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Published: Saturday, April 12 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

"There is no compelling state interest in mandating coverage for contraception"

How about decreasing abortions? Studies found that women given access to contraceptives at no cost cost had an abortion rate 2/3 lower than those who did not. Abortion rates have already fallen by 30% over the last few decades. A further 2/3 drop would give us an abortion rate 77% lower than it was in 1980, which would be a bigger decrease than if we were to outlaw abortions entirely. (there were lots of abortions being performed even when they were illegal)

liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

It is obvious, now that the ACA is showing signs of life, that the right will continue to refine their attacks to ever finer details of the law.

The ACA is based on principles cooked up by the ultra conservative Heritage Foundation, and successfully put into practice by the "severely conservative" governor, Mitt Romney.

What has never been explained is why this conservative brainchild would be such a total catastrophe if put into practice on the national level. It has worked well in Massachusetts.

From listening to right-wing pundits, you would think that the ACA was based on "The Communist Manifesto" or "Mein Kampf".

salt lake city, utah

The DN has gone out of it's way to engage in the right wing linguistic semantic process of discrediting anything and everything about the ACA and it's implementation. It's the reason the right is more known for talking points than ideas.

The latest example is to discredit the term success. Success means; the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one's goals. If the goal was to have 7 million people signed up by the end of March..guess what it was a success.

The goal said nothing about payments in the bank, every uninsured person insured, 40% of signees being under the age of 35 etc. etc.

To obfuscate the discussion of the overall health care circumstance with such disingenuous and clearly partisan rhetoric is not surprising but still disappointing for a newspaper.

American Fork, UT

As long as some people want there to be controversy for their own interest, there will be.

Virginia Beach, VA

"Sebelius' resignation doesn't end the controversies."

Of course not. Nothing will ever end the endless phony controversies generated by Right Wingers.

It's important to remember though that these controversies are made up.

Why did the Clinton's steal the White House China?

. . . Well because they're evil.

Why is the state Hawaii pretending that Obama was born there? Well . . . because. George Soros bribed them to say so.

Nothing will ever end the controversies contrived by Right Wingers.

Salt Lake City, UT

"There is no compelling state interest in mandating coverage for contraception, which is a relatively inexpensive matter that could be left to private choice. "

Not true. Contraception is an integral part of women's health, which can cost a woman upwards of $35,000 over her reproductive life.

seattle, WA

Most people are covered by their employers for health insurance. No one pays taxes on this benefit. Therefore, your employer based insurance plan is a tax benefit you receive from the government as well as part of your compensation package.

Your employer has no say in how you use your health insurance benefits, anymore than he/she does with your expense of the money you receive for your employment. If you want to use it for a frivolous purpose, and it is allowed by the insurance coverage, you are permitted to access the benefit. If you want to waste your check on nonsense, that too is allowed.

Now just when did we start to allow our employers to tell us what to do with our compensation? What is to stop an employer from paying a salary to an employee that he/she the employer believes is doing something "bad" with this money.

provo, Utah

Birth certificate, fema camps, splinter cells, Bengahzi, THE website ect.

They all fall by the wayside just when they are beginning to be proven to be much about nothing. Conservative propaganda would rather move on to another subject they can speculate on without any burden of facts. Obviously there is another non scandal,scandal right around the corner.

Saint George, UT

Liberal Larry: Just because you don't see any possible connection between Socialism and Communism will not deter those of us who believe in the Constitution and will defend it against those who don't. Socialism is Un-American, anti-god, and destructive to a life! ACA may not be Mein Kampf, but anything approximating it should be fought against vigorously-that is if you believe in the Constitution!

Bountiful, UT

Interestingly, there are 20% fewer Republicans this month who believe Obamacare will make their lives worse, according to the latest Gallup poll.

It turns out that it may not be the "worst thing since slavery". Go figure.

Maybe the birth certificate issue will make a comeback.

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

We teach our children it is bad to be a bully but how do we teach our federal government its bad to be a bully? Vote out the Obamacare bullies in Nov!

Murray, Utah

Of those liberals and leftys making comments on this article, how many of you actually have Obamacare? How many of you have used it?

Cedar Hills, UT

end the controvery?? Why would it end anything? Her resignation is just a symptom of a terrible law and nothing more. The terrible law remains after she leaves. I will say that conservatives have to be more clear when fighting against this socialist nightmare of a bill. Conservatives must do the following...

1. Be specific with real numbers when condeming Obamacare. The numbers are there but there needs to be a strong articulate voice to show them to the country. The number of cancelled policies + the average increase in premiums per household + the loss of doctors and hositals + the actual number of paying customers of non-medicare policies (not just those signed up) which is less that 1 million + the slanted distribution of mostly old sick people enrolling and not the young and healthy etc.....
2. Put a new Conservative health care plan on paper ...and in front of the country. Conservatives Senators already have at least two GREAT new plans which cut health care costs so articulate them.

salt lake city, UT

What was controversial about her resignation? Five years is a long time to serve in any capacity. Unless of course you're a Senator or Congressman who thinks an elected, political position is a life long career. The ACA is here to stay, at least until 2016, then once again it may be a campaign issue. It won't be much of an issue if the GOP continues to be inflatrated by radical, right wing pariahs like Lee and Cruz. We can only hope that America rids themselves of politicans like those in a couple of years.

Salt Lake City, UT

bandersen,Saint George, UT , did you fight against the very similar program put in by Mitt Romney in Massachusetts?

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