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Published: Friday, April 25 2014 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Eldersburg, MD

The world has always rejected the claim that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is even Christian, let alone the restored Church of Christ written of in the Bible.

Lies, contentions, and persecutions may rage against us and even rise to levels of the past with mobs and violence. But, we have infinite hope that our greatest rewards are not of the world, but in the testimonies we develop and the works we do to glorify the Savior.

We are a peculiar people who have never been more tempted to minimize ourselves because of scrutiny from a mainstream culture that has departed so far from our values in this day.

It would be so easy to become bothered and saddened by the world's take on us. But only in and through the redemptive power of the Savior can we bear the shame of all the crosses of the world to stand in holy places and be not moved.

This is our time to shine forth the light and truth of the Gospel by works and not subject ourselves to worldliness or worldly lies, but rise above them henceforth and forever.

Buena Vista, VA

Thank you Stacie and I hope you have sent the American Bible Society a copy of your column as well as a request for an apology.

Far East USA, SC

Ms Duce highlights the problem with organized religion.

The animosity towards the "religious" is very often from others who are "religious".

It is very easy to SAY that we are accepting of other religions, but oftentimes those are just words. And people believe it, while unaware of their own animosity towards other faiths.

Seriously. Think about the general public perception of Scientologists. Or Muslims. Or Jehovahs Witnesses. Or the FLDS. Think about YOUR personal perception of these religions. Be Honest.

Then tell me that those perceptions don't affect how you view or treat those groups.

Even the religious cant come to agreements.

This is why religion should be kept out of the public square.

Karen R.
Houston, TX

I've reviewed the study. I came away with the same impression as the author. LDS and other Christian-based religions that were not Protestant or Catholic were dismissed as "other."

The ABS web site claims that the ABS adheres to four core principles, one of which is "unity." It quotes John 17:21: "I want all of them to be one with each other, just as I am one with you and you are one with me."

It also claims "respect" as a core principle.

I do not find this irony surprising.

Gilbert, AZ

Having taken a few statistics courses In my day I had to laugh at the bizarre way they grouped the data. Statistics can be manipulated so easily after the fact to achieve a pre-determined end.... That's what lit looks like they did. My mother, a non-Mormon who reads the Bible daily, was similarly marginalized.... It's a silly study.

southern son

You get 'em Stacie!!.... Is a copy of this article being forwarded to the ABS, I hope??? It should be.

Cardston, Alberta

ABS folks have sunk back into a tired old rant re: the Latter Day Saint faith which raised it's narrow-minded chorus ever since the Restored Church began to gain serious traction mostly since the beginning of the nineteen hundreds. Simply put: "if your doctrinal beliefs, most especially the knowledge of the person(s) of Deity differ from ours you cannot be Christian".

Phoenix, AZ

I am still confused on who is entitled to handout the "Christian" titles. Both sides are guilty of it. For example, Mormons decide which Mormons can be and should not be considered Mormons. The FLDS are Mormons, they define a live their lives as Mormons however mainstream Mormons treat them as rejects, the red-headed stepchildren who are not Mormons. Today, Christians still have a hard time considering Mormons as Christians, for many more reasons than the few that Mormons deny FLDS. It is not fair, everyone should just accept who they are and be happy who they believe they are!

Cardston, Alberta

Two significant comments you make need to be corrected due to their inaccuracy: First: LDS do not "crave the acceptance of sectarians". We merely seek to correct half truth and in some cases outright lies. Second: how can those who clearly break from the First Presidency continue to lay claim to being Mormons? Perfect example of the marching ban analogy where all 99 are out of step and only one is in step.

Far East USA, SC

Dont the LDS believe that their religion came about because "all of Christianity is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord"

Has anything changed?

So, why is it so important to now be a considered part of that group? And, is it any wonder why these other groups don't want to include you.

Brings to mind the quote "I wouldn't belong to any club that would have me as a member"

Big Bubba
Herriman, UT

A very good article. I agree with the author. Enough already. Christians from other faiths who continually deny that Mormons are Christians are in for a real shocker at the Second Coming. As the world becomes more secular and Mormonism stays true to traditional Christian values, I think individuals from other faiths will reevaluate their views on whether Mormons are Christians. By their fruits (good deeds) ye shall know them (Christians).

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

The American Bible Society was founded to promote the Bible by making copies available to every person in his own language. Now they are categorizing specific religious groups as well as non-religious readers. What do they mean by ‘scripture haters?’ That provocative term sounds like the ABS is now pursuing a whole other agenda from its original mission.

