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Published: Thursday, April 17 2014 10:30 p.m. MDT

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Brigham City, UT

When will we NOT be in a rebuilding season? Yawn....

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

Corbin: "For the most part, they stayed together". Hayward: "For the most part . . . we stuck together".

"For the most part" to me implies that there are just a few guys in the locker room that you can't count on to stay together during adversity. Whoever they are, they need to readjust their negativity . . . or move on to some other team.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

I was really impressed with Marvin Williams this year. Last year he wasn't so good, but I heard he played injured a lot.
I hope the Jazz keep him.

Hayward should have signed when Favors did, I do not see his stock going up after this season.
Trey proved to be the best rookie player (with the worst summer camp) this year.

sandy, ut

Jazz will be rebuilding for quite a while

Hyrum, UT

A coaching change would reinvigorate both the returning young players as well as the fan base who is becoming antsy and a bit impatient after the significant dropoff in performance after the all-star break.

A winning season wasn't expected, but gradual improvement was. Huge vicissitudes indicated an obvious lack of consistency... something that is difficult to blame on the players. Maintaining a steady course is paramount when rebuilding a program. And the foundation for that necessity comes from the coaching staff. They have to take responsibility for that short -coming.

Letting Hornacek walk was a mistake. Hopefully, one that upper management will learn from. Their next crucial and imminent decisions will be interesting to observe, as the stakes will be very high. I have confidence they will make some wise decisions.

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