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Published: Tuesday, April 15 2014 11:40 a.m. MDT

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West Jordan, Utah

There isn't a stance made at all, let alone a reaffirmation of it. There is a collection of warm fuzzy statements that at different times give creedence to both main immigration positions. I suggest reading the provided link in this article if you have not done so.

The main bullet points:

*We follow Jesus Christ by loving our neighbors. The meaning of the term 'neighbor' includes all of God's children, in all places, at all times.

*We recognize an ever-present need to strengthen families. Families are meant to be together. Forced separation of working parents from their children weakens families and damages society.

*We acknowledge that every nation has the right to enforce its laws and secure its borders. All persons subject to a nation's laws are accountable for their acts in relation to them.

So here we see sensitivity for the needed love of neighbors (immigrants). But we don't see definition of anything regarding limitations or none at all on how they come to our nation.

Given is an acknowledgement of a nations rights to secure its' borders. Except there isn't a stance made on what this should be defined as.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Is breaking the law an act of love?

Sure, it can be, whether it be illegal immigration or robbing a bank. If a person robs a bank to give money to their children that's as "admirable" and illegally immigrating to better provide for your children.

Is it right?


Should it be rewarded?


Is it tough when bad decisions by bank robbers or illegal immigrants cause families to be separated?


Should we stop sending bank robber to prison so that we wont be breaking up families?


But seriously folks!
Salt Lake City, UT

I for one am very surprised that Obama would even care enough to meet with religious leaders of Christian faiths. This is a huge step for him. Maybe there is a glimmer of hope for our country.


@But seriously folks,

President Obama meets with Christian leaders all the time, and has since the beginning of his presidency. Just recently the DN published an editorial detailing his meetings with the Pope. He also recently met with prominent Buddhist leaders. And Jewish leaders. Google this and you can find news stories about these issues almost every month.

Sioux City, IA

LAW ENFORCEMENT We respect the rule of law and support law enforcement’s professional judgment and discretion. Local law enforcement resources should focus on criminal activities, not civil violations of federal code.

The question still remains as to whether or not the Church Elders believe that those who have been deported at least once before should be removed since re-entry after deportation is considered a felony. And a few million have done just that.

Murray, UT

Will God allow illegal immigration into Heaven? I doubt it. He is strictly about following rules to strengthen families and help future generations. I don't see him allowing people to steal, lie or covet as a way of showing love to their families. It's forbidden no matter the reason one chooses to follow these paths.

Amnesty in any form has failed this country seven times. It encourages more law breaking, and should never be used again. We need to follow the example of other countries and start enforcing our laws.

Arguing family separation over criminal activity is a waste of time. Especially when it's only applied to breaking immigration laws (that leads to id theft, social security fraud and perjury on I-9 forms).Love is sending people down the path of righteousness; rewarding illegal/dishonest behavior is not love.


I think it's great that LDS leaders are willing to meet with President Obama to discuss immigration reform. I also think it shows respect for the President, which may go a long ways to mend some of the public perception of the LDS Church's history with respect to race and the priesthood.

We can all work together to make progress.

S. Jordan, UT

I don't have a great appreciation for the Utah Compact on Immigration. It is long on ideals and short on solutions.

It was our disregard for the rule of law that has created the situation we are in now. A return to the strict rule of law at this point would hurt so many. I really don't know if there is a viable solution to the whole illegal immigration problem.

If I were to enforce change though...It would be to make extraordinary efforts to secure the border. As for the illegals that are here now? Make them choose where they want to be. The defacto choice would be to remain here. Those that remain, full citizenship.

Then, only after the border is reasonably secure (is that even possible?) enforce the rule of law strictly.

Then, I would streamline the path to legal immigration and citizenship. The current system is so broken!

Is this even viable? If it were, would we have the will to do this?

This will probably have to be solved by greater minds (or crueler) than mine.

Murray, UT

The Utah compact was the work of business leaders in an effort to obscure the line between legal and illegal immigration, and to make illegal immigration an accepted way of coming here.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


"Will God allow illegal immigration into Heaven? I doubt it"

You're great Richard. Well said. Keep up the good work

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

And once again,
We see from comments that some Utah Mormon conservatives will put politics AHEAD of the Prophets.

I support Pres. Uchdoft and the Utah Compact -- which the GOP soundly rejects.

Far East USA, SC

Completely agree with gdog. A bunch of warm fuzzy statements that clear up absolutely nothing.

Why even make a statement so vague?

Cedar Hills, UT

I love President Uchtdorf but I'm afraid this meeting with Barack was nothing more than a dog and pony show for the media as well as a way to pressure the GOP to soften its illegal immigtant policy to something closer to out right amnesty which is preferred by the Democrats for obvious political reasons with the up coming election. Of course we love people but we also beleive in honoring - sustating and obeying the law of the land. Illegals from Mexico and Cuba etc... will find IF they are willing to obey the law and come here legally they will find an open hand to pull them in. Barack and the Democrat's have no intention of having a common sense immigration policy - it is amnesty or nothing with Barack and forget about securing the border too. Instead of securing the border we will however send M-16 carrying ATF agents to Nevada to gun down and intimidate a 67 year old cattle rancher and his family. Welcome to AmeriKa.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

@But seriously folks!
President Uchtdorf met with Obama and a similar group in March of 2013 with pretty much the same message.

If you ask me, Obama is just checking it off the list. Amnesty is a bad idea, especially in an election year. He is probably setting up the GOP for another message to Latinos that they are "the enemy."

It is similar to his spin that Republicans hate women, equal pay, students, sick people, minorities, ponies, puppies...well, you get the idea.

Lone Eagle
Aurora, CO

12th Article of Faith, except when families are impacted by the "obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law." Then, ignore the law to keep the families together. Hard to reconcile the two.

Just curious, is there such concern for impacted families who are in other countries illegally, for example, in Mexico? Has the Church leaders spoken out for the harsh penalties of breaking Mexican immigration law leading to the separation of families?

Salt Lake City, UT

I call for a unified socialist system to include all of North America. Passing NAFTA without political union was an exercise is disaster. You may not like the socialist part, yet, but given population shifts the unity concept is practically accomplished.

San Diego, CA

Chris B et al,

Yes they are currently breaking the law.

But this is about changing the law for a common sense one so that these people aren't in a 'breaking the law' situation. Most just want to work and build a better life and the law should allow you to do that.

Draconian and victorian-era type laws are ultimately a mistake.

Eagle Mountain, UT

LDS Liberal,

There are also LDS liberals who also put politics ahead of the prophets, for example when they support the "ordain women" movement, oppose the church's stance on abortion, and oppose the Church's stance on gay marriage. I don't know you so I am not saying you are one of these LDS liberals, but some of your fellow LDS liberals do indeed put politics ahead of the prophets. Not to mention, the Church doesn't really have a strong position on immigration (as others have pointed out), but does have quite a strong stance on gay marriage and abortion.

play by the rules

I hope he rememebered the sustaining the law portion of the 13th article of faith.

Centerville, UT

I believe that most, if not all, Americans want growth and prosperity. We all want happiness. We all want to be together with our families.

Immigrants represent a wonderful opportunity to learn from other cultures and people. Immigrants also represent potential for economic growth and prosperity. They represent new small businesses, new homes, new schools, and so much more.

I agree with the LDS Church's stance that we must try to keep families together.

I believe if Congress would enforce the borders and make it possible for faster immigration, but reduce the ability of illegal crossings, drugs, human trafficking, and other terrible things to occur, that we could achieve the good things that immigration represents: strong families and a strong, growing economy.

All people can benefit from America, and what we represent: freedom and opportunity.

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