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Published: Tuesday, April 15 2014 11:40 a.m. MDT

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Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Former starter, current displaced "power conference" player, looks to BYU. "Why" you ask?

“I’ve researched BYU and think I’m a good fit because I don’t have character issues,” Jackson told TotalBlueSports. “I have good character and when I was at Nebraska I did a lot of good things around the community. I like to show good leadership by example. I have good friends and I’m around a good crowd and I stay out of trouble. I try to be good on and off the field and have good grades. ... You know, I took on a tough major while playing football. I think BYU is a place that fits me really well.”

Could be!

Salt Lake City, Utah

Harvey Jackson was a 3-star recruit who received OFFERS from Nebraska, Arizona State, Baylor, Duke, Houston, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Purdue, Rice, SMU, and ... wait for it ...


Of course, now that he's considering transferring to BYU, our resident Utah trolls will claim that he runs a 10 flat 40 and can't walk and chew gum at the same time.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Unlike most byu fans, I can call it both ways, and I don't change my criteria for when someone seems like a good player or not.

He certainly had some nice offers out of high school.

Too bad for byu he only has one year of eligibility left.

It is interesting to note he didn't even get on the field(or if he didn't he didn't record a single stat) the past 5 games of the season. So hopefully byu fans likewise can acknowledge he's probably an average player at this point(if you disagree, are you saying that third string Nebraska players are superior to most byu players?)

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

Zero playing time lately at Nebraska, but likely expects significant playing time in Provo. Shows what kind of talent gap there is between the two.

Eagle Mountain, UT

What were the stats again for the Oklahoma transfer?

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA

Chris B / Lifelong Ute / and other Utah trolls

"It is interesting to note he didn't even get on the field (or if he didn't he didn't record a single stat) the past 5 games of the season."

Remind us how many times Kendall Thompson, Utah's heir apparent QB, got on the field and how many stats he recorded in his entire career at Oklahoma.

Here, I'll help:

2013 --- 4 - 13 - 64 - 1 - 1
Career - 4 - 13 - 64 - 1 - 1

The inconsistency of the kids on the hill when it comes to evaluating BYU and Utah players is hilarious.

Anaheim, CA

Most fans would agree that it's infinitely easier to plug a transfer senior safety into a defense, than a transfer sophomore quarterback.

Except, of course, those living under the crimson bubble who are convinced that Kyle is a magician at managing his quarterbacks.

West Point , UT

Chris B & Lifelong Ute:
Do you guys know how good Nebraska's secondary has been the last few years? Yeah there's a talent gap between them and most programs including Utah (where BYU has already had superior talent to Utah at the safety position). They've had multiple draft picks in their secondary the last couple years and two studs at safety right now. Jackson was a starter at the beginning of last year and certainly had limited playing time toward the end of the year but that's because of the talent he was up against which is superior to most programs. Maybe he'll choose BYU and maybe he'll start, but maybe he won't, we'll see.

I know one thing's for sure I would take this guy over Eric Rowe and how poorly he performed last year. At Nebraska Rowe would probably make the scout team if he was lucky. Don't be jealous because Utah didn't get Jackson when they need all the help they can get in the secondary right now. How was that defense against the pass last year? 109th at 267 a game!? Ouch

Ute buster
Salt Lake City, UT

The bigger question is how many QB's will transfer from Utah when they don't get any reps? My guess 3 this year leaving two qb's which will be injured in the first three games.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

"What were the stats again for the Oklahoma transfer?" -- nhatch82

"Remind us how many times Kendall Thompson, Utah's heir apparent QB, got on the field..." -- deductive reasoning

Keep in mind that there were 2 MAJOR obstacles that kept Oklahoma QB Kendal Thompson off the field:

(1) Kendal was a QB. Outside of Special Teams plays -- where there are no QBs -- there is only ONE QB on the field per play. Conversely, there can be multiple Safeties per play, and typically play two.

(2) Kendal was sidelined due to an injury in the preseason, and that impacted his ability to practice and compete for the starting position. Harvey on the other hand was sidelined due to being not as good as the other Safeties on the 1st and 2nd team depth charts.

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

@cougsndawgs, Your prolific go fast go hard offense with Taysom didn't do much against the 109th pass defense last year, at home no less.

