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Published: Thursday, April 17 2014 11:55 p.m. MDT

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nottingham, 00

many young girls physical development these days is out of sync. to propose its ok to impregnate them because theyre menstruating is ignorent in the extreme. Hips are narrow and boyish and mental prep. is almost non existent. They are being severely abused. 'Oh well, if they bear babies and die or the babies do - theyve got their physical bodies....' So thats all right then, is it? State slavery is alive and kicking and going on right under the lot of your noses.

Washington, DC

It is vitally important that religious liberty be protected. By bringing the case, the Texas government showed bad faith. Many more underage pregnancies happened in Texas public high schools than happened on the FLDS ranch. Additionally, it was shown that rumors of baby grave yards, welfare abuse, and many other spectacular rumors were all false. Finally, Rozita Swinton, who made the fraudulent phone call, was never charged with a crime or brought to justice, and Dan Fischer has never been brought to justice despite admitting to child abuse, identity theft, and fraud.

There were all kinds of activities going on at the ranch that had nothing to do with any illegal activity. These were hardworking people that just wanted to be left alone.

There were a number of kangaroo courts involving the FLDS. One of the best was where the the judge condoned the officers of not accepting valid Texas drivers licenses as proof of being over 18. Shouldn't the state have to prove it's fraudulent? Losing religious liberty rights affects everyone, as seen by the photographer who stuck to her conscience and turned down the gay wedding.

Mchenry, IL

What happened to all the people living there? Why were only a few living there still? They are not inhibited from worshiping God by losing the ranch. The ranch is the place their children were sent to live without them. Or they were went to live without their children. They took money from members and then took their families and threw them out penniless reassigning as they desired. That doesn't sound like religion. Deciding who and what to think about God is religion. The places they reside is not a church or rectory. You can't just build a religious building wherever you want. The FLDS can worship God. Or not worship God. Further local officials must be able to enter any structure and provide permission for structures to be habitable. They need to be safe for people. To avoid a tragedy and to respond to a tragedy like a fire.

Robert F. Smith
Provo, UT

The FLDS Church is a criminal syndicate dedicated to illegally acquiring power, money, and access to young women for its aging leaders. Just another organized crime problem among many here and abroad. Also there is no private ownership of property among them.

Had the FLDS leadership practiced high ethical and moral behavior (as for example among the Amish), that leadership would never have been targeted by government. Moreover, the government (whether local, state, or federal) is our government, elected by us, paid for by us, and responsible to us. We rightly expect prosecution and property seizures whenever we are confronted by rampant abuse of the law by drug cartels, mafiosi, terrorists, or Wall Street financiers. The FLDS Church has become just another mafia organization, and it needs to be disassembled.

Kearns, UT

2 Bits. Already happened to the Mormon Church. It was called the Edmunds-Tucker act which was upheld in the courts back in the 1880-1890's. All church property over a certain dollar amount was forfeit to the gubment. As far as I know, these laws are still on the books, but not enforced after the 1890 Manifesto.

princeton, IN

The Edmunds-Tucker act was fine, it was when the act was made retroactive that it created the problems with those who were already married to more than one woman. The law made the men push out the other women and kids to fend for themselves

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

Where are all my 'right-wing' buddies?

I thought we'd have hundred of comments on here about the 'big, bad government'.

I'm disappointed... maybe their too busy grazing in Nevada for free.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

The FLDS used to foreclose on the property of young men and other people kicked out in Southern Utah. The public sale at the Courthouse used to be full of notices of communal foreclosures.

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