Orem, UT

I am a Christian, a Mormon, and a member of the LDS church. Those three things are not synonomous. Of course, most Christians are not Mormons, but there are also a bunch of Mormons who are not LDS.

A Mormon is someone who believes that the Book of Mormon is the real deal - that it is a real ancient record and its teachings are genuine.

If we want to deny a few Christian churches a monopoly on the term "Christian", then we can't turn around and claim a monopoly on the term "Mormon". While I disagree with all the splinter group of the LDS church, I can't deny them calling themselves Mormons.

Salt Lake City, UT

A comment above reminds me of politics:

It is very easy to SAY that we are accepting of other political persuasions, but often, those are just words. And people believe it, while unaware of their own animosity towards other political thinking.

Seriously. Think about the general public perception of communists. Or socialists. Or tea party adherents. Think about YOUR personal perception of these political persuasions. Be honest.

Then tell me that those perceptions don't affect how you view or treat those groups.

Even the politicians cant come to agreements.

This is why politics should be kept out of the public square.

Beaverton, OR

Interesting that growing up faithful Catholic we didn't study the Bible at home. We knew the Gospels and Epistles because they were read over the pulpit at mass on Sunday. Since joining the LDS Church I study the Bible intensely. One of the marvelous latter-day blessings is reference material between the different books of scripture. The Bible and Book of Mormon are great companion scriptures!

Benicia, CA

In response to a couple of the comments; the term Christian applies to those who believe in Christ. The term "Mormon" is a nickname specifically given to members of our church. Since the FLDS are not members of our church, it doesn't make sense to refer to them as such. But I think we would be happy to hand over the nickname. In fact, recent talks in general conference have encouraged us to drop the nickname all together. I for one am happy to let them have it.

Much of the Christian world tries to deny us the right of being called Christian because our doctrine differs from theirs. But by definition, a follower of Jesus Christ is a Christian, and we do follow Him, so they cannot claim a monopoly on the term. But ive heard some who, when a member told them we believe in Jesus Christ, said, " No you don't. You just think you do." These kinds of ignorance and prejudice take time to conquer.

Hank Pym

to JoeBlow

I consider myself areligious not irrreligious. I agree alot of the contention is infighting amongst sects.

"Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful.- attributed to Seneca the Younger"

Speaking of quotes, the one in your post moments ago is attributed to the great Groucho Marx.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Aldous Huxley: Facts do not cease to exist simply because they are ignored. Apparently the ABS ignored the obvious, that as part of the Mormon curriculum is the teaching of the Old and New Testament. And that the Bible is considered part of the 'Standard Works' in Mormondom.

How 'Christians' can't comprehend the Father and Son visiting a young boy but can accept and comprehend, Christ conceiving himself or continually talking to his 'father' through the New Testament.

What others say about my religion has absolutely no impact on what I believe or how I live. I love the opportunity to explain our differences when given the facts and then allow the listener to make up their own minds.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Sometimes all one needs to do is look up a definition:
Chris·tian (krĭs′chən)
1. Professing belief in Jesus as Christ or following the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus.

2. Relating to or derived from Jesus or Jesus's teachings.

3. Manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus; Christlike.

4. Relating to or characteristic of Christianity or its adherents.

5. Showing a loving concern for others; humane.

1. One who professes belief in Jesus as Christ or follows the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus.

2. One who lives according to the teachings of Jesus.

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) on all the above 7 definitions, check, check, check, check, check, check, check.
Just because a lot of society doesn't view us as Christian, doesn't mean we aren't. We know in our hearts we are. We believe in the King James version of the Bible, and the Book of Mormon as the word of God and both as testaments of Jesus Christ.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

The author makes some good points.

To be fair, however, I must offer my observations. Because I am married to the best Mormon alive (and only because of that), I have spent thirty years attending Mormon Church meetings, studying Mormon scriptures and doctrines, and even completing educational credentials from BYU (where I met my LDS wife). Based on that experience, I can attest that I frequently (very frequently) hear talks, comments in classes, and conversations where Mormons do not hesitate to denigrate the Bible when it does not confirm their own beliefs. I have heard all the usual criticisms: the Bible scribes added false doctrines, removed "plain and precious truths", eliminated entire books and gospels (that may be among the Dead Sea scrolls, or the Nag Hammadi library) and so thoroughly corrupted the Biblical text that it is effectively worthless in discovering "the fulness of the Gospel" (according to Mormonism).

So I think Mormons should be more circumspect and thoughtful and refrain from dismissing this idea that Mormons are not friendly to the Bible. The idea has much more merit than you think.

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