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Published: Wednesday, April 23 2014 12:15 p.m. MDT

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Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Too bad he is tuning out the people that buy season tickets. I can think of no better way endear yourself to the fans. Nice work whit.
I guess the pac has not been very friendly to the utes. The pac should show more respect to the little brother.

let's roll

Can't decide which is sillier, the fact that ESPN thinks it's news when a coach says he's tuning out his critics and working on what he can control (that's coachspeak 101, repeated by every coach, every year), or...

the commentor to the ESPN article who thought Whit was informed of his lack of depth at the QB by disgruntled fans...yeah, I'm sure he had no idea before that...other than Norm Chow (and his predecessor) mentioning it a thousand times (and Chow going out and doing something about it).

Whit is fine...he will have to pick a horse in the QB derby fairly early on in fall camp. Giving too many QBs first teama reps just heightens the risk that no one will be fully ready once the season begins.

Proud Ute

@Down under,
"Too bad he is tuning out the people that buy season tickets".
Please share details to support your claim.

West Jordan, Utah

"The chaos behind center" could continue despite having a deeper pool of potential at QB this season. The reason could end up being Whittingham's decision to go with another injury prone quarterback in Wilson, just like he did with Jordan Wynn (4 shoulder surgeries worth). Giving Wilson the first string reps will take away needed experience for the inexperienced talent behind him. And if it ends up being that the intercranial issue pops up, then Utah will lose big in the fall again. And as much as I like Whittingham, not picking or recruiting the right QB should cost him his job.

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Best line of the ESPN blog..."fans blame Whittingham for not making the transition TO THE BIG LEAGUES a little less bumpy"...

So much for them little brother comments....cha cha

Layton, UT

It's an informative blog about the Utes and their coach. The DN's choice for the headline doesn't surprise me. At least he didn't quote "The level of criticism usually matches the level of education." lol.

Mcallen, TX

coaches and quarterbacks take the criticisms

Pocatello, ID


You are exactly right.

Both get too much praise in the good, and criticism in the bad.

ESPN was 100% right when they pointed out the uptick in competition and talent to Pac-12 was bigger than most Utah fans expected. To me, the difference is in the fact that every team has higher caliber athletes. There are no New Mexico, Wyoming, UNLV, teams which, because of talent, truly have almost no chance of beating teams like Utah, BYU or TCU when they were all in the MWC. That doesn't mean every team in the Pac-12 is good, it just means that every team in the Pac-12 has much better talent than those teams.

Utah will take a big step forward this year, I think they are poised for 7-8 wins, and will be bowling this year. Certainly the schedule is tough, but it appears that they are getting the outside speed they need to hang.

Go Utes.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Want to know when a player or coach is being less than truthful? When they say they don't listen to their critics.

Highland , UT


Not trying to be argumentative here but I am interested in what 7-8 games it is you think utah will win? Trying to be as unbiased as I can be I am coming up with 4 probable and 2 more maybe's, and to be fair 2 of the probables are closer to tossups. Even giving utah the benefit of the doubt I'm coming up with maybe 5 wins although I think 4 is more likely.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Did you predict a Utah win over STanford last year?

Did you predict a byu loss to Virginia, a team that didn't beat a single other division 1 team all year?

Utah will have at least one "Stanford" win next year, and likely 2. Offense is much improved.

Although I do worry not having the gimme win over byu like we usually do

Go Utes!!

Pocatello, ID


Reasonable question, and admittedly, it really comes down to QB play.

Probable Wins: ISU, Fresno St (I think they take a big step back with Carr graduating, and it is in Utah), Colorado, Wazzu (home game), Arizona (Kadeem Carey is gone).

Probable Losses: Stanford, Oregon, ASU, UCLA

Toss ups:
-USC: at home, USC will now feel the effects of the sanctions. They lose 16 seniors and 5 underclassmen. I think Utah will win this game, but, it is still USC and the players they will still have will be talented.
-Michigan: Yes they are Michigan, but under Hoke, they've been very inconsistent. On the road, Michigan gets the nod, but I think Utah has a reasonable shot at them.
-Oregon St: Mannion is back, and is a stud, but they lose Woods their best receiver, and Crichton their best defender. If there is a Pac-12 road win outside of Colorado, it's OSU.

If they get one of the toss-ups, they are bowl eligible, and I will take them in their bowl game, there is 7 wins, 2 is 8.

That being said, the margin of error is razor thin

Highland , UT


You remember they then lost to wsu? You can't just assume they are going to beat a vastly superior team like stanford without also assuming they will lose to a team like wsu. Those are a wash although your delusion is interesting.


That is well reasoned although I don't see it happening. As christina pointed out the stanford upset occured but they also managed to lose to teams like colorado, cal, and wsu each year and that happens because in the pac12 even teams like those have talent and can win on occasion just based on having good athletes.

I see ISU as the only guranteed win, I think they'll beat fresno as well although I don't think it is a guaranty, I think they'll beat colorado and they should beat wsu. Outside of those they might upset oregon st although that is on the road, and I give them an outside chance at arizona.

