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Published: Thursday, April 17 2014 4:45 p.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

I don't know about this at all. If you heard his exit interview on the radio, when asked if he wanted to come back, his hesitation and first several words certainly didn't sound like it. I'd like to see him come back (for a fair price--whatever that is), but not if he really doesn't want to. The exit interviews are always interesting and a bit perplexing. They remind me of that year when John Stockton quietly announced he was retiring and I cried in my office upon hearing it. Yah, I'm a bit of a neurotic fan, but I love it. It drove my husband crazy today as I have been glued to the radio in every room so I don't miss out on anything.

Burley, ID

It's unlikely Hayward will be with the Utah Jazz next season, someone will be willing to overpay him. The Jazz should not keep him if it means a max contract.

I'd rather see the Jazz save that money for someone who I think will one day soon become an All-Star . . . Alec Burks. The kid made a huge improvement from last year. I also believe that Jeremy Evans and Rudy Gobert have shown they have the potential to become big time contributors to the Jazz next season.

West Jordan, UT

Why not bring back Stockton and Malone. Afterall, all I ever hear about from the talk shows is Stockton and Malone and how great the team was then. Let's give it a rest Jazz Nation. Stockton and Malone never won an NBA crown--do something different.

Hyrum, UT

Team general managers need to start using more common sense when it comes to how they use their available money when signing players. There is an entire list of potentially good players that were given way overpaid contracts, then never panned out. AK47 is an example. But there are far worse examples.

I hope the Jazz are reasonable with their free agent signings... not too frugal and not too extravagant. That is key in having long term success. Overpaying a couple of good free agents gives a team some short term success, but will hurt the team long term when they have to keep paying big bucks after their play tapers off and their market value drops. That's exactly what happened with Kerilinko. They Jazz were stuck with paying him twice his market value during the 2nd half of his contract.

If nothing else, the free-agent signings this summer will be very interesting... with the Jazz having especially deep pockets this year. And the rookie draft of which the Jazz have a couple of first round picks (including a lottery pick), is supposed to be the best in a decade. Very interesting indeed.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

I don't see Hayward as that superstar player. Some team like Boston will overpay him because he would sell well in Boston. I think the jazz should let him walk if he gets a crazy offer. He just isn't a player that can win a game for you in the last 2 minutes.

Saint Louis, MO

The Celtics in Boston and his former college coach want him. I think that's where he goes. I don't think that he gets any better with Utah. He has maximum value now. I would like to see explored the trading of Hayward to the Celtics for their draft choice.

Colorado Springs, CO

The Jazz really need to look at the succesful teams in the league and decide what their option should be based on those teams. That said I'm not sure there is a perfect formula.

Miami pays 3 guys and the drop off from their is significant with Miller making $6M and the next guy making $4M on down.

The Thunder are essentially the same thing with Durant/Westbrook/Ibaka making ovr $12M and Perkins making about $9M. The drop off from there is not as drastic as Miami but is still significant.

Indiana has Hibbert/West/George($16M next year) with a similiar drop off in salary as OKC.

The Clippers pay Paul/Griffith/Jordan in the $12M plus range and the drop off is more Miami like as Paul is commanding $20M and Griffith almost $18M next season.

So the Jazz need to evaluate if a Favors/Hayward/Burks/Burke linup is as potent as the top paid players on those other teams or is it possible to build around 4 $10-$12M dollar players instead of 3 $12-15M dollar players and have a better supporting cast. Right now I think the Jazz top 3 at$12M yr just don't stack up.


I ask myself this question - if Hayward was on the opposing team, would I be worried about him tearing my team apart?


If Hayward was on the opposing team and had the ball for the game winning shot, would I be worried about him making it?


I love Hayward and think he will have a long, successful career - but he doesn't make me shiver. So - PLEASE DON'T OVER PAY HIM JAZZ.

Layton, Utah

CottageCheese, I for one would like to see you go one-on-one with Gordy and just see how much he would make you shiver.

