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Published: Tuesday, April 15 2014 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Ute fans, TroyTown nailed it...byu-provo fans would rather have guaranteed wins against no name teams, especially at home, than risk a loss. Obviously, the ponies and rainbows they were sold in independence land suits them. They deserve to be right where they are.

The Pac-12 is a great journey that byu-provo fans will never understand. Who are we to criticize?

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

Welcome to Utah Chayden. It's cool to be able to play for "your team" whoever that team happens to be.

As for the rest of these comments, the same old arguement is so old. I'm not sure what an article about a local high school kid deciding to go to the U has to do with Utah's strength of schedule in 2008 but whatever.

I know any article about the two teams will always draw a certain amount of trash talk between the two rivals but the level of insecurity that byu fans are displaying has become a little embarrassing. It wasn't that long ago that Utah had that many bowl wins in row. Utah has missed post season play for two years now and I get the whole idea of kicking your rival when they are down. But the constant pounding of your chest when your team is getting bowl games by playing awful competition 85% of the time, then it's probably time to worry more about your own team. Especially when your rival has beaten your team 4 years in a row.

Go Utes!

Provo, UT

@Troy Town "Utah had never played a tougher schedule than BYU's #38 2013 schedule.

And BYU has never played a tougher schedule than Utah's #3 2013 schedule. What's your point?

@Troy Town "BYU 9 straight bowl seasons, Utah 2 straight bowl-less seasons"

Over the past 11 seasons, BYU is 6-3 in bowl games while Utah is 8-1 with appearances in the Fiesta and Sugar, not to mention owning the head-to-head against BYU.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The point, obviously, is that Utah's #41 2012 schedule was easier than BYU's #38 2013 schedule, yet Utah still wasn't good enough to qualify for a bowl in 2012.

Blame your bowl-less seasons on SOS if it helps you sleep at night, but it's obvious that SOS isn't the only thing keeping Utah out of the bowl picture.

BYU played FIVE ranked teams in 2012; Utah only played TWO.


Rankings, btw, are based on record, SOS, and a couple of factors Utah fans seem to be completely oblivious of, recent past performance and national cachet, factors Utah was sadly lacking in in 2004 and 2008.

West Valley, Utah


3? There were no other teams in the country in 2008 that beat more than 3 ranked teams? Sounds like you need to get your facts straight. 2008 wins vs. top 25 for utah: #12TCU, #14BYU, #4Alabama.

West Valley, Utah

@Spokane Ute
Mark this down with a sharpie. Fact: utah did NOT finish ranked higher than BYU. Fact #2 of all the so called 'tough' teams utah played, they only defeated Stanford

Gilbert, AZ


Over the past 5 seasons, BYU is 4-1 in bowl games; Utah is only 2-1.

Bronco is 9 for 9 in bowls played in
Kyle is only 7 for 9

Bronco has THREE 11+ Win/Top 15 Finishes; Kyle only ONE

Bronco has TWO Conference Championships; Kyle only ONE

Despite Kyle's flash-in-the-pan 2008 season and head-to-head advantage, Bronco has obviously accomplished more overall.

It's interesting that the only accomplishment Utah fans have been able to beat their chests about, since joining the PAC, is, ironically, beating BYU.

Unfortunately, that doesn't compensate for being a perennial conference bottom dweller.

Springville, utah


Great post, best of the day, keep them coming!!!

West Valley, Utah


Are you looking at teams ranked at the end of the year or when the teams played them because in 2012 BYU only played 2 ranked teams and utah, 3. Please people, use facts in your arguments. Otherwise you make yourselves and your preferred schools look dumb.

Alpine, UT

Qwest Perfected

"But the constant pounding of your chest when your team is getting bowl games by playing awful competition 85% of the time,..."

Only in the view of a crimson-colored glasses wearer would playing the 38th toughest schedule in the country be considered playing awful competition 85% of the time?

Utah did win 9 consecutive bowls, but they were not won in 9 consecutive seasons.

Utah's only streak of 9 consecutive bowl seasons ended with an 8-1 record, with mostof those wins coming against teams even more mediocre than the teams Utah fans continue to demean BYU for playing.

Pocatello, ID

Glad to have him on board.

