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Shocked neighbors, police still have many questions about 'heinous' case

Published: Monday, April 14 2014 4:15 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

She has lived with this gruesome secret for 18 years?

Dante could not conjur a more horrible vision of hell!

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

She has now told police what she did. Unimaginably bad. But how is this different from doctors doing partial birth abortions where a viable baby is partly born and then killed by the doctor? They should be arrested as well as this woman.

Seldom Seen Smith
Orcutt, CA

If she would have killed all the fetus a couple weeks before they were born, it's a woman's right, pro choice, but wait until they are born, it's murder.

Our country has no cultural norms, America is disintegrating.

Mchenry, IL

She was parenting children. They were alive and well.

She was having children and killing them, or at least improperly handling their remains in the case of admitted still birth. This was not the act of a woman who didn't want to be pregnant. That is what abortion is for. This is the not the act of someone who didn't want to parent. That is was adoption is for. This is the act of a mentally ill person. Thankfully all has been discovered and will keep future children safe, respectfully bury the remains, and once again be reminded of how anyone is capable of anything.

There are quite a few cases like this. I feel sorry for her. I would hate to be capable of such an awful thing. Why are people capable of such things? It is far too easy just to label someone as bad or evil. It doesn't make a person safer. It doesn't change a bad or evil person.

Attleboro, MA

Children, for thousands of years, have been expendable in one form or another. Whether they were "exposed" as in many ancient societies, or aborted, in recent years, their interests give way to the adults around them. I believe the problem is getting worse as people believe more in finding their own pleasure and less in a God who will bring justice in this life or the next. If we recognize the divinity in humanity then life has purpose and meaning. Without that meaning, this woman simply exercises her "choice" to simplify her own existence. I don't see much difference between her and a thousand other women who get abortions because a baby would be inconvenient. A few short weeks or months, being inside her body, makes any difference? I think not.

Clearfield, UT

How could her husband and family members not know what was going on. This is a mystery to me. Where was her husband while this was going on. A lot of explaining to be done.

Burlington, CT

Really weird is that she allowed her baby in about 2001-2002 to live, her now 14 year old daughter. she killed 6 other babies delivered between 1996-2006. That daughter is very lucky.
God bless the entire family with strength and comfort as they process all that has happened.

Salt Lake City, UT

In attempting to see a positive in all this incredible horror, there are now six or seven spirits in the celestial kingdom with our Father in Heaven--six or seven beings who did not have to go through this earth life. I pray that Megan has a mental illness which will bring her forgiveness from God and all involved.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

So-called "partial-birth abortion" is illegal in the United States. No one wants it legalized and no law-abiding doctor would ever perform it, except in very rare and extreme cases where the mother's life depends on it...and the law allows for that. But anything else is a criminal act. Seems to me our society has spoken on this issue.

Virginia Beach, VA

This is what happens when women are not allowed the right to choose whether to have a child.

Sadly, "Conservatives" are insistent that a woman must give birth to the child. But after the child is born, the child is left on its own in a hostile world.

If a woman does not want to give birth to a baby, the newborn child is UNWANTED by definition.

If so-called "pro-lifers" get their way, the result would be millions of unwanted children . . . Some with very short lives . . . And others with very painful lives.

Hey It's Me
Salt Lake City, UT

@ GaryO - that's what birth control is for. They have a right to choose whether or not to have a child, it's called birth control or don't have sex. Once you make that baby, what gives you the right to make the decision it should not live. Not only is it easy to give them up here in Utah, especially since she carried them full term, it's also easy to get birth control or surgery so she can't have any more children.

Clovis, NM

It seems ironic that Ms Huntsman is on special watch to keep from harming herself. Where was a special watch when she was killing babies? No neighbors or family saw a thing happen? Nobody questioned how she was in a perpetual state of pregnancy but no babies? Our prisons are filled to overload with inmates, many who have committed heinous crimes. Has anybody ever thought that maybe they would like the right to call an end to all their misery? If somebody admits to their guilt and wants to die, is it in anybody's best interest to force them to live? Why are we so concerned about saving disgusting criminals and not near as concerned about stopping abortionists who are killing people who did not a thing wrong other than be conceived?

San Antonia, TX

Abortion is for sure murder, but we all know that.

