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Published: Thursday, April 10 2014 5:30 p.m. MDT

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Yeah Go PAC-12!


Great news. Sounds like this is the complete running back Utah has been looking for the past few years.

@SamoanYfan....Yay forTradition, Honor and Spirit! yay

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Booker is spelled wrong! Correct spelling is S-T-U-D...

Pocatello, ID

If Booker approaches the production of Wolfman I will be ecstatic.

All reports from camp are that the RBs are really doing well, and there are multiple guys who can contribute.

Go Utes!!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Hey baby,

"Correct spelling is S-T-U-D..."

That's one of the cheesiest things I've ever read on these comment boards.

but its true our depth is the best its ever been. Top to bottom, I heard from an assistant coach the team has never been more athletic in the history of the program.

Can't wait for September!

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I am excited for the Ute's running game this year. We have a great group of backs that should be able to really move the ball and Booker is one of the highlights. Go Utes!

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

its true we our the best weve ever been and we will win all our teams now for sure!

Go Utes!


@Chris B

"I heard from an assistant coach the team has never been more athletic in the history of the program."

Athleticism is good but I think our level of physicality isn't as good as years past.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

TFUDD - Fair point, although when I said athletic I really just meant overall talent level. The coach I was talking to(I tried posting the name but for some reason the comment got blocked) told me the talent level was highest its ever been.

I agree athleticism and physicality aren't the same thing, but I still think overall the group is as talented as any we've had on the hill. We're going to turn some head next year I think. Christensen is an offensive genius and defense is usually is very good. The last couple years unfortunately a "good" defense wasn't good enough with a poor offense.

I think we'll be good on both sides next year.


Highland, UT

@chris b

Are you going to make another rose bowl prediction?


Lets hope so. I think the offensive will be much improved with both Kenneth Scott combined with the talents of Dres Anderson. It was evident we didn't have anyone to throw the ball to once Murphy got hurt last year. Teams just put double coverage on Dres and the other receivers just stunk. Fitzgerald and Denham were not PAC-12 worthy receivers.

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