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Published: Wednesday, April 16 2014 12:10 p.m. MDT

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Brigham City, UT

The Bible changes our behaviour; the Book of Mormon changes the heart; both are necessary, from Eve and Adam, to the prophet Peter, and to the Apostle Joseph Smith, there is more and more light for the human personality.

Salt Lake City, UT

So let's see. How do we know the BOM is true? Well, we really really really believe it is. How do we find out that it's true? Well, we really really really want to believe that it's true.

You have to have an open mind, and you have to really want to know it's true, and you have to study it with an open mind to its truth, and you have to sincerely pray that it's true. And you'll get a warm fuzzy.

And none of you guys see a problem with that?

Oh I know, I know, you'll say you have a deep and abiding knowledge that it's true. The problem is that many people believe things, with a deep and abiding knowledge, that just ain't so.

But hey, whatever flips your switch. Really. But just don't expect people that use a bit more, uh. . . critical thinking to believe in something that clearly has serious problems conforming, at all, to the historical record.

Don't expect most people to take it seriously in the least.

For instance, do you take Scientology at all seriously? Same thing.

Samuel Adams
Layton, UT

@ Mark

What about hoping that it was not true? It would have made life much easier (no tithing, mission, callings) if the answer was not true. I was, however, open to the answer that came and the more difficult answer came.

I agree with those that say this list does not mean much. Such lists/polls are fickle and I "don't take them seriously in the least."



This is cool I guess, but if it’s just Latter-Day Saints voting en masse (perhaps multiple times), it doesn’t say as much as it might appear to at first glance. I hope that its being on this list encourages more people who haven’t read it yet to do so. It truly is the most life-changing book on Earth, even moreso than the Bible.

layton, UT

Goosehuntr,” I know the Book of Mormon to be the confirming witness of the Bible, ”As far as Translated correctly.
Mosiah 3:7, “ Luke 22:43-44, Blood”, the very serious doubts as to these verses’ authenticity, they are put in brackets and noted by Modern translations .
In 3 Nephi 13:12, (Jesus)“ deliver us from evil”(KJV). Did Jesus teach the Nephites an abstract prayer in 34 A.D.? The correct translation, Mt 6:13 NIV is “deliver us from “the evil one”( Satan G,= tou ponerou).JS even copied the errors.

RE: Avenue,“Have you even read it? Even reading the first few chapters and reading the Book of Mormon”:” …the mysteries of God(1Nephi 1:1 & 2:16) = (1Cor 4:1) ...make it with mine own hand(1Nephi 1:3)=written it with mine own hand (Philemon 19) …steadfast and immovable(1Nephi 2:10)=(1Cor 15:58) …being grieved because of the hardness of their hearts(1Nephi 2:18)=(Mark 3:5) …with lowliness(1Nephi 2:19)=(Eph 4:2).


That is just awesome! The book has certainly changed my life! Hallelujah!

Far East USA, SC

The enthusiasm (and associated link which is now missing) sure has changed as the content of the list changed.

Spanish Fork, UT

BRAHMA - i don't doubt for a second abt your testimony of BoM. i've known a few (1 personally) who claimed a revelation abt BoM - specifically that it is not true. i'd like to hear yours if you agree and DN lets my email server thru - gmail. i'm doing a study on the processes of revelation. thnx

Salt Lake City, UT

"Real intent" implies that one is willing to act on their promptings. If one reads the BoM a dozen times without real intent it is a futile exercise. The fact that it has changed so many lives for the better illustrates that it can. Failure to receive the BoM message is not a reflection on the book.

Salt Lake, UT

I think it is great that the Book of Mormon has changed so many lives. So glad to see it at #1. It has always been #1 for me. Except for when I was a rebellious teen, then I probably might have put it at #2. But as a young teen I did not understand the depth and beauty of the book.

Los Angeles, CA

Mormon propaganda.

Cleveland , OH


I think the reason you don't "get it" is that you have the wrong mindset. You need to search, ponder, and pray when reading something as important as this. Our prophets have told us to pray, and we will receive a spiritual confirmation that The Book of Mormon is true.


I'll treat this as advice, not condescension. I read, pondered, prayed and studied for years.

I finally realized it was all "the man behind the curtain," as true as the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. Little kids believe in all-knowing invisible being that judges, rewards, and punishes. Adults do the same.

I'm glad your faith works. But Baptists and Buddhists, Jews and Jainists, Mormons and Muslims, Pagans and Presbyterians, Wiccans and Wesleyans all claim to have the one true way that will bring happiness and joy in the sweet bye-and-bye. (Sez so on the label. Some also claim "new and improved" and "builds strong bones 12 ways.")

Sorry, not trying to be harsh. I do live the golden rule, believe in Karma, and see reincarnation as the system that approaches sense.

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