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Published: Saturday, April 12 2014 6:45 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Informative report, thanks Dirk!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Cautiously optimistic about the season ahead. I like what coach Christensen is doing Defense will be solid even with a couple injuries.

Travis Wilson has a ton of experience under his belt and if he stays healthy we will have a chance in every game.

Go utes!!

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Wilson should be hitting at a 60 percent or better clip if the Utes are going to be starting him. At least he didn't turn the ball over, but he needs to be better than what he currently is to give the Utes a chance to win. Manning had the needed stats.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Wilson had limited, if any, off season workout experience because of his serious medical diagnosis. Expecting anything more of him this early in the season is wishful thinking. If he's performing like this in the fall then get worried. Glad to see Manning getting the opportunity and performing well.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Wilson should be hitting at 60 percent... Manning had the needed stats."
It was a scrimmage. Two quarterbacks facing two different defensive squads. Classic orange-to-apples comparison.

That's not to say we shouldn't be concerned about Wilson. Wilson looked fine against the non-conference level of competition last year, but faded against PAC12 defenses. Manning looking good against 2nd squad is dandy, but how does he do against the ones? Maybe we'll see that in the spring game.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

We would totally beat them this year

Corona, CA

I like Christensen's comment, finally someone that won't sugar-coat anything and say it how it really is. From what I read also, Poole needs to be taken from the starting position and put someone else in. The fact that guys from last year who started and couldn't win games are showing up at the top of the depths charts this year is scary. Either we still aren't there yet or Whittingham is being way to loyal to the guys from last year. Coach K turned the basketball program around by weeding out average players, Whittingham needs to do the same as hard as it may be.

Highland, UT


I'm willing to bet whittingham will play the best players he has. Now that doesn't mean they are good enough but I'm sure they are the best he has.

Layton, UT

Small comment since we know that they're definitely "good enough" to beat your team.

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

"Defense shines"...

which is another way of saying


well, you know (see every Utah offense since 2008)

The only reason Wilson didn't throw 5 interceptions was because Utah's DBs have hands of stone.

Layton, UT

Christy B,
The 2011 Utah offense looked pretty good down in provo, and our defense scored 56 seconds into the game. lol.

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah


Every once in awhile a team has a breakout game that proves to be nothing more than an anomoly.

After that 54-point game at BYU, the Utes didn't score more than 34 points in any game the rest of the season, most games were under 30 points in regulation, and many games were under 20 points, including that miserable 14-point meltdown at home against Colorado, a team that hadn't won a road game in over 3 years.

Quite obviously, Utah's offense hasn't looked good in any full season since 2008.

It is interesting, however, that Utah fans continue to use BYU as their measuring stick for success.

Rose Bowl call yet?
Salt Lake City, UT


Please explain the relevance of Utah's one hit wonder 2011 performance at BYU to Utah's current offense, which is coming off a season in which Utah finished 84th in the country in total offense and 66th in scoring.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


The Utes have proven that they can get up for their biggest game of the season, but what else have they accomplished since joining the PAC?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"It is interesting, however, that Utah fans continue to use BYU as their measuring stick for success."

Almost as interesting as certain y "fans' continued obsession with the Utes.

Go Utes! Go Yale!
Salt Lake City, UT

Glad to see the defensive kinks being worked out. And to all the adoring Y fans, your band of bros are still trying to figure out how to beat my Utes. Lucky for you, there's still two full seasons to stew about it!

Go Utes!

Highland, UT


Small comment since we know that they're definitely "good enough" to beat your team."

That will always be your barometer but try to stay on topic. Obviously they are not good enough for the pac12, and isn't the pac12 who you pretend to measure yourself against?

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