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Published: Friday, April 11 2014 9:20 a.m. MDT

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Gilbert, AZ

Thanks for the update. If there was an international law that the government had to keep the area open to LDS missionaries, there would be no strife and war.

Mchenry, IL

Any missionaries who are not from the Ukraine should be sent out of the country.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

I'm surprised that the missionaries were not removed from around Donetsk earlier.

North Salt Lake, UT

This was my mission(Ukraine Donetsk Mission). I was there from 1994-1996 under President and Sister Merrill. Everything seemed so peaceful and harmonious within the DonBass region. I served in Donetsk, Makeyevka and Dnepropetrovsk. The only change that was taking place along the eastern part of the Ukraine was a gradual reverting from the forced Russification that took place under the Communist USSR back to the how the country was before Soviet rule with the Ukrainian language along with nationalistic customs and traditions. Even ethnic Russians took kindly to that reversion because they realized that they were living in the Ukraine and that the Ukrainian people had a right to sovereign rights and a right to be ethnically unique.

snowflake, AZ

I believe that the brethren have this situation under control. They are not going to leave our missionaries in Ukraine any longer than the Lord wants them to be there. People forget how missionary work is done. Its always done with the guidance of the spirit. Governments only wish that they worked as good or with as great a leader at the helm. They may adopt a few concepts from the church it could go a long way instead of trying to root out anything related to God.

Medical Lake, Washington

I always wonder how the members of the church are doing in this region. This has to be difficult for them. I can only hope that having a temple in the country will open the Heavenly gates for additional protection for those many faithful people living in this part of the world.

I wish I have more confidence that our country had the will and the ability to influence the situation towards good.

Mchenry, IL

Peace corp has been out since February. The US state department does not want people to travel there and they want people to leave who are already there. It's plain as day. I look forward to reading that nonUkrainian citizens serving missions there have been reassigned and have left the country. There is a Temple there, and there is a membership among the populous.

Salt Lake City, UT

We shouldn't forget that the reason ethnic Russians populate the eastern area of the Ukraine is that Russia starved 7 million Ukrainians in 1934 by restricting food distribution. The ethnic Russians then took over the dead Ukrainians' farms.

Midwest City, USA, OK

Given the difficulties and uncertainties associated with it, I would consider it an extraordinary honor to be serving a mission there. The Gospel must be preached, and the non-native younger men and women still there and who've been in that particular region are very well trusted.

Let it Go!
Omaha, NE

Definite opposition against the missionary work in Ukraine. Perhaps more will come out of this than people will realize.

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