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Published: Wednesday, April 16 2014 12:10 p.m. MDT

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Sparks, NV

Since May of 1986 I have read the Book of Mormon every day (except about 50 days) and have found it to be more than life changing. It is my guide and director when I am ready and willing to listen to the answer. I have 4 sets of scriptures all marked up and I am reading it now on my iPad making comments along the way that I could not fit in my other books (even though I have hundred of Post-it Notes in them).

I love this book. I love receiving revelation while reading it and I can always gauge my spirituality by what I receive while reading it.

The Book of Mormon is not on trial here, we are. If you haven't read it, please do so and pray about its truthfulness. I know it is the word of God and it can help you in your life, no matter where you are.

Somewhere in Time, UT

The Book of Mormon is the revealed word of God and the book that can change lives for those who are sincere seekers of truth.

If someone rejects the BofM, it doesn't make it any less true. Some people reject it due to their own personal emotional problems and a variety of other personal issues. Not because it isn't true. I know from personal revelation that it is true. I invite everyone to bring joy into their own lives by reading it and benefiting there from.


I was going to say we should all be skeptical of a list of influential books that includes "Mein Kampf." But it sounds like others have made my point for me.

I guess we should give added skepticism to the fact that the list also includes a book called "How to Kill Yourself."


This list means absolutely nothing. I LOVE the Book of Mormon and have received a powerful witness of its truthfulness. However, this list is just a social media voting contest. As I write, Hitler's Mein Kampf is at #1 & 2 now. The BOM has slipped down to number 4.

The best test would have been to see what book made the top of the list naturally, without campaigning or advertising. This voting is just a game now.

Vernal, UT

I think the reason you don't "get it" is that you have the wrong mindset. You need to search, ponder, and pray when reading something as important as this. Our prophets have told us to pray, and we will receive a spiritual confirmation that The Book of Mormon is true.

sandy, ut


I know by personal revelation that it isn't true. And just because you accept it as truth does not make it true.

Salt Lake City, UT

Eh. . . It's fiction.

salt lake city, UT

I've read the Book of Mormon many times and find great truths in it. And I've read several other books on this list as well and found guiding principals in them. However determining popularity by public media and voting consensus will never reveal those truths. This is a popularity contest for votes.

The real influence of the Book of Mormon--or any book--is how a person lives and reacts after reading it. With this list now including "Mein Kampf", again, I get suspicious about the credibility of the list at all.

Tooele, UT

Everything good and lasting that has come into my life... from my childhood, to my amazing wife and children I owe to the Book that transformed my life. I shudder to think where I would be had I not been affected by the power of the Book of Mormon. The message is simple... "Come Unto Christ." and once you do, "Always Remember Him." No more powerful messages could ever be given, and no greater change in life, freedom and happiness could be found anywhere else. It is so simple a child can understand it, but the book is also so deep and complex that it challenges the greatest of minds. Indeed, I know the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly, and I know the Book of Mormon to be the confirming witness of the Bible, and that it dispenses the doctrine of Christ in it's purest form translated only once. Wise of God to establish two witnesses of Him independently of one another. God be thanked for the amazing gift of the Book of Mormon and the lives lost in preserving it for us.

Sandy, UT

I honestly believe that most Mormons have to delude themselves into thinking they love reading the Book of Mormon. Just like the psychology of bearing your testimony, if you keep telling yourself you love it, you will start to believe it.

This is the one of the most boring books I have ever read. The sad part is, most active members have to force themselves to read it each day but they think the problem is with them, not the book. It's analogous to an abusive relationship..."It must be me. It's true. I didn't vacuum today so the BOM hit me and I deserve it. I know the BOM loves me."

San Diego, CA

You might want to check the stats again... further revelation I guess,

sandy, ut


You are misleading with the claims you are making. Millions aren't converted per year. Look at the numbers. Furthermore, you are basically saying Moroni's promise works, you just have to keep reading and keep reading and keep praying until you get the answer. More people have received the answer that it isn't true then people that have received the answer that it is true.

weber, UT

Sorry my sheep, the number 1 spot goes to Mein Kampf it takes the number 1 and ties for 1st place Mein Kampf followed by moot in 2nd, go kill your self in 3rd and the b of m in 4th.

Falconer, NY


"More people have received the answer that it isn't true then people that have received the answer that it is true."

Not according to the comments here.

sandy, ut


you really think that a sample size of 35 comments in a Utah and mormon based newspaper is a good indication of the reality? I am going off of the number of converts per year, compared to the number of missionary discussions given per year. You do the math.

Vancouver , WA

What books have changed my and for that matter, your life? It is an important question. It brings understanding of what defines you. I had to dig for what was meaningful. My vote on this poll brought the number for, ‘The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ,' to 24. This book has throughout my life defined spirituality for me. The most people voting on this list are also seeking goodness, the light in life. So many of our choices now days, revolve around what is good, what is better and what is best. Vishen Lakiani, founder of Mind Valley, has a goal to touch a billion lives for good by 2050. I find much of the information shared there to be inspiring, uplifting and challenging. My personal goals are embarrassingly much much smaller, so small in fact, I didn't think to pass on information about this poll though it is a simple thing to do. Just a click. So what other books have you let impact your life for good lately? Share.

Roanoke, VA

@Brahmabull ... How many people embracing a lifestyle of any type of sin - any type at all - are open-minded enough to receive a testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon? Moroni promised an intellectual/emotional affirmation, not a hammer upside the head. We aren't going to see any light at all if we refuse to remove the blinders.

mclean, VA

PLEASE take this story down!
What a huge insult to the Book of Mormon to be in the top 10 list with such obscene and horrific books!

Payson, UT


Missionary discussions may be given and the Book of Mormon handed out. That doesn't mean that it is read. I can't tell you how many times we would go back and visit someone that we had given the Book of Mormon to that hadn't read it. Your comment that, "More people have received the answer that it isn't true then people that have received the answer that it is true." People don't do what is required to get an answer and therefore it must not be true right? Also, many comments on this discussion are outside the state of Utah, VA, NY, WA, NV.

Meridian, ID

We are often "down" on what we are not up "on". Read the words of Moroni, chapter 10: verse 4. Try it, you will like it. Do you know of any other book with promises found in this scripture. Another scripture in the Book of Mormon is found it the book of Ether, Chaper 12, verse 27. It has been a help to me for many years.

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