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Published: Thursday, April 24 2014 2:10 p.m. MDT

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salt lake city, UT

Well said Governor!! I wrote letters to all of our elected and state officals this past week encouraging them to support the law and our courts over any inflamed rhetoric coming from either side. The comments of support over the weekend he got from several, elected Utah officals was disapointing to say the least. Bundy's recent, pre-1978 comments give an indication on this man's values and mindset. Clive Bundy needs to pay his grazing fees, late fees and court costs and if he does not he needs to be tossed in jail and his property sold to pay off his debts. He'll soon become just another footnote on a fool's errand to turn over public lands to a few private interests.

Ft Thomas, KY

It sounds to me like Harry Reid and the Fed's at the BLM got together and figured out a new plan of attack.
In my minds eye I can see them gathered around a white board in a conference room coming up with a new game plan. PLAN: "He's not media savvy so let's goad him into saying something controversial and them get all the media to jump on it and smear him. This will erode his image as a down to earth rancher and make him look like a loon. That will make it easier to roll in with the dogs and SWAT troops again and finish the job."

It's shameful for our government to treat it's citizens like this. Why not just put a lein on his property and be done with it?

American Fork, UT

He's already seen as a loon, at least by many. Do you see many other ranchers coming to his aid or defense? Search Bud Purdy if you want to know what a real westerner and a real rancher is like.

Corpus Christi, TX

When you lie with fleas, you will get fleas. Bundy is a thief, not much different then Wall Street, the wealthy and corporations, they steal from taxpayers and honest law abiding people. He was stealing the public's land without paying for rights and permits that would have allowed him to do it, and given the public a resource to keep the land free. Politicians that sided with him and no better then him, corrupt fools.

The part that amused me, was him riding around with an American flag, trying to justify his cause, then claiming he doesn't recognize the US government, which represents the land he is stealing.

Mcallen, TX

Some questions:

* How many ranchers east of the Mississippi River pay federal income tax on their grazing cattle?

* If the Nevada rancher is cheating by not paying federal taxes. Why is it not cheating when the head of the federal government takes hundreds of millions from our citizens for vacations? Are taxes being paid on these vacation funds?

* Should our federal government be using armed men to collect taxes, or taking property from its people?

* Do our political leaders take money from the people outside of their employment wages?

* Shouldn't our government put out a monthly graph, showing how our tax money is being spent? Being accountable to the people.

* Why is this country in debt at the tune of $100,000 for every second of seven years?

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

These issues have been going on since long before any of us were born. It doesn't seem to matter who is in the White House or Congress, they always get pushed to the back burner. Utah's Governor is telling us who isn't the face of Land Use issues, but he doesn't tell us who is. That's the real problem here.

Hayden, ID

The real issue here is not whether Bundy owes the government for grazing fees. Certainly he does. The issue is not whether he is a racist or not. I don't know if he is or not. The real issue and I think the reason so many other people stood with him was the totally unnecessary overreach of the government sending in 200 armed police, aiming their guns and threatening innocent people, killing his cattle and acting like the Gestapo. That is wrong and is the stuff that happened at Ruby Ridge and Waco. It is wrong and should be condemned, period! All the government had to do was put a lien on his property. The government gets their money and the problem is solved. But no, the big, bad Federal Government has to show who's boss, like a school yard bully! Harry Reid should have condemned this unwarranted massive show of force instead of condoning it!

Murray, Utah

@ andyjaggy: Do a search on Kena Gloeckner for a view on the situation from other Nevada ranchers.

@ trueamerican56: Do a search on the Kit Laney ranch seizure, the Red River land dispute between Oklahoma, Texas, and the BLM & Forest Service, and on U.S. v. Hage court case regarding BLM and Forest Service action against E. Wayne Hage.

Agree or disagree with the issue, but there is more to it than a single isolated case regarding the Bundy family.

St. George, UT

Mach2828 said:

"In my minds eye I can see them gathered around a white board in a conference room coming up with a new game plan. PLAN: "He's not media savvy so let's goad him into saying something controversial and them get all the media to jump on it and smear him. "

The problem with that theory is that Cliven Bundy called a press conference, and that's where he said all the crazy stuff. You can't blame the press for "goading" him into saying dumb stuff at a press conference that he himself called.

And you can't blame the BLM for wisely predicting that if they stood down and just let Bundy talk, he'd dig his own grave with his ignorant words.

salt lake city, UT

"The real issue here is not whether Bundy owes the government for grazing fees."
That's the only issue here. As a good parent tells their children, "You have the right to choose but you don't get to pick the consquences".
Agreed the BLM probably could have handled it better. They should have brought a couple of tanks with them and leveled his place if he didn't come peacefully. Problem solved and it sure would have deterred any copy cat free loaders wanting to thumb their nose at law enforcement.

Idaho Falls, ID

I don't think Bundy's words were racist as much as just too generalized. No, it's not better to be a slave but he has a point when he criticizes govt. for enabling poverty (no matter the race) by encouraging people to be on the dole.

Ft Thomas, KY

I didn't find his words racist. All he was saying was that people who are working hard and being productive are happier than people who are living on the dole.

Shame on the media for yanking it out of context and painting this man as a racist.

He mentioned a particular race, because that particular race has unfortunately been victimized the most by the government dole.

Put a lein on his property and leave the man alone. It's really that simple.

Virginia Beach, VA

How is Clivan Bundy not the face of the public lands issue?

He and his greedy, anti-Government, anti-American antics have received a huge amount of press coverage.

The "face of the public lands issue" is in fact Clive Bundy, a self-described Conservative who thinks he has a RIGHT to steal from the people of the United States.

As a consequence, the state of Utah will run into much more resistance in negotiating with the Federal Government than if Bundy had not thrown his tantrum, and if like-minded citizens had not so vociferously defended him, even to the point of armed conflict with government employees.

I predict the state of Utah will receive NO sympathetic ear now from the US government.

And the State of Utah can thank Right Wing Extremism for that.

Have you noticed how Right Wingers seem to have a real knack for obstructing and destroying? . . . But they can't seem to do anything constructive for the nation or for their states.

Draper, UT

Good for the governor! There is much more to this Bundy situation than meets the eye. For one thing Bundy seems to be wrapping himself in the flag while denouncing the country the flag represents. For another, it's the grazing fees he's refusing to pay, but others do pay, that allow him lifestyle he so enjoys.

For me the jury is out on whether the state or the feds should control the land, but here's a possible scenario: Suppose Nevada is given control of federal land within its borders then sells that land to mega ranches that put barbed wire and "No Trespassing" signs all over the place. Then where would Mr. Bundy's lifestyle be? Just sayin'.

Mapleton, UT

The mental gymnastics surrounding his comments have been nothing short of olympic. Many of the people who championed him are emphatically condemning what he said, but some are doubling down and cry "context". This is a spectacular showing from people who decry the "censorship by PC".

Idaho Falls, ID

GaryO. Just what is Bundy stealing from the people. Did you want that grass for yourself?


I remember well my mother telling us children that if you laid down with dogs you were bound to get up with flees, which to me was saying be careful son who you associate with.
I did not find Bunnyy's remarks racist at all although he should have known others would have different opinions. Having lived among blacks for many years I admired their family life.
More is not always the best if not manage properly.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Out of context until a video surfaces. His 15 minutes is over. Radical extremist talk.

Salt Lake City, UT


Nothing has been taken out of context. Bundy's entire comments are easily accessible. His comments are racist by any standard.

Provo, UT

Bundy is definitely not the face of public lands issues.... All the ranchers I know think he was dead wrong

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