Why do you think so many women live in a hollow shell of guilt and turn to drugs and alcohol to self medicaid the misery they have created for themselves?

They can pretend they didn't kill a little baby but they know what they did. It is more pain than they can deal with so they live in denial.

God is being rejected in place of selfishness.

Let's all be friends and stop the madness.

Tooele, UT


I hope you are able to receive some type of help regarding your paradigm of desire to bring politics into this ugly situation. This is a sad, but very rare incident in our society. Certainly not a situation to be on a soap box blathering about divisive ultra-liberalism. But since you already have, allow me to clarify one specific and important point to you.

It's the common acceptance of liberal advocated abortion in our society which has led to such a blatant disregard for the sanctity of life. As soon as abortion is no longer accepted in society... both emotionally and legally, a general respect for all life will increase and such things as this heinous incident will be less likely to happen. No ifs, ands or buts.

Enough said. Now please drop the ridiculous politicking over this very sad and painful situation in our society. There is a time and place for all things. Now is not the time, nor the place for advocating and raving about misplaced anti-conservatism stances. Thank you in advance for any efforts in pondering and consequently understanding this.

sandy, ut

The thing that I don't get is if she was smart and deceiving and evil enough to kill seven babies and store them in her garage, why would she not remove the boxes out of the garage and dispose of them in a different location so she didn't get caught? She honestly thought that nobody would ever look in those boxes?

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

So, which do we as a socitey choose to have happen...

Access to contraceptives and mental healthcare,

Desperate times leads to Desperate acts.

Paris, 00

I find it over the top that religious people who allowed polygamy and all the crimes that went with it (we all know about Joseph Smith life and the way he treated women) and who forbade contraception can lecture anyone about any thing ..

Why don t you make the same condemnation about men who abandon their children and wives, give no child support or abuse them in any way... or contaminate their wives because of philandering .. i have never read any article regarding this subject on Deseret News ... how strange.

When you deal with that problem in the world and have a healthier approach to sexual matters and allow contraception, that will never happen... plus men never getting pregnant it is easy for them to ban contraception and make all the rules concerning women ...

Hopefully, women knowing how dangerous men are to them and with the kind of position the religious stupidity many faiths show by banning contraception but allowing men polygamy and all sort of other double standards, women will remain single for their own protection. Had this women been taught about contraception, this kind of situation would never have happened....

Virginia Beach, VA

Objectified -

“ . . . ultra-liberalism??”

Oh . . .You mean good sense. Thanks for noticing.

Good Sense only seems like ultra-Liberalism to you because of your position on the political spectrum over there somewhere on the Right/Wrong wing.

Utah, UT

This is mind numbingly horrible, but please let's not compare it to abortion! Comparing this woman to someone who exercises their legal right to an abortion is akin to the anti-gun lobbyist who come out in force whenever there is a tragedy like Newtown, CT. They want to compare legal gun owners to a psychotic killer in hopes of furthering a political agenda. Although I am opposed to abortion personally, I do understand how someone in a desperate situation would consider that a solution to their problems. I'm sure there are those who have exercised that option, and now have agonizing pain and regret. To compare them and their choices to this woman who is obviously psychotic beyond most anything we have ever seen in our society is absolutely cruel. There are so many people suffering now from the discovery of what this woman has done. I wish we would all extend love and hope to the living victims, who probably now feel like there is no love, no joy, no hope and no God. Please stop throwing stones, and extend the love and hope of Christ to these victims.

Paris, 00

By the way, as a last comment, i think most women want to marry and have children... It is the thing they probably want the most, a husband and children. But to have a family the way it should be, we only need good, loving, faithful husband who will stay till the end, loving and faithful to us and then we can havze children, the number we are prepared to care for and can afford ... just that number .. and contraception is exactly what provides the control over the number of children we want while still allowing intimacy. The day religions consider contraception to be a system to regulate conception and no more than that and allow it .. it will be all the better.

How can we ensure fidelity in a marriage is soemthing i am not sure we will ever succeed ... and since infidelity in marriage brings such disaster and cannot be guaranteed, most women are much safer and better off single, away from men.

This sums up exactly my position on religions and marriage and what religions should be about in this respect.

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