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Published: Wednesday, April 16 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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boneheaded, but not a smidgen

barry's way of helping the chickens come home to roost. thanks barry

Durham, NC

Hey Riverton Cougar..... low information voter here. You want to talk facts... lets talk facts.

From 1945 until 1981, the national debt as a percentage of national GDP dropped during each presidency, even during the Vietnam and Korean war periods. It went from 117% of GDP just following the close of WWII all the way down to 32% at the end of the Carter administration.

Then you know what happened? That all changed under the Reagan administration. Reagan took over with national debt at 32% of gdp... and left office with national debt at 53% of gdp. Bush II took over with the national debt at 56% of GDP, and soared it up to just over 84%. Since then, under Obama, it has risen to 102%... but is projected to come back off that number by the CBO.

Using raw numbers means nothing... and most "informed" people know. Non-inflation adjusted numbers will always be exponentially higher.. its just math.. no matter what administration you measure.

Honolulu, HI

At least Obama discloses; more than I can say for Romney during the last presidential campaign.

San Antonio, TX

I'm as conservative as they come but I am impressed that the President put out over ten percent of his income to charity. You would be hard-pressed to find other Democrats that live by what they preach.

Aussie Teacher

How much did Tom Monson and the other board members of the lads church donate to charity last year? Bet they won't tell. This was an attempt by a right wing paper to attack the President.

Lehi, UT

According to the NY Times "President Obama, a Protestant whose most recent church membership was a mainline congregation, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, gave relatively little to charity a decade ago, but steadily increased his giving as he became more prominent." I think Mitt was kinda the opposite of this, and he doesn't wish to sound a trumpet before after he donates....kudos. :) And, contrary to what detractors claim, Mitt's donations weren't simply "tithing" but even if they were, tithing goes to educate, feed, build, etc. it's a good thing. Watch "Why Giving Matters"

Alexandria, VA

Is this an Editorial or an article?

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