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Published: Friday, April 18 2014 6:30 p.m. MDT

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Taylorsville, UT

This report is right and it doesn't matter who presented it, the facts are still the same. The oil companies and state government are lying thorough their teeth. Lying, misrepresentation, falsifying facts has become an occupational Right in government leaders circles where indemnification is a shield.

Leaders have been witness to the power and deniability to the public who has no way to challenge or combat or stop. Subordinates thrown to the wolves is meant to absolve leaders of accountability so they can make millions in covert government spending.

Oil recovery by fracking is out of sight, out of mind, and without regulation controls will devastate even the tinniest of life in the deserts and soon the cities. There is evidence in the Dakotas and Texas and other nations where oil shale fracking is destroying the land, water, and lives of anyone over the areas.

Obama is responsible for the expansion of oil shale fracking by holding and manipulating the price of oil so high it makes this method cost effective. If crude oil were to drop it would devastate the oil shale industry and states will have to deal with cost of cleanup. The Love Canal greed syndrome.

Salt Lake City, UT

Roughly 2000 gigatons of CO2 have been emitted from human sources since 1850. 73% of this has come from fossil fuels. Since 2001 around 440 gigatons of CO2 have been emitted by humans - 88% of these emissions, from fossil fuels. So, about 27% of all human CO2 emissions since 1850 have occurred since 2001, yet there has been no increase in the global average temperature for more than 17 and one half years.

When will responsible media start investigating and printing the truth about climate change, rather than the unending stream of doom and gloom scare stories?

Salt Lake City, UT

Sorry. "27%" in my post above should be 22%. I should never use a calculator without reading glasses.

Anti Government
Alpine, UT

You lost alot of credibility when you said obama was "holding and manipulating the price of oil so high..."

I think obama is worthless but even I know he is not manipulating the price of oil. Presidents wish they could and they often suffer politically because they can't.

Obama does like the fact that it is higher but he likes it high because it will theoretically force consumers into specific types of cars he wants them to drive. If he was able to manipulate oil it would be $10 a gallon not $3.50 where it was years ago.

Obama and most all politicians are slaves to donors and anyone that pays them money which allows them to feed on their drug of choice which is power and control over people.

It is plenty of do as I say and not as I do with politicians.

Vote them ALL out every election cycle. Then you might get something done instead of them renting themselves out to win the next election.

Kearns, UT

I quit listening to the Sierra Club years ago. Their sky is falling anti everything rants just make me tune them out.

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