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Published: Friday, April 11 2014 11:55 p.m. MDT

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Mission Viejo, CA

Eventually, the truth will come out that "traditional marriage" is not under attack. Keeping gays and lesbians from getting married will not change the number of children raised in single-parent homes, nor will it change the number of children raised in two parent homes of the same gender, nor will it reduce the number of children raised in two parent homes of the opposite gender. It's yet another fallacy. Schaer could not point to any factual evidence that marriage equality will do anything that harms "traditional" marriage and even admitted that further denial of marriage rights will continue to harm the children that are being raised in same-gender parented families.

Jeff Harris
Edmonds, WA

The attorney general then urged them "to continue to take the high road, to continue to be respectful and empathetic."

It's not possible to be respectful and empathetic at the same time you are denying someone fundamental protections under the law that you take for granted. It's simply not possible.

Midlothian, VA

I don not even know what he is saying by taking the high road. Traditional marriage is not a personal attack on anyone. The fact that there has never been gay marriage before shows it has not naturally been a part of marriage, ever. Biology is not Bigotry.

Mission Viejo, CA

Also, there are cultures not recorded in the Bible that have honored same-gendered unions. Just because one hasn't done the research, doesn't mean that same-gendered unions didn't exist. Also, the form of heterosexual marriage known today is a relatively new construct.

Gilbert, AZ

Hiring Gene Schaerr was brilliant. He didn't need to be bailed out in the oral arguments by the Judges. He stated his arguments so well that the other side was forced to disown Judge Shelby's rational for his ruling.
With all that said it is hard to not feel animus towards the gay community, not for being gay or wanting gay marriage but for trying to force it upon us and then demonizing us if we disagree with them.

orem, UT


Snapdragon was talking about biology that creates children, not race. You took her comments to a place she did not and deliberately made her argument look hateful.

Laws are based on people's beliefs and what they believe is best for society. If more people believe a certain way it usually becomes law. Maybe Mormons would still be practicing pologamy if the majority of people did not believed their choice of marriage was wrong.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT

We can argue about what was recorded in the bible, what ancient peoples did, what the law recognizes, should recognize, and every other action taken by man that we ever know of or will yet come to know. But I do know something. Our Heavenly Father loves us and forgiveness is possible. I know it. Others know it. Others want to know it. There is no amount of persuasion of political power, force, movement, or popularity that will change eternal truths.

We can craft whatever argument or principle we like. But submitting ourselves to the work of our own hands is absurd. Happiness comes from keeping God's commandments, not writing your own.

Mission Viejo, CA


I'm not sure you listened to the same case. Schaerr had to admit that Utah's laws harm children of same-gendered parents. He also had to explain why he discarded the main piece of evidence Utah had the night before oral arguments. Also remember, Schaerr effectively had to put a gag on the Republican legislators as he didn't think they'd be able to keep their mouths shut and not further harm the case. On the other hand, while the judges had some tough questions for Tomsic, at no time were Shelby's rational disowned. Tomsic agrees with how Shelby reached his ruling, but argued he could have gone further. While some call him an activist judge, Shelby actually used judicial restraint by being able to prove his decision rather narrowly. Get ready for a big disappointment. Equality will prevail.

Salt Lake City, UT

There is nothing respectful about stereotyping an entire group of people suggesting they are unfit parents that people need to protect children from.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm surprised the article didn't mention two outrageous statements made by Cherilyn Eager at the rally. One, she claimed that her group would try to impeach any federal judges who disagreed with her opposition to same-sex marriages. Two, she urged the group to join her in opposing efforts to stop people from bullying gays.

Both of these positions smack of extreme animus and seem entirely inconsistent with Reyes' "no hatred, no animus" message. One can only hope the Tenth Circuit judges are paying attention.

South Jordan, UT

When you do family history (genealogy), you always link a father and a mother to their children and then go back to their fathers and mothers for generations of time. Will that ever change? Not that I can determine. From the beginning with Adam and Eve, it has been a dad and a mom who have a biological family of children. Any other arrangement is self-serving and solely for self gratification, a choice. I can't see it changing the basic family structure which is the basis of re-population of society.