Ouch indeed

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"I would take this guy over Eric Rowe and how poorly he performed last year."

No, you'd take this guy over Rowe because you don't have the option to get Rowe in lieu Jackson. Rowe isn't interested in playing that small ball brand the cougars are resigned to. And since you brought up last year's performance, here are some measurable that compare these 2 Safeties:

Jackson registered 34 total tackles (20 solo, 14 assisted), 0 sacks, and 0 passes defended. Vs. UCLA, he registered 5 tackles (4 solo, 1 assisted).

Rowe registered 68 total tackles (41 solo, 27 assisted), 0.5 sacks, and 6 passes defended. Vs. UCLA, he registered 7 tackles (5 solo, 2 assisted).

If we only credited Rowe with his 1st eight games, his stats would reflect 47 total tackles (32 solo, 15 assisted) and 5 passes defended.

So whether we review Rowe's season totals, per-game averages, 1st eight games, or vs. UCLA, Jackson failed to outperform Rowe in ANY metric. And that's DESPITE Nebraska having played a much easier schedule than Utah.

Darren Rowe
Heber City, UT

First of all, Nebraska usually has an outstanding secondary, so Jackson, even though he may not have been their best secondary player, still got decent playing time in a great position group. I would consider this transfer similar to a Stanford backup tight end, a Wisconsin backup running back, or maybe an Oklahoma backup QB, like Kendall Thompson.

Having said that, I disagree with the ute fans who think BYU and Nebraska have such a talent gap that Jackson will be the star. BYU always has good safeties, and this year we have a good overall secondary. Craig Bills and Robertson Daniel will still be the starters, and Jackson can join Dallin Leavitt as a backup safety/nickleback. He will get playing time, but it won't be much more than at BYU.

Highland, UT

Just building some athletic depth, sounds good to me.

Salt Lake City, UT

Me thinks Navel Vet protesteth too much. Jackson's transfer to BYU was good for both, why all the rhetoric? Why not wish him well?

West Point , UT

I don't know that you want to talk about BYU and TH's performance against Utah. BYU out gained Utah (again) with 443 total yards. And TH passed for 260 & ran for a hundred...yeah, I guess for ute fans that's a great defensive performance...ouch indeed.

Everything you said disproved nothing about what I said. Yes, Rowe had more stats than Jackson because he started every game and was on the field more for a team that was 109th against the pass. Jackson played for Nebraska with a much better, more talented secondary than Utah, not only limiting his starts but also his playing time...limited minutes means less stats any way you slice it...I believe that was my point wasn't it? And, no, I don't want Rowe thank you very much...we had better safeties than him last year and will again this year. And maybe Rowe does prefer playing little boy ball in a big boy conference like Utah and getting beaten every other week. He might wish he could play at the Y when his post seasons in uteville have been so dismal. Too bad BYU doesn't need him.

Holladay, UT

Why the arguing? The fans of these two above average teams are hilarious. Just grow up and enjoy your teams success. Be charitable to your opponents. That's what it have learned from fans of great programs.


It's interesting to see how college football is evolving over the last couple of years. Talented kids like Jackson who aren't getting the opportunities they want are almost acting like free agents in the pros. In the past, they would just play out their eligibility. Now, they're going elsewhere and it seems that coaches are releasing those kids to open up scholarships. It's a win win.

I hope he contributes next season.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Naval Vet

More rationalization about why it's a big deal that BYU's Nebraska recruit didn't get any stats last year, yet it's no big deal that Utah's Oklahoma recruit also didn't get any stats?

Here's a clue:

I'd be much more concerned about anointing a transfer with no stats to be my starting QB, especially one who won't even be joining the program until summer, than I would working a transfer safety with no stats into the rotation.

Utah continues to shoot themselves in the foot at QB by insisting on experimenting with things that no other program would even consider.

West Point , UT

You obviously haven't attended games against bitter rivals involving fans of great programs. Georgia v Florida is much more bitter both in the stands and on comment boards than BYU v Utah. Ever seen a USC v ND game or followed the trash talking they throw at each other.? This is tame, believe me. It gets bitter and below the belt at times here, but I think I can speak for others when I say it doesn't affect our day or ruin our night...nothing wrong with a little rivalry banter IMO.

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