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Published: Tuesday, April 15 2014 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

"Religion makes them act in a bad way"

Are you sure? I'm pretty sure that I see just the opposite when it comes to the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and many other religions. Seems like the atheist movement is more to stir up contention than anything else.

Newport Beach, CA

"Religion makes them act in a bad way."

What is this "bad" that Silverman speaks of, and by what objective standard does he apply it?

Midwest City, USA, OK

"It's not because we want to snub our faces at someone else's religion; it's purely a business decision," he said. "We're not going to avoid a weekend because of someone else's religion."

That doesn't make any sense whatsoever. They are using Easter to make noise and try to drown out people who worship God; it'd be obnoxious to pretend otherwise, but no matter how obvious it is, it is against Satan's nature to be entirely honest, and it is he who endorses such a knowingly intolerant notion such as this.

If I lived in Japan and I felt "suffocated" by the non-American culture and surroundings, no one would argue in favor of me parading there with the stars and stripes. If I lived in some sort of community with a bunch of people who have sex with others of the same sex, no one would argue in favor of me parading there with a marriage protection sign.

LP Grad, BYU Alum
Provo, UT

"It's not JUST about bashing Mormonism..."

Oh wow. It's pretty sad when one of your convention's main purposes is to mock the faith that millions worldwide hold sacred. Don't we as Americans believe in freedom to worship as we choose? I'll give you the freedom to be atheist if you like, and I'll respect that. I only ask that you respect my right to believe in what I want. Personal beliefs should never be the target of mockery. Holding a convention for the purpose (albeit not the only purpose) of mocking (as opposed to logical discussion of) another's faith is shameful.

"Religion makes them act in a bad way."

Like teaching children to respect their elders? Like giving to the poor? Like staying away from mind-altering substances? Like being faithful to your spouse? Like centering your life around the premise "Do unto others as you would have done unto you"?

I think it's time you recognized the good in the world. You can argue all you want about whether individuals follow the above-mentioned premise, but the fact that the church teaches it has to count for something.


Wow! A whole 600-900 people in SLC? Better watch the traffic cameras to make sure I get around all of the extra traffic. Wouldn't even have known they were here except for this article. A speck in the importance of humanity.

Church member
North Salt Lake, UT

"How does religion make them act in a bad way?"

We all know that religion has its flaws. A person who looks back through history can easily see that religion has a downside. Whether it be the crusades, the Salem witch trials, polygamy, banning interracial marriage, holding back science etc, etc, ect...

It is easy to see that religion is not all good. Is there a benefit to religion? Of course! I think they are just trying to point out that there is a downside to faith and religion. Its not all good.

P.S. I like how the commenters above say how offended they are by these people mocking them and then they proceed to mock the atheists. How ironic.

Omaha, NE

Opposition in ALL things...

Midvale, UT

To me, it is the strangest thing that people gather to say they don't believe?? If you don't believe then what is the purpose to gather? Human nature is to believe in God this was a gift God gave to all of us. The only reason people meet to say we don't believe is to get others to go against that gift God gave them, so they don't feel alone. If I didn't like apples I wouldn't put together a conference of non apple eating people. Why would I care if people eat apples just because I don't. My belief in God has never caused me to do something bad, but my belief in God has caused me to do something good. Too bad these guys just don't take the time to see what is being taught.

Mom of Six
Northern Utah, UT

Atheism is a religion, and they are here to convert. I find it ironic that those coming to Salt Lake with their agenda driven movement state that religion makes people act in a bad way. Hmmm..., and atheism produces so much good in the world? Marx was an Atheist, his ideas have lead to the death and misery of millions......

Orem, UT

It is my opinion that the Atheists are wrong when they say that it is religion that makes people behave in a bad way. They are under a delusion that belief in God is responsible for much of the evil that has been done to others, because it has been done in the name of God.

It is not that we believe in God that makes us mistreat others; it is that we believe in something. The world has not lacked for godless men and women who have done their share of evil. It is the gentle cynic and not the atheist who is the opposite of the true believer, wrote Eric Hoffer. Often the godless are anything but irreligious.