I loved the honest response of the 11 year old girl in the article. More children should be able and even encouraged to speak out. They are the ones who really suffer the most from not having a mom and a dad in SSM.

Kearns, UT

"Any other arrangement is self-serving and solely for self gratification, a choice."

I don't see how having the desire to share a life with a partner that you love is in any way selfish. When a loving couple also has the desire to combine their strengths and all that they have to raise children to be kind and loving citizens, that is far from being self-serving.

What may also come as a surprise is that nearly all children go through stages when they are embarrassed by their parents. It's a natural part of emotional development--not a reason to remove children from homes.

Salt Lake City, UT


I'm adopted. How does your narrow view of family history and genealogy relate to me? Were my parents being "self-serving" by adopting me? Does that make me a second class citizen in your eyes, because I have no biological connection to my family? To my brother?

A few years after my adoption my mother died of cancer and I was raised solely by my adoptive father. Am I less of a person for not having a mother?

Your attitude is narrow minded and repugnant. I feel sorry for you.

Los Angeles, CA

History will show how wrong this crowd is/was when marriage equality will sweep our great country.

Taylorsville, UT

There is no rights issue, its all about the money and defrauding governemnt. Emotional love is a lie, and impossible to accept. There is no such thing as homosexual can love each other, it contradicts all laws of attraction and mating rituals that attract each other for procreation.

The only reason for sexual attraction is procreation and that is limited to heterosexuals and hormonal stimulation which is not present in a homosexual lifestyle which is a self imposed lifestyle by choice and rejection.

That is a note worthy quote the news media had the courage to show, biology is not bigotry. But fraud and criminla intent in denial is bigotry. Tax evasion, tax fraud and financial theft is their only motivation and every thing they argue is based on some kind of financial outcome.

Bob A. Bohey
Marlborough, MA

First of all, that there were only a paltry 100 people in the crowd speaks volumes. Secondly, the AG asked the crowd to remain civil? Seriously? The signs that were being displayed were so highly offensive as to make the crowd out to be uneducated and ignorant. How these folks look in the mirror and convince themselves they are not spreading hate and bigotry defies reason.

Ogden, UT

@BYUalum 10:49 p.m. April 11, 2014

I loved the honest response of the 11 year old girl in the article.


You realize, don't you, that she was merely parroting what she ha been told. She has no way to accurately analyze this subject, and there are a lot of children (like Zach Wahls) raised in same sex marriages how would testify the opposite is true.

In fact Wahls did. Here's part of his actual testimony, taken from his website -- "My family really isn’t so different from yours. After all, your family doesn’t derive its sense of worth from being told by the state, “You’re married, congratulations!” The sense of family comes the commitment we make to each other to work through the hard times so we can enjoy the good ones. It comes from the love that binds us. That’s what makes a family." I wish I could quote all of it, but the word limit won't let me.

I wonder how that little girl will feel when she learns the REAL truth about this subject.

West Valley City, UT

I love the sign about biology. That about says it all, if marriage is supposed to create and raise children. If it isn't, then what is marriage exactly?

Jeff in NC

One explanation you will NEVER hear gay parents use about why they are raising a child is "it was an accident." Anyone who trashes gay parents has some learning to do in life. I'd invite you to start by going to IHOP for breakfast and observe the straight couples eating breakfast with their several young children they are barely able to support. Watch them and ask yourself if you can honestly conclude that just because their biological parts fit together they are adequate parents.

seattle, WA

This has got to be hyperbole at its finest: "There is no rights issue, its all about the money and defrauding governemnt. Emotional love is a lie, and impossible to accept. There is no such thing as homosexual can love each other, it contradicts all laws of attraction and mating rituals that attract each other for procreation"

If it is not obvious exaggeration with the intent to expose the weakness of the argument against same sex marriage, then I am indeed fearful for our country. The incredible ignorance, misinformation and intolerance displayed is breathtaking. It debases humanity and the western concepts of emotional attachments.

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