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Published: Monday, April 21 2014 10:20 a.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

The pen is mightier than the sword, but it is not mightier than the Glock.

Sandy, UT

A novel way to get out of jury duty.

Salt Lake City, UT

Man, the poor jurors sure earned their $22.30

Centerville, UT

Has any news team made an attempt to get the courtroom video? There seems to be some discrepancy of whether or not the defendant actually had anything in his hands. The eye witness said it looked like he was going after the witness with his fists. The video may indeed be something the public deserves to see for themselves.

Clovis, NM

I am not without compassion. I am sorry that the defendant got killed. I wish nobody was ever killed. But, I am even sorrier that this man didn't learn that one important lesson in life: "You can choose your actions, but you can't choose the consequences." This was an avoidable death. Not by the judge. Not by the Marshal. It could have been avoided by the defendant himself. Being in the courtroom at all was because of his own actions. Being shot at while there was because of his own actions. My condolences to those who loved him.

Aurora, CO

For all who question the justice system or the prison sentences for offenders, know this: there are some in our society who are incarcerated to protect us from them. They do not want to be rehabilitated, they are violent predators who have no desire to do anything but prey on the weak. This guy was doing violent armed robberies while in high school, he was one of those who could not live among civilized society. They are warehoused.

That said, I am all for rehabilitation for those who will. I am for restorative justice before it gets to the prison system. I want to see rehabilitated former prisoners get a 2nd chance if they earn it through rehab and good behavior. Lets not confuse those who can, with those who won't.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

I liked the comment that at one time he was somebody's baby. Perhaps the family was hoping their son would be rehabilitated. Now that won't happen. There is more joy in heaven for a wicked man who repents than 99 men good men who remained righteous. Like Pres. Faust said, "At night I pray for mercy, not for justice."

us, CA


BYU Joe: Come on down from Mission Viejo to the real world say in Compton or Salinas, California. Then when you see a 3 year old hit while playing in his BACK yard by a drive by or twin girls shot in their stroller 'just because' you can take the non-judgemental high road. A bullet shot through one office and into my office missing my secretaries head by one foot. May I add my secretary who was 8 months pregnant at the time. I don't cry for bangers or their families. I deal with them and know they look the other way and even cover up and lie for them. They cry for their children having to go to jail after killing innocents just to be jumped into a gang. They have no compassion for the VICTIMS so we need not have any for them.

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