West Valley, Utah


I think you've got it all wrong. Of course any one us would shiver one on one with NBA talent. That is not the question though. The question is if Hayward was going up against your team of NBA players would you fear him? I agree with cottagecheese. Hayward would not make me shiver going up against my favorite NBA team/players. But of course I would if I faced him. Besides the fact that he is 8 inches taller than me.

West Valley, Utah

Sorry I lied. He is 11 inches taller than me. Course I'd shiver going against Muggsy Bogues too. Very little basketball talent here

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

The NBA always has a few idiot GMs who are desperate to fill seats. As a result there is always at least one dumb GM who will overpay because their other options did not pan out and they are desperate.

Hayward is not nor will he ever be a "max" player. He is not a vocal leader and he has proven he is not a pressure player that makes big shots or good decisions. He had multiple games where he had huge turnovers inside of 2 minutes left. Big problem. You want players that excel in the crunch not collapse.

Trey Burke has already hit way more clutch big-time shots as a rookie than Hayward could produce and he is in his 4th year.

Hayward is a solid role player. He is a great #2 or #3 guy since he is capable of doing other things across the board. That being said he is not impossible to replace.

Based on his exit interview response I would guess he was well-coached by his agent to act indifferent to improve negotiating leverage. His shooting % can't be ignored though. Ultimately the Jazz have ability to decide though.

sandy, ut

I don't see Hayward getting a crazy offer from any team. He didn't help his cause this year with average play. He is a slightly above average player. Pay him average money only.

Don't Feed the Trolls
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm not sure what the right move is here, but it will be pretty obvious soon: Whatever the Jazz do, that will be the wrong move.

Burley, ID

" I would like to see explored the trading of Hayward to the Celtics for their draft choice." - JBQ

Excellent idea, we know they want him badly. So, why not offer him up and pull off a trade? With the 4th and 5th picks in the draft, the Jazz could add Dante Exum and Julius Randle to the team. They might also be able to trade both picks and move up a couple of spots. Though this year, because of the deep draft, I don't expect them to do that; unless they see Jabari Parker as a potential SuperStar.

Exum would allow the Jazz to match up with the bigger point guards in the league. He would also likely displace Garrett as the number two guy. Unfortunately, with Raul Neto coming over next season, Garrett might end up being the odd guy out. Though for now, the Jazz might decide to keep Neto overseas.

Having Randle at his side would make Favors more effective and give the Jazz nightmare match-ups for other teams. I say do it Jazz management, make the trade. Hayward for their pick and whatever else needs to happen in order to make it work.

Man in Charge
Chihuahua, 00


Once again you can't trade a free agent.

roy, UT

By the sounds of his exit interview I believe Gordon is gone, plus if he wanted to be with the team he would of extended his contract last summer. Good look Gordon, and I will be rooting for you on any team you play on except the LA Lakers.

I hope the Jazz get lucky in the Lottery and get a top 3 pick. I believe Wiggins, Exum, or Parker will be stars in the NBA and each will come close or win a championship in their careers as the main player on their team.

Dr. Dunkenstein
Salt Lake City, UT

"Once again you can't trade a free agent." -Man in Charge

No . . . but you CAN "sign & trade" your own free agent, which is what would happen in this (hypothetical) instance. To make the dollar amounts work out, the Jazz would probably have to take back someone like Keith Bogans (the equivalent of Andris Biedrins in the G.S. trade last year).

Tokyo, Japan

here's my 2 cents....Hayward...may not be a superstar...he is a fringe all-star at best...we really don't have a closer in our team...and i dont see trey burke as an all-star...should he get big bucks? No...but i still love his game...doing a little bit of everything...the problem this year...he was playing point forward...coaches are trying to make him create his own shots...create shots for others...i think the latter he can do...but get his own shot...right now...he cant...he doesnt use his step backs from college as often in the NBA...i see Hayward as a number two guy...who gets the ball off screens...that's where he'll be effective...would i like to see him back? yeah sure...is he worth the big money that he commands?...No...if we get a shot at drafting Nik Stauskas...i'd take Stauskas over Hayward's bloated salary

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