Beyond those I don't think they have much of a chance at winning any of them and I don't see anything outside of isu as a guanteed win. Good luck though, you're a good fan.

Layton, UT

Your the critic that Whit is tuning out.
As a Utah fan it's exciting to know that if the Utes barely qualify, they'll be in a better bowl than a 10 win byu team.

Hope Shue-Topins
Miami , FL

Both pocyUte and Duck have valid points here.

I like the probable wins that pocyUte listed. ISU, Fresno St., Wazzu and Colorado are winnable. Utah plays Wazzu early and at home this year, rather than late and on the road after injuries took its toll.

The probable losses look more than likely, unless the Utes' defense or offense is better than advertised, or Utah comes out and executes a great and unexpected game plan, like they did against Stanford.

The difference comes in the toss-up category, which I put Arizona in. Rich Rod always seems to pull a rabbit out of his hat, so nothing probable there. I'm almost tempted to put the USC game in the probable loss category, because until Utah actually beats USC in a PAC game, I'm going to assume they can't.

Utah also haven't been road warriors by any stretch of the imagination, which makes the Michigan and OSU game sketchy as well.

I'm hoping Utah will be able to turn the corner this year, and that Gionni, another Miami boy, will be back for the start of the season.

Go Utes!!

Provo, UT


Duckhubter is right. We can't count on another Stanford win in '14. For every Stanford win there's a Washington State type loss. The Utes are probably looking at another 4-8 to 6-6 type season.

It's evident that Utah fans underestimated the high talent/coaching level in the PAC12. When Utah was in the MWC, there was a long stretch where the Utes were winning 70% of their games against P12 opponents. However playing one or two PAC12 games per year is very different than playing nine.

So we're seeing a new level of honesty and acknowledgment from Utah fans about the realities of the PAC12. What we have not seen from BYU fans is acknowledgment of the extremely weak SOS they play on an annual basis which guarantees a bowl. I would not be surprised if BYU's SOS next season is in the 70 range (Utah will be top 3). Even during years when BYU's SOS is decent (like ’13), there are still enough cupcakes on the schedule to all but guarantee a bowl invite. Would be refreshing to see some SOS honesty coming from those Y fans that love to visit the Utah threads.

Pocatello, ID

Thanks Duck

I think this team is REALLY difficult to handicap. On paper, they should be improved at every position group, and last year they were very close to getting over the hump, but they were also very close to losing to Stanford, and Colorado was waaay to close, which would put them at a whopping 3 win season.

It reminds me of Karl Malone crying for respect when the Jazz couldn't get higher than a 4 or 5 see in the conference, or out of the 2nd round of the playoffs. Ultimate, Utah has to start winning. The players know it, the coaches know it, and ultimately the fans know it too.

I'm excited, but nervous about this season.

Highland , UT


What's your point? BYU played a good schedule last year, better than the schedules of most of the "bcs" teams. Going back over that schedule who were the "cupcakes" on it? There are a couple but utah had a couple as well so as far as "cupcakes" are concerned it was a wash.

BYU's schedule this season is not as good as last season but it improves again after that so we'll just have to see but the truth is they are good enough schedules to accomplish what needs to be accomplished provided they win.

There really is nothing to brag about for having such a strong schedule if you cannot win, that is the dishonesty I see in utah fans. They want to brag and whine about the schedule all at the same time. The pac12 is strong this year but it will be down again at some point, that is just the way it works, and when it is down utah's schedule will be much weaker, just like it was the first year utah was in the pac12. Will you aknowledge that schedule is the reason utah qualified for a bowl that year?

Highland , UT


Optimism is a fan trait and I can't fault any fan for being optimistc. chris b type delusion is something else altogether and I think that is what most utah fans suffered from for these first few pac12 seasons. There were plenty on here predicting rose bowls and even an undefeated season before the 2nd pac12 season. But cautious optimism is a good thing and I see no reason why utah fans shouldn't be cautiously optimistic, if not why even be a fan?

But I'm not going to tell you what to think, nor am I going to demand "a new level of honesty" from utah fan based on reality like uu just ried to do with BYU fans. The fact is that it really doesn't matter what he thinks or I think, what matters is what the voters think and I'm pretty sure they don't care if BYU plays the 30th ranked schedule and utah plays the 3rd, or for that matter if BYU plays the 70th. That sort of thing only matters to fans trying to justify their own deficiencies and how they stack up to their rivals.

Provo, UT

@ Duckhunter "Going back over that schedule (BYU) who were the "cupcakes" on it? There are a couple but utah had a couple as well so as far as "cupcakes" are concerned it was a wash."

Below are the 5 worst teams on Utah/BYU combined schedules last year. BYU played four of those teams, Utah played one. If Utah had 3 more cupcakes on the schedule (i.e. Virginia, MTSU, Nevada) they would have gone bowling too at 8-4.

98 Nevada
103 MTSU
106 Virginia
228 Weber State
229 Idaho State

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