someone who lives under the crimson bubble.

BYU has 21 athletic teams; Utah only has 17.

BYU has baseball and softball fields; Utah only has a softball field.
BYU has indoor and outdoor track facilities; Utah only has an outdoor track.

BYU Men's Teams(10)
Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Swimming & Diving, Tennis, Indoor Track & Field, Outdoor Track & Field, and Volleyball

Utah Men's Teams(6 1/2)
Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Skiing(Coed), Swimming & Diving, and Tennis

BYU Women's Teams(11)
Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Gymnastics, Soccer, Softball, Swimming & Diving, Tennis,
Indoor Track & Field, Outdoor Track & Field, and Volleyball

Utah Women's Teams(10 1/2)
Basketball, Cross Country, Gymnastics, Skiing(Coed), Soccer, Softball, Swimming & Diving,
Tennis, Indoor Track & Field, Outdoor Track & Field, and Volleyball

Current Directors' Cup Standings
#29 BYU 444.50 points
#50 Utah 298.25 points

In the 20+ year history of the Directors' Cup, Utah has NEVER finished ahead of BYU,

in fact,

Utah's best finish, #51 in 2008-09,
was worse than
BYU's worst finish, #47 in 2008-09.

Average finish since 1993-94
#30 BYU
#62 Utah

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

If this goes through I don't think we will ever see a competitive Utah football team again. The University can ill-afford paying athletes what other Universities can. While the University will likely put out teams, they will have to rely on the "minimum-wage" athlete to play against the superstars of the PAC12.

Murray, UT


You are exactly right in terms of the money and resources BYU has and enjoys and the advantages that come with it because of who owns and operates BYU. That is also the reason why none of the Big 5 want BYU or why the MWC would ever take BYU back. No conference especially the state schools want to invite an elephant into the room. The PAC 12 already has Stanford and USC. The Big 12 has Texas. Nobody wants a school that can out spend them. It sounds strange but that is really the reason no one wants BYU. Forget Sunday play and conservative school and honor code. Those are not deal breakers. Resources are. I believe that Utah would not even support an invitation to BYU to join the PAC 12. But over time Utah will exceed BYU in facilities because BYU will back off as they remain on the outside looking in and the owners lose some interest because of the direction college athletics is taking.

As for ND they for all intents and purposes are members of the ACC and will be treated as such.

Anaheim, CA

Gotta luv how CB continues to beat the PAC 12 conference drum, because she has absolutely nothing worth beating her chest over since the Utes joined the PAC.

Here's a clue.

Being a perennial "power" conference bottom dweller is like being a pop singer groupie. You're along for the ride and you may get to enjoy some perks along the way, but in the end, you're nothing but cannon fodder for the real big boys of the college football world.

Do you honestly think that USC, UCLA, Stanford and Oregon even care what Utah's opinion is when it comes to setting policy for the conference? The Utes will simply continue do what they're told to do, like waiting four years to become a "full member" of the conference.

Palo Alto, CA


Any way you slice it,

10 BYU Men's Teams > 6 1/2 Utah Men's Teams

and that doesn't even include BYU's Rugby team, which is currently playing for their 3rd straight national championship.

Layton, UT

The title of the article says it all. The fact is, the gap is widening, and byu is being forced to make some tough choices. The angst in happy valley is palpable.

Go Utes. Go Pac 12. Go Power Conferences.

Highland , UT

Are utah "fans" truly this incapable of comprehending what is true and what is simply their blind delusional desire?

Let's look at this logically.

Who is more capable of paying athletes more than they currently receive, the school that turns a 5 million dollar profit on its athletic program every single year or the school that has to be subsidized around 10 million dollars by its students and the states tax payers?

Which schools athletic director made these comments two months ago in an interview with the media?

"we have studied this over the last couple of years, we are prepared to do what it takes to be competitive...but we don’t have to worry about that right now, budgetarily...we are prepared to make that move. We are willing to move forward with what we gotta do to be competitive... we are willing to go that route."

I'l give you a hint, it wasn't utah's. When you have the means to do these things then there are no worries and there is only one school in the entire state that actually has the means to do it at this point and it isn't utah.

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