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Published: Wednesday, April 16 2014 5:15 p.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

Trust me on this one - groups will begin to oppose the use of animals as mascots, as well.

Eagle feathers are sacred to Native Americans, so why should they be allowed as a mascot for athletic teams in the broader society?

What oh what oh what shall we do then?

And since I'm part Irish, I'm definitely going to sue Notre Dame for their pejorative use of my heritage in a way that reinforces negative stereotypes about my people and how they behave after having too much to drink.

NO NICKNAMES for sports teams, and while we're at it, a number of states will need to be renamed, including our own. The Utes have had too long to be recognized by the name of the state. Next up, "Shoshonia", or maybe "Navajoia".

ji bae
Saint George, UT

If the people from the Ute tribe are not offended then why change??

Who is offended? A bunch of white people who have nothing better to do that be annoyed at everything they can find.

Salt Lake City, UT

In the politically correct world of the left coast, it's only a matter of time before Utah is forced to conform to more enlightened standards.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Salt Lake City, UT
In the politically correct world of the left coast, it's only a matter of time before Utah is forced to conform to more enlightened standards.


Especially in the notoriously liberal Pac 12. I say the name is changed within 10 years.


I worked with a member of the Ute tribe. She dressed up in her tribal wear and a bunch of white people told her she was being inappropriate and disrespectful. WHAT?!? I didn't know that even members of the Ute tribe weren't allowed to wear their own tribal clothes. I hope the Utes continue to make agreements with the Ute tribe. Like ALL the stories are saying, it's a win win situation.

Salt Lake City, UT

Perhaps the best compromise will be for BYU to give up college athletics and for Utah to take up being the Cougars!

Orange County, CA

My PETA friends and I want all animal nicknames changed - it's inhumane and disrespectful to the animals to try to humanize them with such shameful caricatures. And while we're at it, the Minnesota NFL team needs to drop the Viking name.

Bountiful, UT

The U's use if an Indian and feathers is beautiful and its respectful.

Layton, UT

Best comment that I've read for years! lol.

Is that you, Chris?

Las Vegas, NV

Brad, you stated several times that "Utes" is the mascot. That is not correct, the mascot is a red-tail hawk. Utah DID change the mascot several years ago. "Utes" is just the nickname used. Your stirring up trouble, where there is not any trouble at all. How do you not know what is the nickname and the mascot?

Somewhere in Time, UT

This is one of the silliest non issues ever. I can't believe it keeps coming up. The Ute Tribe is perfectly fine with it and so should everyone else be. I'm glad the school and the tribe haven't backed down.

This is no more racist or inappropriate than the Fighting Irish or the Minnesota Vikings. How about the Spartans? Gosh, I can't believe that Greek people nationwide haven't started demonstrating.

This whole issue is just silly and I wish Brad would stop trying to make it one.

SoCal Andy
Casa Conejo, CA

Go Utes!

Jack of trades

Honestly, the Utah Utes were the Redskins up until 1972? That is unreal I did not know that. The Utes is clever, but Redskins? Wow. Who thought that up for Utah?

I think the Utes is great. Always saw it as a sign of respect for who was here first. I don't understand why these Indian names are being seen as disrespectful. Unless if your caricatures are mocking. But the Seminoles, and Utes, I think it's great. There are so many great names that represent people. Fighting Irish, Yankees, etc...

David RI

If there were a school on an Indian reservation called the Whitemen, and there mascot was George Washington, I would think that would be showing the ultimate respect. If there mascot was a cowboy with a six-shooter, I'd still think it awesome. Racist? No.

If an Indian school were called the Redmen, Chiefs or Indians. It would be seen by society as perfectly acceptable.

If a white school were called the Whitemen, it would be seen as elitist and racist.

Tough world we live in.

Dallas, Texas

How long until the state has to change its name? This is PC stuff getting a little ridiculous.

Springville, UT

After reading the comments I'm simply offended today by people using the University of Utah mascot's name in their Dnews profile name.

I think the profiles of 'ekute, 79ute, Jefe-Ute, bigutefan, etc. (and let's also include any inanimate objects of a Native American origin living in Utah such as 'Tomahawk Red') should be defaulted to 6 digit numbers by the Dnews immediately until proof of attendance to a cultural awareness / sensitivity class or a license agreement is provided.


Cedar Rapids, IA

Newspaper folks should be glad of this extension. "Utes" is shorter in a headline than is "Native American Tribe in Utah named the Utes."

The Utes are happy. They get free publicity with every U of U article. Though, they might rethink it after the next football season.

Ivins, UT

When I went to Washington State we actually had a live cougar as a mascot. He is now gone replaced by a person in a kitty suit, called Butch.
There you go.

Vernal, UT

Most school choose a mascot or nickname that represents strength, courage, honor or values like these. So, how is wanting to be like a Ute disrespectful?

Littleton, CO

Having been thru this years ago I can't imagine that as an institution, Stanford -- an academic and philosophical leader of the PAC12 -- will sit idly by on this issue. I agree with Rock -- outcry will continue from many sides and eventually the university will cave under the pressure of political correctness....

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