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Published: Wednesday, April 23 2014 10:55 p.m. MDT

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Anaheim, CA

Henry Drummond

Is it any surprise that the only words of that incredibly silly and chauvinistic song that they actually sing are "a Utah Man am I"?

No wonder they don't want to change the words; those are the only words they know.

Spanish Fork, UT

Amy is right. As a lyricist I say, "Use the whole set of lyrics or nothing at all." Simple. Unless you've bought all rights to the lyrics.

It's a dumb song, but, hey, it's a college fight song. What did you want, War and Peace?

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Henry Drummond:

Well said Henry. The "Utah Fight Song" IS offensive...but not because it's sexist. It's offensive because it really is THAT lame! The tune? The lyrics? Horrible. Scrap it all I say. Dump the whole song, and try to come up with a better one.

Go Utes!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"it was only a lame attempt to find a word that rhymed with 'fuss.'"


Wasn't your dictionary handy? Or your mom never mussed up your hair?

Orem, UT

Simple solution. This is a football fight song so let the football team keep it (and any of the other men's teams that so choose). Let the womyn's teams write their own song. They can use it all of their contests, if they so choose. Choice for all.

West Jordan, UT


A fight song written by a coach and his players, what did you expect?
It was written a long time ago, of course the vernacular is dated.

How does everyone miss that it was written by football PLAYERS to support their TEAM. Do women play football? No, so it was not written to represent them, but the boys playing football.
They did not write it to represent the school, that is what school songs are for. How about instead of changing it, you use it only for football, its original intention?
If you find it offensive, do not sing it. It will never have any impact on your life, at all, unless you CHOOSE to feel offended. That is your problem.

This is such a dumb debate and one of the biggest non issues to arise that I have seen in a while.
"Our coeds are the fairest and each one a shining star."
How dare you talk about my sister (UofU graduate) that way! She is ugly and a dud!!!
Really? That line is offensive? Give me a break...

The AASU is not representing the school; outside the small group, nobody cares.
Leave it alone and walk away.

Go Utes! Go Yale!
Salt Lake City, UT

This song lyric controversy, ridiculous as it may be, will only prove to strengthen Ute Nation's conviction for the Fight Song. What the ASUU needs to focus on, is challenging each of the attending students to sing every single lyric at the top of their lungs during each game this year. Now that would be some actual progress!

Ki-Yi! A Utah Man Am I Sir! Go Utah Man! Go Utah Woman! Go Utes!

Santaquin, UT

And all this time I thought "Utah Man was just a drinking song!"

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

You're right. Utah Man is a drinking song, not a fight song. Go look up the original lyrics. They are even more embarrassing and racist. I wouldn't repeat them in the Trib much less here.

Lindon, UT

I've always thought it was an embarrassingly lame & cheesy fight song for many reasons. This whole story just brought out the history enough to understand why. The guys who wrote it probably never thought it would actually get adopted much less would last this long. Holding on to tradition just for the sake of tradition is a poor excuse for keeping something that was never intended to be a "fight song" in the first place.


Are we talking about the Utah Redskins? I mean Utes. Or is Utes being dropped too? What is going on up there?

Park City, UT


"muss" is an action, NOT, a thing.

Would you meet someone in the "stir"?

Cottonwood Heights, UT


No, but I'd meet you in the tangle. Some words are both nouns and verbs and the lyricists probably had access to a dictionary. According to mine:

1. a state of disorder or untidiness.
verb (used with object)
2. to put into disorder; make messy; rumple (often followed by up ).
1820–30; perhaps blend of mess and fuss

2. mess, disturb, tangle, bedraggle.

Provo, UT

True Blue Cougar here....leave the fight song alone...

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