It is certainty that has covered the world in blood; certainty in one's own rightness and in the wrongness of others. Atheism, much like the religion it decries, inhabits a world of absolute certainty, and thus its potential for harming those with whom it disagrees is no less than that of any crusading religion that has ever been.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Religion makes them act in a bad way."

Here in Salt Lake City, we have the LDS Hospital, Deseret Industries, and Welfare Square. In the city where I lived for most of my life, there was the Episcopal Hospital, the St. Ann's Orphanage, and the St. Mary's Collection Center for the Poor. All of these organizations - and similar places in every city in the country - are run by religious organizations.

I have never heard of an Atheist Hospital. Or an Atheist Orphanage, or donation center or, for that matter, any other privately funded charitable organization run by atheists.

Salt lake City, UT

I know many great atheists who claim atheism simply because they don't believe in a higher power. They, show respect for religion and do believe they can do great things in the community.
Seems like the organizers here are not like this. Since joining the LDS church, I have increased the amount of volunteer work, charity work, and general good deeds that I do throughout my life. If that is "bad" then I don't want to be their definition of good.
Clearly they are missing something, and I hope they find it.

Houston, TX

"As many as 13 million adults identify themselves as atheists or agnostics, "

There is a huge difference between atheists and agnostics. Agnostics simply haven't found something they can believe in. Atheists are determined not to believe in something, even if they find it.

Since the Light of Christ touches everyone who is born, then everyone is born an agnostic. Some will later find God by how well they follow the guidance of this divine influence. Finding something to believe in is a good thing.

Layton, UT

For a man who claims to hold strong to rationality, and reason, he makes a lot of inconsistent statements. To claim you are not attacking people, just religion is a logical fallacy. If religion is a lie and a scam, it is because there are people perpetrating the lie and/or scam. Religion is not an entity that can perpetrate a scam. So, their position is attacking people specifically. I think this is unfortunate, as I personally know atheists with which I disagree, but there is mutual respect and the ability to have dialogue. This group, or rather at least this group's leader, has demonstrated no such desire. Its not a great wonder that his group is so small. I don't think a lot of atheists really want to associate with this any more than they want to come down and attend General Conference.

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

"Here in Salt Lake City, we have the LDS Hospital"


The LDS church has been out of the hospital business for a long time. They gave away LDS Hospital in 1974, along with other hospitals they were running.

Salt Lake City, UT

"To claim you are not attacking people, just religion is a logical fallacy."

Wouldn't that be the same as people saying they don't attack/hate gay people, just homosexuality/same-sex marriages?

Santa Nella
San Diego , CA

Hope we have lots of Books of Mormon on hand to distribute‼️

Salt Lake City, UT

Those who abuse people deserve to be attacked & ridiculed. Religion can no longer be an automatic shield, which keeps the spotlight of truth & accuracy from shining in all places. Revisionist history is the key phrase of the day, at the heart of "religious" Salt Lake.

But, Salt Lake is not as religious as it used to be. Provo & Orem, maybe. Bountiful, ok. But Salt Lake? No. The hipsters have arrived en masse, and many home grown members of "the Church" have now come to their senses & left the religion of their youth.

Not far from the Temple, one can buy a beer, or even buy some sexy underwear at a Church coordinated shopping mall. And about 9 blocks south and 9 blocks east, one finds the beginning of the heart of liberal Salt Lake. But there's many liberal more-free-thinking patches & neighborhoods. The old days are gone. Go to Utah County if you wish to return to the bubble. But in Salt Lake the bubble has largely been broken, and it's been broken open for some time now.

Church member
North Salt Lake, UT

Gandhi nailed it when he said: "I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

Sherwood, OR

"Religion makes them act in a bad way"

Lenin/Stalin (athiests) - 20,000,000 dead Russians
Nazi (Paganism its theological underpinning) - 20,000,000 WWI dead
Mao (athiest) - 60,000,000 dead Chinese
Pol Pot (athiest) - 3,000,000 dead Cambodians
North Korea (athiest) - 2,000,000 dead Koreans
Progressive Liberals (athiest underpinning) - 50,000,000 abortions in US only.

I agree there is bad people in any religion, but no religion ever founded can compare to the athiests "acting in a bad way" over the past 100 years. The main difference in the above groups is the methods used to kill their undesireable citizens.

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