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Published: Wednesday, April 16 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

Good to see him finally practicing what he preaches. Interesting that before his fame he wasn't so generous
Per his tax returns.
2002: .4%. Or less than half of one percent
2003: 1.4%
2004: 1.2%
Says a lot. Can you imagine if Mitt Romney had given so little a percentage at any point?

Sandy, UT

I look forward to hearing all the Obama critics jump on this as just for show since he knows this will all become public as opposed to Romney who gives 10%+ to charity, never mind that it's all to his church, which requires a 10% donation to remain in good standing.

Obama may (may being the operative word here) be in over his head but he continues to demonstrate he's a good guy. I wholeheartedly believe Romney is a good guy as well but let's give Obama his due occasionally.

Far East USA, SC

Per the title "How much does President Obama donate to his local church?"

An attempted slight perhaps?

Is giving to a "local church" better/worse/different than giving to secular charitable organizations?

Certainly, organized religions put forth the notion that the money should be given to them.

Self serving, Perhaps?

Here, UT

Personally, I think it's admirable to donate to causes other than religion. Religion is nothing more than "big business", out to make tremendous amounts of money these days. They are the ones Christ would throw out today as "money changers".

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Ranch

I doubt Christ would think of his church as a "big business". After all He gave the commandment to bring your Tithes & Offerings to the church. A Tithe meaning 10% of your increase. It just wouldn't make sense to have a commandment, and then not expect people to follow it.

As far as other causes I agree. But, I do have a problem when 25 cents of every dollar pays for the Administrative salaries of those charities. Why give my money there, when I know 100% of my donation will actually go to those in need? I think a big business typically wants a profit margin of 25% or more, which is what secular charities pull in. Where as in my church 100% of my donation is used to help those in need. In fact we use volunteers that donate their time to serve and the administration also donates their time.

I'll accept that some churches operate differently, but, for the vast majority they put far more of the resources they receive back to the people.

Provo, UT

I think most liberals look at charitable donations and think "Why donate, when it can be paid as taxes instead? Isn't it government's job to help the poor/needy/get them to vote democrat?" And they see charity and churches as competition, and thus, try to stamp out charitable works and especially churches. Especially Christian churches, since a good Christian really has little need of government--he or she governs themselves.

Which is against the law in liberal utopia--just look at poor Julia, the ideal Democrat woman. With no husband, and married to the state, pretty much.

Chandler, AZ

Romney did provide his tax returns silly. In the 2010 and 2011 years, he donated $7 million to charity, of which about $4 million was to his church.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Liberal Ted said: "I doubt Christ would think of his church as a "big business".

Not only would he not recognize any church as his, even the ones with his name on them, they would not recognize him and throw him out for heresy the moment he began to speak.

A religion has a scripture about giving money to the keepers of the scriptures, how ...predictable.

"Where as in my church 100% of my donation is used to help those in need." how would you know?, churches don't have to disclose their accounting, and don't. Faith I guess is good enough for some.

clearfield, UT

Happy Valley Heretic

The LDS church does disclose how it uses tithes and offerings. Now you may think they are lying, but then that is your problem, not ours.

Phoenix, AZ

Corporate organized 501c tax exempt religions and their churches are self serving political business, Their clergy and favored hierarchy are well compensated and bask in the profits and power of the business of religion.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Comparing Obama's donations to Romney's makes no sense since Obama's best year would be small potatoes for Mitt. The only thing they have in common was that they were candidates for the same elective office. I also think they are both good individuals in this respect.

Salt Lake City, UT

Well it makes sense, .3%:10% is a similar ratio to Obama showing up to church 2 out of 52 weeks. (Heh, I think you're all slipping if I'm the one who had to come up with that one).

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

The LDS Church has not publicly disclosed its financial statements in the United States since 1959. The church does disclose its financials in the United Kingdom and Canada where it is required to do so by law.

Sorry it's not about my faith, I prefer facts.

How can he be destroying religion and donating to it at the same time?


"JP...Romney only provided a tax return because by not doing so was hurting him politically. I actually respected him for holding back on it....he obviously took a lot of criticism for not providing it initially, but even further criticism because of the amounts of money he donated to the LDS Church. It was a Catch 22 for him."

Romney received flack for not releasing several years of his tax returns as other presidents/candidates have. When he did, it revealed he paid an effective tax rate equal to the average American on an exponentially higher income, as well as a Swiss bank acct. In fact one one year he didn't take the full deduction for charitable contributions in order to inflate the tax rate.

The LDS Church does not publically disclose its financial statements. One would think they could at least disclose yearly fast offerings and humanitarian financial statements as many charities do.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

@Mark B-

Obama has spent $7 Trillion. That isn't small potatoes to someone like Mitt. That's not even small potatoes for the government.

The only thing we have to show for it is, well nothing. Unemployment is still high, GM knowingly built cars that killed people and we still lost billions. The green energy revolution that was going to end oil, still is nowhere to be seen. The infrastructure of shovel ready projects are no where. The transparent presidency is missing. Gitmo is open for business. We're still in Afghanistan, Iraq and we added more African countries to fight. Obama has traveled more and spent more on his vacations than most other presidents. The obummers live rent free in the White House. Travel on our dime. Party on our dime. Vacation on our dime. And still made $500,000. Of which he paid just 20% in taxes. He's wealthy enough, he could afford to pay 60% in taxes and still make 2-3 times or more than most households.

Poplar Grove, UT

@Liberal Ted
So owning a TV Station, Newspaper, radio stations, farms, malls, universities, restaurants, a Hawaiian theme park and book stores isn't big business?

Far East USA, SC

"Why give my money there, when I know 100% of my donation will actually go to those in need?"

So, 100% of tithing to the LDS church "goes to those in need?"

I commend the LDS church for its charity. They do much better than many. But I dont consider paying the electric bill as charity to those in need. There is certainly overhead in any charitable endeavor.

I would have to think that much less than 75% of LDS tithes actually go to feed or clothe the poor, sick or hungry.

Sincerely. Think about what Jesus might say upon seeing some of the large religions churches and temples. Wouldn't his teachings suggest that he might say

"very nice, but the money could have been much better spent. Why the need for such opulence?"

Dave D
Spring Creek, NV

"Where as in my church 100% of my donation is used to help those in need."

NO! It doesn't! You know that 10% that you pay in addition to the church humanitarian causes you donate to? That is where administrative costs come from. The Church is not more efficient than most charities, nor are they equipped to deal with many development issues. That is why they partner with organizations that can effectively deal with certain humanitarian causes.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

As Ted should have known, my comparison between Obama and Romney was strictly on the basis of personal finances. Obama and family have not had government largesse that hasn't been available to other presidents, which Ted also knows.

Ogden, UT

@worf 11:26 a.m. April 16, 2014

How much taxes did Obama pay on the hundreds of millions taken from the American people for vacations, and gifts for Michelle?


Since the President personally paid for the gifts to his wife, and the President and First Lady personally paid for their vacations, your comment has no merit.

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