Utah appears to have caught lightning in a bottle with Philips, and lining up his heir apparent will hopefully keep the special teams solid for years to come.

Go Utes

Provo, UT

midmajor, the fact that you are here on yet another Utah story speaks volumes. Let's take each of your statements individually:

"BYU played FIVE ranked teams in 2012; Utah only played TWO" Congrats on playing more ranked teams but BYU ultimately went 1-4 against them, and then built a bowl resume on the backs of New Mexico State, Hawaii, Idaho State, Weber and a bad 3-9 WSU (not the 2013 bowl team). So what does that make BYU in 2012, the best of the worst? If your point is that some years BYU's mediocre teams are better than Utah's and vice versa, then I get it (see 2005).

"Utah fans seem to be completely oblivious of, recent past performance and national cachet, factors Utah was sadly lacking in in 2004 and 2008." BYU has never come close to putting together a body of work like Utah's 2008 season beating 4 ranked teams including two top 10 teams. Please provide any year in which BYU football beat two teams that finished the season ranked. I'll be waiting for your reply.

Provo, UT


Utah beat teams that finished the season ranked as follows:
#6 Alabama
#7 TCU
#19 OSU
#21 BYU

End of the season rankings are more accurate than mid-season rankings because some teams prove to be paper tigers (see #5 Utah in 2010 and #1 Pitt in 1986)

Provo, UT

@maq "Fact: utah did NOT finish ranked higher than BYU"

Wrong. Per Sagarin, Utah 34, BYU 35. Check it out for yourself.

Provo, UT


I can see that Utah's ownership of BYU over the past dozen years in football, and trips to the Sugar and Fiesta bowls is a tough pill to swallow.

How else do you explain your attendance here on yet another Utah thread?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Qwest Perfected,

Perfectly said.

Alpine, UT


Utah has never come close to the body of work BYU put together from 1979 to 1984, finishing in the Top 12 five out of six seasons, with more than twice as many 11+ win seasons in that short six-year period, than Utah has had in their entire football history; culminating in a 24-game winning streak, back-to-back Top 7 finishes, and a consensus National Championship, including finishing #1 in both the AP and Coaches polls.

The Utes, by comparison, weren't even ranked in 2005, 2006, or 2007, the seasons leading up to their flash-in-the-pan 2008 season.

Even in Utah's best season ever, the Utes only finished 4th in the Coaches Poll, the poll that determines the winner of the Crystal Football National Championship trophy, ironically, the exact same trophy awarded to the winner of the BCS championship game, not the winner of a lesser BCS bowl.

You obviously still haven't grasped the concept that it takes more than one great season for a program with no national cachet to win a national championship.

Orem, UT


"End of the season rankings are more accurate than mid-season rankings..."

Not only are they more accurate, end of season rankings are the ONLY rankings that count.

1984 BYU #1 AP, #1 Coaches

2008 Utah #2 AP, #4 Coaches

2004 Utah #4 AP, #5 Coaches

1996 BYU #5 AP, #5 Coaches

Hard as it is for the kids on the hill to accept, the truth is, BYU's 1996 team was as close as Utah 2004 and nearly as close as Utah 2008 to winning a Crystal Football National Championship trophy.

If an undefeated season was all that was required to win a national championship, Marshall and Tulane would have won national championships during the BCS era.

Rose Bowl call yet?
Salt Lake City, UT


I can see how frustrated Utah fans have become realizing just how how meaningless Utah's supposed "ownership" of BYU over the past dozen years in football really is on a national scale.

Even during the peak of Utah's success, the Utes weren't good enough to put together four straight AP Top 25 finishes, in fact, BYU had almost as many AP Top 25 finishes from 2006 to 2009 as Utah has had in their entire history.

It is interesting that Utah fans continue to use BYU as their measuring stick for success, even when beating BYU isn't even good enough to get U to a bowl.

Salt Lake City, UT

little perspective

"Ute fans, TroyTown nailed it...BYU fans would rather have guaranteed wins against no name teams, especially at home, than risk a loss."

Since when are Texas, Boise State, and Houston - three teams Utah has NEVER beaten - no name teams?

From BYU fans' perspective, Utah fans would rather beat BYU, than have a winning conference season or play in a bowl.

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