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Published: Tuesday, April 22 2014 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Go Utes! Go Yale!
Salt Lake City, UT

Ute Buster,

Sorry to break it to ya, but you're wrong. UVU has a long way to go. Being the flagship university of the state of Utah, has a lot less to do with winning sports competitions in a power conference, and a lot more to do with the complete package of the university, than you may realize or care to admit.

Besides, there's only one institution in this great state that actually reads, "University OF Utah." Think about it.

Park City, UT

Go U

If you're going to claim to be the flagship public university of the state, then U should start acting like it by entering the 21st century and updating your archaic, silly, politically incorrect, fight song. Some of the more enlightened students on the hill have seen the light; now the rest of U need to follow their lead.


This particular change is a mistake.

It's not a big deal, but since we're splitting hairs:

A fan of something has connotations of being an observer and supporter, whereas singing that I am a Utah Man correlates with deeper feelings of actually being a part of our great state and it's flagship university.

In an attempt to be more "inclusive" the change, in a way, does the opposite.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Just change the lyrics to "A Utah Ma'am am I" then everybody's happy and no one is offended.

Good grief, what a waste of people's time.

Carol G

I have a daughter attending the U, one that attended the Y, and several that attended USU. I'm proud of all of them and they all love their schools and their fight songs. The songs are strong because they are a bonding force between the current students and all of the alumni. Anyone offended by the lyrics of this song needs to get a life!

One thing I would respectfully disagreewith Flashback, however, and his comment regarding the Ute Tribe. I am not Native American but know many who are. I respect them and the proud heritage they have. The U of U has honored them through their use of the title "Utes" and the Ute Tribe is Proud to have the University of Utah bear their name. Please don't mistake negotiations between two entities (the school and the Tribe) as being negative from either party. It just means they had negotiations just like any business dealing. Talking things out and written contracts are always helpful to prevent misunderstandings.

Hey It's Me
Salt Lake City, UT

@Clark W. Griswald on page 4. . . . . .You got it right!!!! Love the comment and the extra ten seconds it took to investigate the word man in the dictionary! I agree all the way.

Hey It's Me
Salt Lake City, UT

You're going to have to change the word "gang" as well because of the current meaning and activities of what gangs are in 2014. It was just in the news this week that Utah has a big gang problem. You don't want to be associated with that now do you? I am just trying to keep you one step ahead! Go Ohio State!

Highland , UT

While I really don't care if they change the lyrics or not I would be lying if I didn't say that this amuses me to no end. lol

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

This is absolutely the stupidest issue for the PC people to fight for at a time when there is a whole lot more serious problems going on in the country and world.

And if this was an issue that was bad enough to promote a change the look out. The "Ute" as a mascot will be soon be under attack. That's what you get when liberals run the show. They are never happy with one victory. They are never happy. They will simply find something else that offends them to pick at.

So, if the U of U student government took this seriously and still voted to change some of the words to the fight song, then they have, by default, made the proposed change "our students are the brightest," a total lie.

Upland, , CA

As a Utah Alum I see the fight song is a tradition and should be viewed in the context of being 100 years old and therefore not of a contemporary nature or "sensitive" to all the PC nuances. Gee folks, that is what makes them a tradition. If you really are losing sleep about a couple of phrases as horrific as "our co-eds are the fairest" imagine being referred to as fair? I shudder at the reference and "Utah Man" could have it's origin about 100 years ago when the student body make up was such. Come on guys, if you are this sensitive life is really going to shake you up after you graduate. Person-Up and tough it out when you hear the song, most of you don't know all the words anyway, I know I didn't. Oh by the way, if you change the words or not North Korea and Putin will most likely not begin to behave themselves, Those solutions are not in the song book.

It's a fight song not the keys to the kingdom. Laugh a little and enjoy traditions.

Horses Star
Spanish Fork, UT

I have been a UTE since 1977 and I will continue to sing the song the right way and not the PC way. If you are offended by the Ute fight song, you need to get out more. I am sure that there are greater and more beneficial causes to consume your time and energy than worrying about a fight song.

Bountiful, UT

What is so bad about those words?

West Point , UT

I usually like your comments but maybe you don't know history as well as you think. The Utah fight song was written in 1904. Women would not receive the right to vote for another 16 years afterwards with the ratification of the 19th amendment in 1920.

Doesn't matter in the end, this whole thing is ridiculous. I wish I could tell ute fans it gets better, but when you join hands with the most liberal conference in America and have to assimilate what did you expect? It will get worse before it gets better as the PC liberal agenda chips more and more away from your traditions, whether you have a contract with a tribe or not. Hope that 20 mill a year is worth it.

Wasatch Front, UT

The Ute fight song is sexist and should be changed. People hate change. The status quo is almost always preferred by the majority. But 100 years from now, no one will remember those who stood in the way of change. Is it a minor issue? Yes. Is it worth fixing this dinosaur of a song. Sure.

Springville, UT

How absurd. No Ute, and now no song. You've offended me.

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