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Published: Tuesday, April 22 2014 12:40 p.m. MDT

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Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Gary O you are correct, and as usual bumper sticker answers to complicated situations, by conservatives on the bench and in these comments. The legacy part is huge, not an exception.

...I suspect those in favor of this ruling are the most picked on group in America "White middle class men" at least that's what I've been told by them.

Alpine, UT

@ GaryO:

Of course there are millions of examples... just as I mentioned in my previous comment. They happen all the time throughout the business world and in most other facets of life. Money equates to power. Simple concept. But you actually did handpick a few examples in trying to prove a biased agenda. Of course Whites examples are more prevalent since Caucasians still make up a substantial majority of American society.

You, Happy Valley Heretic and other affirmative action advocates are indicating you think Blacks are still incapable of succeeding on their own without special help from the government. It's actually that kind of society attitude that is holding back more Black success. It makes Blacks appear to somehow be inferior to others when most of us know that isn't true. And since race laws are already in place to eliminate any legal discrimination, making Blacks think and feel they can't compete on an equal playing field proliferates an inferiority syndrome and racial inferiority complexes.

You might have good intentions, but it's actually backfiring. It's also the reason that even though laws have been in place for over 50 years, progress is still slow.

Leesburg, VA

@ RivertoCougar
You wrote:
"Are Harvard, Stanford, UC-Berkley, etc. conservative institutions, or are they more liberal? You bet they are die-hard liberal!"

You are absolutely correct. In order to be a Liberal you need to have a broad mind and vast knowledge of various perspectives on the same issue. The more you study and think the more liberal you become.

Judge Sotomayor demonstrated once again her fortitude and sense of social justice dissenting on this vote. Social enequality because of race still exists in this country. Universities do themselves a favor and a service to the country when they identifiy minority individuals who have the potential to succeed in academia and give them a chance.

Judge Sotomayor called Judge Roberts' statement “the way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” too simplistic. I think she is right.

clearfield, UT

Gary O

When Bush records from Harvard came out, his grades for his MBA were not bad. In fact better than the grades Gore had in college. And I sure would like to see the Obama grades from Columbia and Harvard. I wonder why they are kept secret. Don't you?

Virginia Beach, VA

Hey SC Fantasy -

When GW applied for Harvard Business School in 1975, his Daddy was the chairman of the National Republican Party.

And GW got good grades at Harvard? See? What did I tell you? It's nothing short of a miracle what an influential Father can do.

Comparing the intellet of GW to Obama is silly. Obama can actually think and speak coherently.

GW can't even pronounce "Nuclear."

Anti Government
Alpine, UT


You won't hear me defending racism or reverse affirmative action against Asians.

If they are more qualified then deserve to get in ahead of those who are not or are scoring lower on entrance exams. Period.

Plenty of whites are getting lazy and entitled. Other people/races are coming from places with far less opportunity and appreciate what they can get here.

Too bad our own government encourages laziness and dependency but you will never hear me say people should be rewarded from doing so. Earn your way or move out of the way I say.

Same with college admissions. If you are not qualified to be there then how fair is that to someone who is most certainly qualified if the unqualified took their spot?

You bring up these other exceptions as to how others get admitted which are not race related. The topic is getting admitted based on race. Other admissions should be evaluated on their own merits and dealt with accordingly.

Salt Lake City, UT

"and other affirmative action advocates are indicating you think Blacks are still incapable of succeeding on their own without special help from the government."

No. The issue is inequality of opportunity. Institutionally, there are disadvantages built in. Someone with a "black sounding name" has lower chances of getting callbacks for interviews than the equivalent job application with a "white sounding name". Some school districts are much better off than others, disproportionately with heavily minority schools being at the disadvantaged schools. The issue is how to address these problems, and these affirmative action measures are a means of trying to counter that inequality of opportunity.

Personally though, I don't really think that's the best way to go (so I'm not arguing for affirmative action, just explaining what the argument for it is based on); I'd rather we just resolve things at the source (through things like lifting up the schools with less resources).

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