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Published: Sunday, April 20 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Far East USA, SC

If candidates (both R and D) are not allowed to lie, they will have little to say.

Typically, we only concern ourselves with the lies of the opposition. Our candidates lies are OK.

I predict that this statement will be verified in subsequent comments.

Centerville, UT

So we want the courts to overturn a law passed by the duly elected representatives of the citizens of Ohio? Sounds like judicial activism to me :).

Virginia Beach, VA

In other words George Will doesn’t want politicians to be legally prevented from slandering opponents.

It’s easy to understand why. After all, Republican candidates are the most blatant slanderers. For them, Lying is standard operating procedure. Spewing slander has become an especially popular past time since 1981, when Reagan took power.

Any such anti-slander laws, if fairly enforced, would hugely benefit Democrats and hurt Republican candidates. And that's because people with integrity don’t indulge in slander.

Don’t worry George. The present Right-leaning Supreme Court is not about to allow any law to stand that would benefit ethical Democratic candidates at the expense of slandering Republican candidates.

Joe Blow - Think about it. Why would George Will, a staunch Right Wing ANTI-Democrat, be so concerned that an anti-slander law might be embraced by the supreme court?

Obviously the man realizes that an anti-slander law would rob the Republicans of an extremely potent, albeit extremely unethical, tactic.

You don't see Liberals speaking out against anti-slander laws. It's because their behavior wouldn't be impacted much if anti-slander laws were enforced.

Far East USA, SC

Sorry GaryO,

But, I watch a lot of politics. And they all stretch the truth or outright lie.

I generally see no difference in that category. And good luck in differentiating the lies.
Most have a truthiness component but are misleading.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hmmm. It took "GaryO" less than 4 hours to confirm "JoeBlow"'s prediction of partisan criticism.

However, I think it wise to point out that Mr. Will was not partisan in his criticism of the idea of government overreach and free speech infringements. His example dealt with a Democrat because that was the part to which the person belongs who brought the complaint before the "...Ohio Elections Commission, the truth arbiter and speech regulator."

I strongly suspect Mr. Will is for the free speech rights of everyone, regardless of party affiliation. Being that I've never joined any political party, I am of the same opinion.

I also share Mr. Will's clear concern that the federal government, particularly in the form of powerful agencies like the IRS, has been subverted for politically biased purposes. I dearly hope the electorate, the ultimate force in a Democratic society, will wake up and put people in power who have more integrity and honesty than many of the current batch.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

As a friend used to say "you can tell when they are lying because their lips are moving".

Salt Lake City, UT

Mr. Obama believes that if anything good happens, it will be by government intervention. That extends to all areas of endeavor. It is with sincere heart that the president is increasing the government's reach. From subsidized student to community organizer, everything he has experienced came from an omnipresent government.

Virginia Beach, VA

Sam Hill – What “partisan criticism?”

Face the facts. “Conservatives” are worried that the Supreme Court will approve a law that punishes candidates who slander other candidates.

Liberals and Moderates, on the other hand, don’t mind at all if such a law was passed. You don’t hear any complaints from Liberals about it.

That’s not partisanship. That’s a recognition of reality.

And the reality is that “Conservatives” are worried because they do 99% of the slandering.

Conservative politicians wouldn’t have much to say if they couldn’t slander Democratic candidates.

Virginia Beach, VA

Government intervention in the form of good governance IS the source of good things for America. That is why the founders created the constitution and our Federal Government.

Farred Zakaria had an interesting show on CNN today that looked at America’s position in the world in various categories like the social progress index, health and wellness, and access to basic knowledge. And we rank far down the list in every category . . . Far below other Western nations.

The Reason? Lack of government intervention. NOTHING will motivate businesses to help American improve in these categories. It takes a certain amount of government intervention, but America has been so contaminated by all the Anti-government babble from the Political Right Wing, that reasonable government intervention (ie. Good Governance) is thwarted.

The nation suffers directly because of simple-minded Right Wing ideology.

Face it 4601, Right Wingers are America’s enemy number ONE.

Durham, NC

Your right George…. the government has no business going after those who would either enrich themselves or gain office through making false statements.

Honesty, Integrity….. way over rated.

Aurora, CO

I continue to be amazed at the totally partisan views expressed, that everything is the fault of one or the other party. Dishonesty isn't the province of either side of the aisle, they all do it. Mr Will is correctly pointing out that when government starts making the decision as to who can say what, it's a slippery slope and everyone will be affected. When one party is the majority, the other will be persecuted......not a desirable situation.

Misrepresenting your ideological opponent only serves to convince yourself of your own ideas. It doesn't serve civil discourse.

Salt Lake City, UT

Republicans will worry the most about this kind of law! Sometimes, it seems like the only thing Republicans can do well is twist everything into what it isn't to suit their purposes. They love to take a half truth and twist in their favor!

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