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Published: Tuesday, April 22 2014 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Ivins, UT

Clearly the students at the U of U don't have enough school work to do, and are spending too much time on trivial activities.

Murfreesboro, TN

This is just another result of the government indoctrination that happens in our public schools, over the airwaves, etc. People choose to be offended. It seems nowadays if 1 is offended, for whatever reason, then everyone has to change.

I'm a proud BYU fan, and could not care less what happens at the U, but seriously? People are up in arms over a SONG? Welcome to NEWSPEAK.

Blue Collar
Huntington, UT

Chris B
You are correct, these student leaders don't speak for you and many others. But they do speak for the University that you keep cheering for. I can't understand how conservative people like your self can cheer for a liberal school like Utah and at the same time bad mouth a good conservative school just down the road. Oh well keep drinking the kool aid and cheering for a liberal, politically correct school.
To the students that want to change this, I have a question. How in the world is " a Utah man am I " divisive? What a joke! I can't stand your fight song but not because it is divisive or exclusive or offensive. Go solve a real problem in life.

Layton, UT

They railroaded it through even thou the fans didn't want it. It's the Liberal way. The ASUU would make Pelosi, Reid and Obama proud.

Edwardsville, IL

What really surprises me is how long the U. has been able to sneak under the radar of the Political Correctness Stazi.
I hope nobody took offense at having the females described as the fairest as much as having them labeled Co-eds. When the term first came about it meant the women attending the school. Men were students and women were co-eds. Men had to learn to have a decent career; women were just attending classes for something to do. The Men needed to succeed the women did not.
Come on….It’s just a song and now the lyrics will be changed to something like:
“We are non-gender specific people of a generic western box shaped state” and “our non-gender specific students are generically attributed to be in the top quartile of fairness”
However, I have no Idea how those lyrics would fit with the music. Get some Ideas from Studio-C.

Provo, UT

Corner Canyon High School.

Administrators and leaders in that district should feel bad.

Bozeman, MT

This whole thing is silly. You know in Michigan, they made/are making all the public schools and universities change their mascots if they are/were in any way American Indian related, even though many of the Indian Nations said they weren't offensive. It's only a matter of time, though it sounds ridiculous now, that you won't be able to have animals for mascots because the animals may be offended - mark my words.

Herriman, UT

Unbelievable. Here's hoping it remains the same.

Bountiful, UT

I would like to thank the University student government for helping to make my decision on donations this year. I will no longer be renewing my U license plate, and rather than donate to the University scholarship funds, will donate to someone that does not bow to the PC police.

Mesa, AZ

My wife, an ASU coed, suggests President Pershing require a vote of the entire Utah student body before deciding on such a departure from more than 100 years of student tradition. I doubt there are enough people offended by these words to even form a simple majority of the student population. Was any opinion polling done? What did these student "representatives" base their votes on? My wife also pointed out that the lyrics "fairest coeds" shows that Utah had female students more than 100 years ago, unlike many universities of that time. A long history of leadership and progressiveness, nothing for the current student population to be ashamed of or offended by!

Salt Lake City, Utah

In the politically correct world of the left coast conference, this PC wave was bound to happen, soon or later.

The only thing that's really surprising is that Utah is acting unilaterally in dealing with their non-PC nickname and fight song, instead of waiting for the conference PC police to come after them.

Portland, OR

I'm offended that they voted to change it. Does that mean by their own requirements they have to bow down to me?

Huntsville, u

I guess we will have to change a lot of scientific books that say "when Man first walked the earth". Have we really become that PC? We are destroying our culture from the inside out.

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT

Maybe U could just use the original words to "Solomon Levi", Utah's Fight Song:

Oh, my name is Solomon Levi
I am a velly good man
I'll sell you a suit of klo-zes,
So sheep as ever I can.

My wife's name is Rachel,
She's nothing but a sham,
And every time she gets a chance
She slugs me if she can.

So help me jimminey moses
To sell you a suit of klo-zes;
I live way up on Market Street
Number One hundred Twenty-nine.

And it's kal-uh-ma, kal-uh-ma cinda,
I will meet you at the kavinda,
Kal-uh-ma cinda cinda cinda,
A-hosta, ka-zista, ka-zay!


Of course, U would have to change the name of the MUSS to KAVINDA.

A-hosta, ka-zista, ka-zay!

Go PC correct whatever-we-ares!

Strong Man
Eau Claire, WI

Folks, it's not about the word "fairest"... Puhleeeeeeeeze. It's about the word CO-ED. Sheeeesh!

Kearns, UT

I'm a Y fan but I learned the song Utah Man in 8th grade in Boys Glee. Still doesn't mean that I like the U even though I'm an alum.

It escapes me how the words "Utah Man" and "Coeds are the fairest and each one's a shining star" are the least bit offensive. If the students would expand their minds (like they are supposed to do at a university) to realize that fairest doesn't describe skin color, but describes the demeanor and personality, and intellect of the ladies who attend the U. Even though as an alum, I'm not a fan, I technically am a Utah Man.

Again another prime example of political correctness run amok. The same type of political correctness that allows the Ute Tribe to blackmail the U for the use of the name Ute. I don't mind giving scholarships and assistance to tribal members that deserve it to further their edumacation because that is the right thing to do. I just don't appreciate the shakedown.

Kearns, UT

Maybe the PAC 12 demanded the change.

I agree with the post about Corner Canyon High's name. The Corner Canyon Cougars would have been a great name. When I think of Cougar, I don't think of an older woman chasing a younger man. I think of the animal. You know like BYU COUGAR, KEARNS HIGH COUGAR.

Salt Lake City, UT

A Utah Fan Am I!



Ironically, the only part of the song that most fans sing, is the part they want to change.

West Jordan, UT

souptwins - My screen name has been "ImaUteFan" for years now, long before there was any controversy over the lyrics of the school song.

But I'm willing to change it from "Fan" to "Man" if it will make you feel better.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am a Utah graduate also. I have only met one person in forty years who could actually sing the fight song anyway so I don't see this will make much of a difference. Sure lots of people join in on the "Utah man sir, Utah man am I" part (only lyrically unique part of the song) but the rest of it is always just mumbled or talked over. Tempest in a tea cup really.

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