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Published: Sunday, April 13 2014 4:05 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

I am absolutely speechless and horrified! How could any human being be so devoid of feeling and natural maternal affection to do something like this to her own babies when there are so many deserving parents who would give anything to rear a child? It is beyond my ability to comprehend!

Alpine, UT

If someone went into a public place then shot and killed seven people they would be a mass murderer. If someone captured seven children and murdered them they would be a serial murderer. She needs to be treated the same. We should hope she won't be treated differently because they were babies.

Springville, UT

Just horrible.

Was the family and friends clueless or what?

If someone is pregnant 7 times over the course of many years and then suddenly is not carrying a child and the baby is not around does anyone notice?

SEVEN times?


Chandler, AZ

??????? What is wrong with the world? More and more the news reads like a very bad nightmare.

Provo, UT

What kind of person does this? I am physically sickened by this.

Layton, UT

How did the "EX-Husband" not know she was pregnant SIX TIMES??

Pretty bizarre story.

Nan BW
ELder, CO

It seems to me that serious mental illness is part of the tragic circumstances. However, had she had abortions, she would not be in custody. We do live in an incredibly mixed up world, and much of it has to do with mental problems, lack of family stability and a host of problems that point to disobedience of moral laws. It is so sad. It is true that is what would appear to be her best option would have been giving up babies for adoption. I can honestly say I have had an experience with that, and it was for the best.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT

No one can hide anything from God. You can bury whatever you want, but it is never hidden. The real question, is that if you have something like this to hide... what put you in that position in the first place. Why anyone would do this, under any circumstance, is something I simply can't understand. Insanity doesn't even begin to cover this. It's evil.

San Antonio, TX

This law needs to change ASAP!!! what's happened to these babies is sickening and because of this law this sick person will get away with it. If the father had rights this never would have happened. Not with these many deaths! Oh my heck this is so sickening. Poor infants never never never had a chance ALL BECAUSE OF THIS DUMB LAW AND BECAUSE OF THIS sick woman...

Saint George, UT

I fear the saddest part of this story hasn't been written yet. Some sharp, soulless lawyer will step in and paint a picture of abuse, neglect, drug use, social denial. He'll tell how this poor woman is a victim of blah, blah, blah and is really not responsible for any of this horror. It's her ex-husband's fault. Or maybe her 8th grade English teacher. Can't wait to see how it plays out.

Miss Piggie
Phoenix, AZ

"If someone went into a public place then shot and killed seven people they would be a mass murderer."

Some are known to have aborted as many. What of them?

Logan, UT

Babies don't just disappear. Someone else in the family had to have been involved.


I am sitting here right now just sick to my stomach. I am so grateful that I am not her judge. Only God really knows what happened and Why. It is a shame though because there are so many Women out there that would love to be a mommy. My daughter who is now 40 years old is one of them. She would have loved to of been a mom and she would have been a great mother at that. But here we have a woman who killed seven little infants and for what reason. Truly a mystery

Morgan, UT

Sorry, but can someone please explain to me why we’re shocked and outraged by this mother’s actions? We’re a nation that allows and celebrates a mothers the “right” to murder her unborn baby in the most brutal ways imaginable. The end result of these abortions is so ghastly; DN would never allow me to post pictures of the aftermath. Yet somehow we’re shocked and outraged by what this mother did?

Where’s the shock and outrage at the other million babies who’ve had their lives snuffed out by their mothers through the barbaric practice of abortion? Sadly, some here will not be able to make the connection. We celebrate the deaths of some babies, and mourn others. We are a sick society.

Provo, ut

this is beyond weird, no one knew she was pregnant 7 times? We are our brother's keeper and I think there is much more to this story than we are hearing.

Incite Full
Layton, UT

This story goes to show the importance of cleaning out your garage.

Buena Vista, VA

Nan BW beat me to the punch, but today, babies are aborted that would be able to live outside the womb, and this is called "female reproductive health." And if you protest these abortions, you are waging a "war on women." But that is really not much different than this. Anyone horrified by this incident ought to be horrified by those abortions, and worse, horrified that society is so oblivious to it.

California Steve
Hanford, CA

Happy Valley not so happy any more.

South Jordan, UT

That's messed up.

Woodland Hills, UT

This kind of thing goes on every day all over the world, it's called Abortion. Is it any wonder our world is so messed up.

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