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Published: Saturday, April 19 2014 4:00 a.m. MDT

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Danny Chipman
Lehi, UT

Interesting, since in several parenting articles and books I've read, linking actions to character, particularly and maybe only specifically to success and achievement, tends to backfire. Telling a kid he's a winner or he's smart over and over again actually undermines their self-esteem when they encounter difficulty or failure. But perhaps I'm comparing apples and oranges here.


It's all a balance. Every human has a different balance and combination of things they need. Negative feelings are a part of life. Kids need to be equipped for what life gives them.
I wasn't raised perfect, and remember many failings of my parents, but would I be who I am today without those failings?

Everett, 00

I always have my kids give to the poor at Temple Square, or street corners.
We go to the local food banks on a regular basis.
We play "Secret Santa", and have our kids give one of their OWN gifts.
I pray they all go to a 3rd world countries - like I did - for their LDS Missions.

We taught them to "Share, and share alike".

Just as Jesus would.

I've been accused that I'm indoctrinateling them with "Socialism".
So beit.

Everett, 00

Just like everything else --

You teach by example.

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