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Published: Friday, April 18 2014 4:20 p.m. MDT

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St Louis, MO

FREDISDEAD - If these guys were getting buzz as high draft picks, then you have to figure they would in fact be declaring for the draft. The fact that they're jumping to the Y says to me they believe they have pro potential but weren't feeling good about their place in the upcoming deep draft class.

So, they transfer because they didn't think they'd get either the PT or the exposure where they were to improve their stock. So, Bronco is using them, and they're using Bronco. Hopefully it works out in both direction.


Isn't it fun! All this speculation about the coming football season! Will we ever learn? What happens during the 2014 season will happen and we'll just have to wait, live through it and hope it'll be good. But so many unplanned conditions always seem to happen. An injury here. An injury there. Someone breaks the Honor Code. Someone just doesn't perform as predicted. Or, someone surprises everyone with an outstanding year. It is what makes football so interesting and why we watch the games. Bread and circus? History repeats itself. But I do so love it!

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

I'm not real crazy about it, but if this is what BYU has to do to work around the new mission thing, so be it.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Sorry to bust your crimson bubble but your logical fallacy is illogical:

per FBSchedules dotcom

2014 College Football Strength of Schedule – NCAA Method

Listed below are the complete 2014 NCAA strength of schedule rankings with won/loss record and winning percentage of opponents:

2. Virginia – 102-54, 65.38%
11. Utah – 98-59, 62.42%
93. Oklahoma – 71-78, 47.65%
95. Alabama – 71-79, 47.33%
97. BYU – 71-81, 46.71%

Who Virginia played and where Sagarin ranked Virginia's schedule in 2013 is irrelevant, because these are the schedule rankings for 2014.

Try to keep up.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Uteanymous

Ranking team's SOS based on Win/Loss of opponents means Bowling Green and Buffalo carry the same weight as Wisconsin and Nebraska. Talk about illogical....

Baltimore, MD


About as illogical as Utah fans claiming that Utah 2004 carried the same weight as USC...

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Rockwell

Well USC finished #1, so no Utah obviously didn't carry the same weight. However, Utah did finish 12-0 and in the top 5 so the Utes definitely weren't a drain on anybody's SOS

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