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Published: Thursday, April 10 2014 11:20 p.m. MDT

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Proud Ute

Best of luck to KVN.

Brent T. Aurora CO
Aurora, CO

Proud Ute seems to have the right idea... root for your school and maybe talk trash about your in-state rival, especially around game times. But moving on to the professional ranks, best of luck and hopefully draw some attention to school(s) playing in the mountain time zone. I'm not rooting for Boise State, USU, Utah or Weber... but when good players come out of these schools and BYU, having success at the next level... gives some trash talk to uppity SEC, B1G Ten and east coast elite... football and basketball is good here in the mountain states, too.

Omaha, NE

ikky ute,
"byu is a big school that plays a lot of inferior competition, as a result they're teams and athletes are always over hyped and over rated...and always get exposed vs the good teams."

They've only beaten the likes of Texas, Oregon, Boise, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma over the last several years. Yeah, BYU can't beat anyone. Why then, do you care and post on every BYU article? Please answer this question.

"inferior competition" Good thing they dropped utah from their schedule then.

Besides, what does your post have to do with Van Noy and yet another BYU cougar likely to be drafted in the first round?

Springville, UT

Draft predictions seem about as accurate as stock market predictions.

It seems that every now and then it is a foregone conclussion who the concensus first pick is, like when Michael Jordan went first...oops, didn't Sam Perkins go before him?

Like the stock market good analysts pick trends and groups of winning and losing bets. Last year it reach a point where the trend showed Ziggy going into the early rounds, then into the second, then the first then some said into the top-10. How many picked him to Detroit? My guess, many experts predicted Detroit, a good solid majority did not. Just guessing.

So...all the fun to read blustering aside it seems safe to say two things: One, Van Noy is trending higher into the draft. Safe to predict somewhere in the first round? Second, some Ute fans make all Ute fans look bad. Of course, some BYU share the same habits.

It will be fun to watch the draft unfold and best of luck to him.

For what it is worth, it strikes me that he has big play ability. On paper maybe he doesn't stand out but he changed some big games?

Murray, UT

This is one of the deepest drafts in 30 years and Van Noy is still a first round prospect. Any other normal year and Van Noy probably goes top 10 or at least top 15. It's just that Van Noy is being overshadowed by the big name talents in this draft. I know this whomever drafts Van Noy will be very happy because he just makes big plays at critical times of the game.

Highland, UT


"the professional scouts from NFL dot com watched him as well and agree with my assessment...He is too small to stop the run"

Please give us one example of a scout that has said this? KVN is 6'3" and weighs almost 250 pounds, he is anything but "too small".

As I said just posting something to post something usually makes you appear to be....well it exposes you is what it does, nice job exposing yourself.

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